Summer Term 2018
As the warmer weather approaches (we hope!), our chosen topic for the first half of this term is 'The Wild', with a particular focus on plants. Throughout the term, we will be linking our learning of plants to different curriculum areas.
In English, we will be reading 'Wild' by Emily Hughes - a story about a little girl who has known nothing but nature from birth. She was taught to talk by birds, to eat by bears, and to play by foxes. However, life soon changes when humans take her into their home. Initially, children will write their own version of the story, then pupils will become reporters and write a newspaper article about Wild's adventures, before finally using their imaginations to write the prequel to the story.
In science, children will become green-fingered gardeners by: identifying common wild and garden plants; identifying different parts of a plant and have the opportunity to plant seeds and observe their growth over time.
In art, pupils will study the works of Vincent Van Gogh, including one of his most famous pieces - Sunflowers. Children will use a variety of media to create their own images of sunflowers.
Please take a look at the curriculum letter below for more information about our learning this term.

Little Kitchen Magicians

Class 2NS took part in cooking workshops with the wonderful Lizzie, from Little Kitchen Magicians. Based on their ‘Around the World’ topic, the children had the chance to make one of three dishes: a pasta bolognese (Italian), chicken chow mein (Chinese) and chicken tikka salad (Indian). Groups were equipped with all of the necessary ingredients and recipes, and were able to practise their cutting, chopping, slicing, grating and crushing skills in the process. The smell wafting through the school was amazing! It was fantastic to see the children using such fresh ingredients, cooking from scratch and sampling new foods.

Little Riddlers - published poets!

Well done to the following children in Class 2NS who had their riddle poems published in Young Writers, Little Riddlers, Cornwall: Rebecca, Chloe, Boaz, Preston, Exodus, Jonah, Maddie, Romy, Dakota, Eliza, Saqib and Vincent. A copy of the book is available in the school library for all children in the school to read at their pleasure.

Online Safety using Kahoot!
The first computing lesson of each half term is focused on online safety, teaching children how to keep safe when they're using the Internet, social networks, apps, games and more. This time we used a game called Kahoot to help us with our learning. Working in pairs, children competed against each other in answering online safety questions - it was very fun, competitive and loud! Exodus said: "Even though my partner and I didn't win, it was still really fun to take part. I want to play again."
Spring Term 2018

Welcome back to the start of the spring term! Can you believe that we’re already in the second term of the academic year? After such a fantastic start to the year, we are excited to see the children further grow and develop through the learning opportunities that we have planned for them. As you know from our homework sent home over the holidays, our topic this term is ‘Global explorers: where have we been and where are we going?’ Please take a look at our curriculum letter below to find out a little more about the learning that will take place this term:


Star Writers
Some children in Class 2NS have gone above and beyond by practising their writing and doing some extra work at home. Please take a look below.
Oh horse
Oh horse, you are so black and hairy,
Your teeth are big and scary,
I see you eating grass and thistles,
I wonder if you like the prickles,
Or do you prefer the flowers?
I could sit and watch you for hours,
But I have to eat my tea,
I hope tonight is not too windy.
By Maddie 
Little Riddlers

2NS have been learning about poems, with a particular focus on riddle poems. Using our class topic of castles as their inspiration, pupils have been busy planning, drafting and writing their poems. This was also part of a Young Writers ‘Little Riddlers’ competition, which really engaged and motivated the children to produce their best writing yet. They’ve now been sent off and we will eagerly await a response. All children will receive a bookmark and sticker for taking part and fingers crossed that some will be selected for publication - watch this space!


Here are a few examples of some pupils' poems:


The flying beast

I have sharp claws, scaly skin and spiky teeth.

I stamp like a loud monster.

I roar like a fierce T-Rex.

I have a spiky tail which could bash a castle wall.

I can fly higher than the sun.

My tail is dangerous.

What am I?


By Callie


The fire breather

I have smoky nostrils.

I have fiery breath.

I roar as loud as a lion.

I glide as high as a bird.

I am as gigantic as a tree.

I am a deadly predator.

What am I?


By Saqib


The flying beast

I roar like a dreadful dinosaur.

I defend the castle from frightening enemies.

I glide even higher than the white, fluffy clouds.

I am as green as the swaying grass in the forest.

When I am angry, I breathe alarming fire.

I hunt my prey with my really scratchy claws.

What am I?


By Rebecca 

In science, the children have been learning about the weather and getting in role as 'weather forecasters'. Pupils explained the differences in weather over the year and made predictions about what the weather would be like later in the day. They have also looked at the changes in seasons and created their own autumn collages.
Most recently, they have started to learn about shadows. The children made puppets and worked out how to make their puppet's shadow shorter and longer.
Class 2NS visit Pendennis Castle

On Thursday 21st September, Class 2NS visited Pendennis Castle as part of their ‘castles’ topic. Children were transported back to Tudor times, learning about the important role the castle played in defending Cornwall against invasion. Children loved exploring the different parts of the castle, especially the atmospheric lower gun room – with firing cannons and 'gunsmoke',


All children took part in a Now and Then workshop, discovering how everyday objects (some of which we still use today) and clothes have changed over time. It was wonderful to see the children’s smiles when they dressed up in Tudor costume, and how fascinated they were by the facts of what life was like at that time.


The KS1 team would like to thank all parents and family helpers who volunteered their time to accompany us on the trip – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Also, very special thanks must go to The Cornwall Heritage Trust who provided the money to cover the cost of the transport.

Castle Creations
Thank you to all children and families for the fabulous castles homework that you completed over the summer holidays. We really appreciate the time and effort that you took to visit castles, research facts about castles and create model castles. We have a fantastic range of castles on display in our classroom, including: princess castles, motte and bailey castles, unicorn castles, mighty fortresses and multi-coloured masterpieces! Please do come and take a look.
Autumn Term 2017
Hello and welcome to Class 2NS. This term we will be learning all about castles! Our topic kicked off with an exciting launch day, which included children and staff dressing up as kings, queens, princes, princesses, knights and dragons to name a few; learning about and designing our own coats of arms and reading our class story 'George and the Dragon'. 
Back in class, children adapted and created their own version of the story by replacing the dragon with their own terrifying beast - we've had lions, tigers, bears and snakes! Please watch this space, as we will be adding extracts of pupils' writing very soon.
Please take a look at our curriculum letter to find out more about our learning this term: