Welcome to 3/4RT's class page!
Hello, my name is Miss Tully and this is my forth year teaching in the transition 2 team.  I have really enjoyed getting to know the lovely Pennoweth children and am looking forward to getting to know each of my class more this year. 
Autumn Term
Our project this term is 'How can we stop the flow of plastic pollution into our oceans?'. The focus in our project work will be Design Technology where children later on in the term will design and make their own ‘bag for life’ to help eliminate plastic in their houses. Children will also look at the impact of plastic pollution in the ocean. We want to see mini activists who are going to grow up to be WORLD CHANGERS! We’d love them to go home and take action! Could they reduce the plastic in their lunchboxes? Could they sort their recycling at home? Could they find a new use for something they don’t use any more? 
In English, we will be basing our own story on ‘The Tale of the Turtle and the Plastic Jellyfish’ by Sarah Nelms. Their writing should ‘magpie’ ideas from the story to make their own based in the sea. The next genre we will be looking at is persuasive letters. After learning the features of persuasive letters, the children will write their own letters to local councillors to try and persuade them to take action against the problem of plastic pollution.