Summer term.
This term our topic is 'Are we drinking the same water as the dinosaurs?' where we will be looking at solids, liquids and gases as well as the water cycle. We were really impressed with the amazing homework that some children produced around this topic over the holidays! Lots of children took on the homework challenge by going for walks with their family, taking part in beach cleans, cooking a healthy meal and much more! Well done everyone!
So far we have looked at the differences between solids, liquids and gases.
Spring Term
To help us with our topic work, we went on a trip to the recycling centre at Bodmin paid for by the recycling company, Suez. It was a really interesting visit and we got to see what happens to our recycling when it gets taken away by the trucks. Once it had been pushed out of the trucks, everything was sorted and pushed onto conveyor belts. Then people had to check it and make sure they took out anything that shouldn't be in there. Once it had been thoroughly checked, the recycling was pushed together under high pressure to create bales which are then sent off to be made into new products. 
We also learned that the waste which we put in our bins now goes to a state of the art energy recovery centre where it is burned. This process creates electricity which can be used. This is a much better system than putting the waste into landfill. However, it's really important that we sort our waste as it is much more energy efficient to recycle.
As well as having a tour of the site, we also got to do some scrap modelling. It was a very enjoyable day out!

Our topic this term is called ‘How can we stop the flow of plastic pollution?’

We will be looking at plastic and what happens when we throw it away. We will also be thinking about what effect this has on the world around us.

On our launch day, we watched an episode of 'Blue Planet' and heard the sad story about a baby whale that had died because it had been poisoned by it's mother's milk. Scientists thought that this was due to the fact that the mother whale had ingested toxins put into the sea by humans - some of which may have come from plastics. This made us really sad and we have decided that we must do something about all the plastic in our seas. Watch this space!

We also invited family members in to create some litter bugs out of waste that would otherwise have been thrown away. Please take a look at our photos.

Autumn Term
What a brilliant start 3/4RT have had to the new school year! They have all settled into the new class quickly and have been working really hard. Well done everyone!
To celebrate egg week our class were lucky enough to take part in a Little Kitchen Magicians workshop. The children worked in teams to make cinnamon eggy bread, which we then got to eat afterwards! At the end of the workshop we were given a goody bag which even had some eggs in so we can make the bread ourselves at home! 
As part of our healthy lifestyle's topic our class went on a 'Farm to Fork' trip to Tesco. Whilst there we learnt about different types of fruit and vegetables and even got to try some. Some of us even tried things we had never eaten before. We were all shocked when we were shown how much sugar is in some of our food and drink! Our favourite activity was where we made our own museli that we got to take home to try for breakfast.
Our topic for this term is healthy lifestyles. As part of this topic we carried out an experiment to demonstrate the importance of washing our hands before we eat food. To do this we had three pieces of bread: 
 - One that we passed around the class so that everybody had touched it, we labelled this 'dirty           hands'
- The children then washed their hands and passed another piece of bread around, we labelled this 'clean hands'
- The final piece of bread wasn't touched and was labelled 'control'
We then left the bread in sealed bags for two weeks and we were all shocked by the results! As the picture below shows both the clean hands and dirty hands were covered in mould. This showed us that maybe our clean hands weren't clean after all! The children have said they will all make sure they are washing their hands properly from  now on!
Summer Term
To help us find out more about our topic we took part in a Stone Age workshop. In the morning we looked at a timeline that showed us just how long ago the Stone Age was. We also got to dress up like Stone Age children and were given Cornish names. Before lunch we looked at some Stone Age artefacts and had to investigate what they were made from and what they were used for. Our favourite part of the day was the afternoon, where we made badges and clay pots. Thank you to Zoe from Penlee museum who taught us so much!
We started the summer term with a brilliant launch day for our new topic, where we will be answering the question: 'How accurate is the Flintstones as a portrayal of the Stone Age?'. We began the day with an archaeological dig, where we discovered some Stone Age artefacts. We then watched the film the Flintstones, where we tried to answer different questions to see how much we could learn. We finished the morning making bread around a campfire and listening to our story 'Stone Age Boy'. 
Spring Term
On Tuesday 22nd March we went to the Farm and Country Day at the Royal Cornwall show ground. We looked at machinery, met some animals and looked at various British produce.  It was a wonderful day out and the children learned lots about where are food comes from. Thanks to all the parents and carers who joined us for the day.
This term we have been learning about animals and humans.  We went on a brilliant trip to Feadon Farm where we learnt some interesting facts about our local wildlife. We really enjoyed the afternoon where we got to meet the friendly foxes and even got to hold some owls! 
After this we looked at humans. We have learned all about how to have a healthy diet, about teeth and how to look after them. We've also been learning about the digestive system. We are linking all of this learning with our English work and will soon be writing explanation texts about digestion. We've done some interesting hands-on science. 
Our class were lucky enough to take part in a brilliant workshop with Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. We spent the morning trying out new instruments, as well as listening to a melodica being played, which most of us had never seen before! We were also able to compose some music together, which we performed to the other 3/4 classes at the end of the morning. Here are some pictures from the workshop.
Here are some pictures from our trips in Spring term!
Here are some pictures of our Islam workshop, World Book Day and our teeth cleaning experiment!
Autumn Term
In term 1 we visited Geevor mine where we enjoyed our experience as mini miners. We had a tour of the site which included looking in the locker rooms, rescue team room, tool shed and more. We got to try holding some tools and had a go at some of the things the miners used to do. We saw how many children could fit into the cages and had a go at using the communication they would have done to bring the cages back up. We had to wear hard hats all day to keep us safe. In addition, we went down the mine and saw for ourselves the dark, damp the conditions the miners would have to work in.
This was an amazing experience as it was all hands on and experiences we wouldn’t have been able to have at school.