Welcome to 3/4RT's class page!
Hello, my name is Miss Tully and this is my third year teaching in the transition 2 team.  I have really enjoyed getting to know the lovely Pennoweth children and am looking forward to getting to know each of my class more this year. 
Spring term.

This term, we will be learning about the Titanic. So far, the children have been exploring the different classes that were aboard the ship and how their experiences would have differed. They then picked a passenger that was aboard the ship and carried out research to see what their life would have been like. Last week, we had a fantastic trip to the Maritime Museum, where we were able to find out some interesting and sometimes shocking facts about the Titanic and the events that led to its sinking. In the next few weeks we will be creating a timeline of events and looking at what happened after the Titanic sank.

Autumn Term
Our topic this term is 'Why do they celebrate the Cornish Pasty Festival in Mexico?'. Over the summer, lots of the children completed amazing projects around Mexico and mining. Well done to all the children who took part and thank you to all the families that supported the children with this!
During this term, the topic lessons will be focused on the history of mining in Cornwall. We have already been lucky enough to have some Mexican visitors, who the children were able to ask questions to and share their wonderful homework. We also have a number of exciting workshops lined up, where the children will be able to find out more about mining in Cornwall and our link to Mexico.
In English, we are learning a story called Thomas and the Tinners. Once the children are familiar with the text they will rewrite the story, changing the characters and then finally write their own story.