Town & Country Day at the Royal Cornwall Showground
A fabulous day was held at the Royal Cornwall Showground near Wadebridge where the children were invited to take part in a hands-on discovery day to learn about the links between farming and food production.  Over 750 children participated in the event which was organised and funded by the Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association and Cornwall Food & Farming Group.  During the day, the children were able to undertake a variety of fun interactive workshops including cow milking, pasty-crimping, egg-grading, bee-keeping, auctioneering and many more.  A huge thanks to all of the volunteers who made this visit possible. 
Spring Term 2
 This term we have been learning about where our food goes.  We explored healthy eating and what makes a balanced diet.  Also, we have been learning about teeth and how to keep them healthy.  After investigating which foods and drinks cause our teeth to decay more quickly, we used disclosure tablets to reveal how much plaque was on our teeth.   After learning that we would all benefit from improving our brushing skills, we 'brushed up' on our techniques in class.  More 'hands-on' investigating led to us recreating the human digestive system using: bread, plastic bags, tights and cola - quite an achievement! This work has inspired some super cross-curricular writing, including explanation texts and even a letter to Violet Beauregarde to explain why she really shouldn't swallow her chewing gum!   
Islam Workshop

3/4SD had a fabulous morning with local multicultural specialist Daya, where we learnt all about Islam. Through a range of hands-on activities such as role-play, cooking, language and dance, Daya provided the children with a fascinating further insight into this culture which plays an important part in our school and community.  The children were thoroughly intrigued and couldn't stop asking questions! Thank you for your support with donations towards the cost of this workshop.  

Class Assembly
A huge thank you to everyone who attended this term's Class Assembly.  The children loved to share their 'snuggly reading' experiences and to have the opportunity to enjoy reading with family and friends. We hope that this encourages more 'snuggly reading' at home.  
Also, it was useful to talk with so many of you about your reading experiences and to share the wide range of reading resources we have available.  As always, should you have any questions or queries at any point, please just ask.
The children are making a great team effort to meet their class Reading Sweep target of everyone reading at least five times each week.   Thank you for your continued support and please encourage them to keep it up - it really does make a difference!  
We look forward to welcoming you back next term.
Gymnastics Competition
Well done to all those who took part in the recent Gymnastics Competition!  The children have all worked extremely hard choreographing their routines to include a range of balances, jumps and rolls.  They should be really proud of their efforts.  
Gold: Julia and Mason
Silver: Amy and Ayden
Bronze:  Michelle and Caden
 Building Learning Power
Thanks to all who made our Launch Week such a success!  The children are really inspired by our new challenge to 'build our learning powers' by developing our lifelong learning skills. Our Launch Day saw us inundated with extremely impressive Try Again Tortoises, Team Bees, Observant Owls, Curious Cats and Weave-it Spiders!  Thank you, yet again, for your amazing support!  Also, it was super to see so many family members happy to rise to the challenges we presented during the week, and willing to 'give it a go.'  
Spring Term 1st
This term we have been learning why humans are animals too.
We launched our topic with a fantastic visit to Feadon Farm where we spent the day learning about local wildlife with expert rangers, Gary and Alyson Zammit.  This linked to our work in science where we have been learning about grouping animals, food chains and branching databases. 
During the visit, we learnt about the lives, diets and habitats of an amazing array of local wildlife including birds, bats, badgers, foxes, hedgehogs and many many more.  As well as handling the animals, we were also lucky enough to fly the owls!  In the words of one of the pupils, "It was beyond awesome!"
We used what we have learnt to improve our school grounds for our local wildlife.  Since returning, we have designed and made a variety of bird feeders as well as nesting boxes and insect homes so that hopefully our local birds, insects and animals will thrive. By the amount of food they are eating, it seems that the birds approve!  Many thanks to Ian and Mr Stephens, for giving up their time to help us build our nesting boxes.  Also, we have been busy in maths, collecting and analysing data on our local birds, as part of the Big Schools' Birdwatch.  

Magic or Tricks?

3/4SD spent a mesmerising afternoon with Geevor Mine's super STEM scientist Jo Buckinham who devised a series of investigations linked to our topic celebrating our cultural mining heritage and learning about rocks.

During the afternoon, the children completed a series of 'Magic or Tricks?' investigations to show how tin rock is processed (the magic of course, turning out to be science).  This involved activities such as making rocks float, grabbing a handful of dry sand from a bowl of water and making rock that doesn't contain tin disappear, all using density, hydrophobic sand and magnets.

Jo was really impressed with the level of questioning that the children demonstrated and was certain that we have some budding scientists of the future among us.

Gala Celebration Evening
The children produced a fantastic  presentation to showcase all their hard work this term.  Demand for tickets was so strong that we had to add an extra performance.  As well as families and friends, it was wonderful to see the event attended by so many partners who worked with us on the project, including representatives from the the Cornish Studies Library, Geevor Mine, Royal Cornwall Museum and Redruth Chamber of Commerce. After spending the day baking canapes, decorating the hall and fine-tuning their presentations, the children were amazing. Thank you to everyone for your support. 
Pool Methodist Church
Thank you to everyone at Pool Light and Life Church (formerly Pool Methodist Church) for providing us with a fantastic morning  where we learnt about the importance of the church to you now as well as the history of Methodism in our local area and also about links with the Cornish miners who emigrated to Mexico.