Welcome to 4DS' class page 2018-2019.
Hello, I'd like to introduce myself, my name is Mrs. Sadler and I am delighted to have recently joined the Transition 2 team after working in years 5/6 for many years.
Autumn Term 1
We begin this year with our exciting topic, 'Why do they celebrate the Cornish Pasty Festival in Mexico?' The children have made a fantastic start to this topic in school, including our Launch Day where they learned a little Spanish, created some delicious food and learned about Mexico. In addition, many of our children created some wonderful projects over the Summer holidays at home. Many thanks to all those who took part.
In English, we are studying the story of 'Thomas and the Tinners', a delightful tale which the children will learn before re-telling in their own words, changing the characters as they do so.
Maths this half term will focus mainly on number, ensuring the children are confident working with larger numbers and understanding the value of different digits within them. This will support their learning throughout the year ahead.
Spectacular Stories...
Over the past few weeks 5/6DS has been a hive of storytelling activity. We have been lucky enough to attend an inspiring session from a professional storyteller at Redruth Library, Mr Seth has popped in to regale us with his Cornish tales and we are over half way through our class novel. Our imaginations are running wild and it's proving one of our favourite genres of English this year so far!
House Gymnastic competition 2018
On Tuesday 27th March 2018, 5/6DS took part in the whole school House Gymnastics competition. Mrs Nicholson began our session by congratulating our class on having the highest number of children taking part, what an achievement!
Throughout the session our class members displayed wonderful agility and poise, which we have learned are two key features of successful gymnastics.
It was a fantastic experience and we feel lucky to be part of a class with such a "Yes I Can" attitude!
Kicking off the New Year in style!
Twelve students from 5/6DS are delving into an exciting new project called Premier League Reading StarsThey get to grips with current football related issues in our weekly debate, engage in various reading challenges and activities and finally, at the end of each session develop their teamwork and social skills with a mixture of football related games.
All of the participants have made a fantastic start on the project and we will keep you updated as to their progress. 
Happy Holidays from 5/6DS!
It's that special time of year again and everyone in 5/6DS is wonderfully merry and excited for the end of 2017.
We are very aware in our class of the merits of being different and as such we want to wish you all a safe, fun holidays, HOWEVER your family choose to enjoy them.
See you all in 2018!
The importance of TEAMWORK!
 In 5/6DS we have been focusing on how working with others can help us in all aspects of our lives. Being practical people we enjoy putting our thoughts and words into action and never more so than in our learning. Below you can see some examples of our superb teamwork skills during a recent English exploration into the power of descriptive writing, we realised during this activity that by combining our ideas we are definitely stronger together and can produce our very best standard of work.
We have also been looking into emotions during PSHE, finding out the names and meanings of different emotions that we may feel at different times. This can be a tricky topic but 5/6DS have displayed their impressive level of emotional maturity and their fantastic social skills throughout. I think it's safe to say we are all proud of ourselves and each other.
 Remarkable Reading Fun with our Families!
On Thursday 23rd November, 2017, our class swung open the doors to Pennoweth Library and invited in our nearest and dearest adults to take part in a very special experience indeed.
Illuminated by candlelight, we each the shared reasons behind our insatiable love of reading. The adults listened carefully and particularly enjoyed a guest appearance by Mrs Sadler... although she looked slightly smaller than usual (her hair was just as fabulous as ever!)
After the class rendition of "Watch Your Teacher Carefully" the children shared some books with the adults over a hot chocolate. One of the parents described the experience as 
"simply wonderful".
5/6DS has been a hub of activity in recent weeks, a whirlwind of learning, teamwork and opportunities! 
During English we have been immersing ourselves in the world of newspaper articles and finding out about their key features. Throughout our investigations we have been working toward creating our own newspaper article about a missing circus lion spotted around Redruth...maybe you have heard about him?
The genre has been fascinating and given us lots of opportunities to be Weave-It Spiders and Curious Cats. We have used this style of writing to show off our knowledge of compound sentences, a technique used by all the best newspaper reporters!
We have continued our aspirational learning in Maths by exploring multiplication using powers of 10. This means we have been working with different types of numbers, from minute decimals up to millions. In our class we have a strong focus on building our learning confidence and this shines through during Maths. Some of our classmates who previously struggled with their number work are now regularly raising the hand and putting forth ideas, safe in the knowledge that if they're wrong we work together to get to the right answer (if they're right straightaway, of course we celebrate!)
In Science we have moved on to exploring the world around us through by investigating the properties of materials. We have done lots of hands-on activities that help us really understand the differences and similarities between different materials. We are looking forward to some intriguing experiments coming up this half term!
On Monday 13th November, 2017, 5/6DS joined the rest of Upper Key Stage Two for an outing to Redruth's Regal Cinema. The film chosen was Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, an extremely popular choice! The whole experience was highly enjoyable and we especially embraced the opportunity to represent Pennoweth School in our local community. Here are some quotes from our class about the trip;
"It was a really awesome film, I loved it!" - Korenza
"I was thrilled to see my favourite book series turned into a film." - Kade
"It was fantastic because it had everything; humour,comedy, entertainment and there is no better film than Diary Of A Wimpy Kid!" - Ayden  
It's safe to say we are looking forward to our next outing!