This week 4HN went on a trip to the recycling centre at Bodmin paid for by the recycling company, Suez. It was a really interesting visit and we got to see what happens to our recycling when it gets taken away by the trucks. Once it had been pushed out of the trucks, everything was sorted and pushed onto conveyor belts. Then people had to check it and make sure they took out anything that shouldn't be in there. Once it had been thoroughly checked, the recycling was pushed together under high pressure to create bales which are then sent off to be made into new products. 
We also learned that the waste which we put in our bins now goes to a state of the art energy recovery centre where it is burned. This process creates electricity which can be used. This is a much better system than putting the waste into landfill. However, it's really important that we sort our waste as it is much more energy efficient to recycle.
As well as having a tour of the site, we also got to do some scrap modelling. It was a very enjoyable day out!

Our new topic is called ‘How can we stop the flow of plastic pollution?’

We will be looking at plastic and what happens when we throw it away. We will also be thinking about what effect this has on the world around us.

On our launch day, we watched an episode of 'Blue Planet' and heard the sad story about a baby whale that had died because it had been poisoned by it's mother's milk. Scientists thought that this was due to the fact that the mother whale had ingested toxins put into the sea by humans - some of which may have come from plastics. This made us really sad and we have decided that we must do something about all the plastic in our seas. Watch this space!

We also invited family members in to create some litter bugs out of waste that would otherwise have been thrown away. Please take a look at our photos.

This term our topic is called 'Why is Redruth important in the history of light?'.
To start our topic off, we went on a trip to the Cornish Studies Library. We learnt all about William Murdoch, a Scottish Engineer who lived and worked in Redruth and who invented lots of world-changing inventions. One of his inventions, which was discovered and developed whilst he was living in Redruth, was gas lighting. At the Cornish Studies library, we looked at a variety of sources of information from parish records, to photos, to newspaper articles to find out more about this amazing man.
As well as visiting the Cornish Studies Library, we also went to find the house where Murdoch lived which was the first house to be lit by gas lighting. We were lucky enough to be invited inside the house which is now a visitor's centre open to the public. If you'd like to find out about William Murdoch, go and pay a visit!
We have been learning about how to write instructions. First we learned a text called 'How to make a smoothie'. We made the smoothie too. It was delicious!!
On Monday 9th October, we celebrated egg day by having a workshop with the Little Magicians. We made some yummy eggy bread using eggs from St Ewe’s farm near St Austell. We even got to take a box of eggs home for our family. We learned that eggs are good for us because they contain protein, vitamins and minerals and good fats.
On Wednesday 4th October we went on a trip to Tesco Extra in Pool to take part in a workshop called 'Farm to Fork'. We explored the fruit and vegetable aisles and tasted lots of different fruit including kiwiberries! We also got the chance to learn about different fish sold at Tesco and the brave amongst us held them too! Did you know that a prawn swims backwards? As well as meeting the fish and exploring fruit and vegetables, we learned about how much sugar is in different products. Amazingly there are 10 sugar cubes in a can of coke - that's over double the daily recommended amount of sugar for a child!!
Lastly, we made our own muesli by adding oats, branflakes, raisins, sunflower seeds and cinnamon. Yum!!
This term we are learning about how to keep our body and brain healthy whilst asking the question, 'What would we put in a life enhancing potion?' We have already thought about things we can do to keep ourselves happy and this week we will think about different ways to increase our activity levels.
In English we are learning a new text, 'The Life Wasting Potion' about some horrible, evil witches who want to cause trouble by making everyone want to eat junk food and live a lazy, inactive life. We enjoyed doing some role play as the witches, creating a potion to make people waste their lives.