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Please take a look at our curriculum letters below to find out more about our broad and balanced curriculum, online safety and homework expectations. Explore our Autumn curriculum letter below.
Homework Projects
Due in: Friday 28th February 2020

After February half term, our new project is Frozen Kingdoms’. We would like your child to choose one (or more) of the following homework projects to complete over the half term. It’s completely up to you whether you choose bronze, silver or gold. Be creative and think outside the box! There are some support sheets that can be downloaded and printed below to help your child complete any of the homework projects.



Design and label a pair of snow boots for an Arctic explorer. 

Think about which materials you could use and which features they’d have.


Use a range of snowy images to create a polar collage.

Remember to use a range of interesting textures, shapes, colours and patterns.


Imagine that Earth has entered another Ice Age. Write a diary entry describing the changes and how the human race has adapted to cope!

Please continue to enjoy reading and sharing books over the half term. Remember that each read over the break counts towards your reading karate total. 

Your child's Times Tables Rock Stars log in and password details are glued into the front of their reading record.

Have a lovely break everyone!

Miss Blight :)

Feel free to download the homework project support sheets below. 

Trip to watch Mary Poppins!
Tuesday 11th February 2020 - On Monday 10th February 2020, all year 5 pupils went to Redruth School to watch a performance of Mary Poppins. We walked down to Redruth School and waited patiently for the show to start. When it started, we watched half of the show until the interval (a ten minute break). We enjoyed some food and drinks and got a chance to go to the bathroom. We all thought the performance was amazing! Mary Poppins sang beautifully and she remembered all the words to the songs. 
By Sophia and Florrie
A huge well done to the whole class!
Tuesday 4th February 2020 - For the first time since September, the whole class has read and had their reading diaries signed! A massive well done to all the children and thank you to all parents and families who have been supporting their child with their reading. Keep up with all the fantastic reading!
Every child now has a sheet of 'Reading Challenges' in their diary to attempt when reading at home - please have a go at working through the challenges and make a note of how your child gets on in their diary. The challenges explore a range of reading skills that we teach at Pennoweth and extra practise will help boost your child's vocabulary and comprehension skills. Download the 'Reading Challenges' below.
Challenge - Can you complete seven of the 'Reading Challenges' about your book in a week?
Tuesday 28th January 2020 - This morning we have been learning how to add and subtract decimals. For example 5.6 + 2.1 = 7.7 or 3.4 - 1.2 = 2.2. The important part is remembering to line up the decimal points!
Challenge - Can you try and work out these calculations at home?
1) 15.3 + 2.4
2) 283.9 - 121.4
3) £21.50 + £14.23
4) £10.00 - £6.45
5) Sam buys a pineapple for £1.05 and a chocolate bar for 65p. She pays with a £5.00 note. How much change does she get?
Monday 20th January 2020 - This morning, we read more of our fantastic class novel. Our novel is called Eragon and it's written by Christopher Paolini. In all our reading lessons, we focus on the key reading skills at Pennoweth, these are: clarify, visualise, predict, question, summarise, retrieve and infer. Today, we focused on answering retrieval questions about chapter 1 of Eragon. Take a look below at some examples of retrieval questions and answers.
Challenge: Can you ask your child to tell you three things about Eragon? Can your child explain what retrieve means?
TOP TIP: Eragon is part of a series of books called The Inheritance Cycle. You can purchase the series if you wish from places like Amazon or The Book People. Follow the link below if you're interested in purchasing the series: https://www.thebookpeople.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/qs_product_tbp?productId=418953&catalogId=10051
Circle time!
Tuesday 14th January 2020 - Today, the class had a circle time with Mrs Bright and Miss Blight. The children discussed in small groups what they think the expectations should be for the classroom and around the school. The children shared some brilliant and mature ideas about how they think everyone should behave. The key message throughout was all about respect! Respect for each other, respect for equipment, respect for themselves.
Challenge: Can you ask your child what respect means? Can they explain it in their own words?
Thursday 17th October - MFL - French
This Thursday with Madame Morales, we began learning French numbers to 10! We played a lot of games to help us remember the different numbers and thought about ways that we can remember some, for example neuf (nine) was a nerf gun. The children were very quick with learning their numbers and showed great enthusiasm! We are really looking forward to our next session with Madame Morales. 
Challenge: Can you remember the French numbers up to 10 in the correct order? Challenge someone at home to see whether they know as much as you!

Thursday 3rd October
Planetarium trip!
Today, year 5 went to Redruth School to have an amazing space experience! We went inside the planetarium which was a huge, black dome and had the opportunity to learn a lot about space and the universe! The space dome was gigantic and we could lie down to watch a lot of the experience; it felt as if we were actually in space! We learnt about the first moon landing and then spent time thinking about the different planets in our universe! All of year 5 were very inquisitive and extremely well behaved; we had a brilliant trip!
Challenge: Can you write a fact file about the planets and stars in our universe? 

Wednesday 25th September
In today's Project lesson, we were thinking about the skills needed to become a spy! We discussed the different things that a spy needs in order to do their job well; answers included: intelligence, stealth, good reflexes, knowledge of languages and knowing how to hide evidence!
After reflecting on the skills needed, we all then created our own secret spy persona and wrote a job application to become the world's best top secret spy! 

Thursday 19th September
Today we were very lucky to have a visit from Madame Morales who is a Modern Foreign Languages teacher at Redruth School. She will be visiting 5/6 CG and 5/6 MD every other Thursday to help us learn the beginnings of French. 
Madame Morales began with teaching us how to greet each other in French; we are able to say 'hello', 'what is your name?' and 'my name is'. We had a lot of fun pretending to be famous people and saying our names!
Challenge: Can you say 'Comment tu t'appelles?' and answer with 'Je m'appelles ....' Try speaking some French when you are at home.