5/6MD BLOG 19/20

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Star Class of the Week! 
W/b 18.11.19
Wow- 5/6MD are the star class of the week as last week they earned the most stars! We are very proud of all of the children for following the star rules and they're delighted to be rewarded for their efforts. The class are looking forward to their reward - an extra play time!
This afternoon, the children completed a Kahoot quiz all about space! The children worked together in small groups to select the correct answer from multiple choice and were racing against the clock!
We were very impressed at how well the class applied their knowledge of the eight planets! 
Key Question:
What three facts have you learned about the eight planets in our solar system?
Snuggle Down and Read Day!
Today, the children loved having the opportunity to wear their pyjamas to school for a 'snuggle down and read day'. 
In the afternoon, the children enjoyed listening to their chosen adult read their book and were even treated to a hot chocolate and gingerbread man! Some examples of the texts that were read, are: Macbeth by Shakespeare, Fing by David Walliams and a range of poetry.
Can you have your own snuggle down and read experience at home?
Wow- take a look at our super, project homework!
Thank you to all of the children and families who have worked so hard to produce informative biographies, amazing solar system posters and brilliant spacesuit designs. 5/6MD cannot wait to study space this half term - the children have already started to ask thought-provoking questions! 
During their RE lessons, the children have been learning to retell the Hindu and Christian creation stories. They have summarsied each in their own words and then have used a Venn diagram to compare the two creation stories.
Design and Technology Day! 
Today, the children spent the day developing their DT skills by planning, designing, creating and evaluating their own spy gadget for Alex Rider!
The children used recyclable materials to build their gadgets and they created some super, creative gadgets, such as: pens that turned into lasers and night vision goggles!
They all had great fun making their gadgets and now can become real spies!
Can you build another spy gadget at home?
Planetarium Trip

Today, Year 5 had the chance to visit Redruth School for an amazing space experience! We went inside the planetarium which was a huge, inflatable dome and had the opportunity to learn lots of facts about space and the universe. The space dome was gigantic and we could lie down to watch a lot of the experience; it felt as if we were actually in space!

We learnt about the first Moon landing, including the members of the Apollo 11 team and how difficult it was to land the craft on the Moon. Then we spent time thinking about the different planets in our universe. Some of the facts that we learnt were amazing, such as 1,000 planet Earths could fit inside Jupiter! The experience finished with looking at the constellations of the night sky; we learnt how to spot some of the most famous constellations on a clear night. All of the Year 5 children were very inquisitive and extremely well behaved; we had a brilliant trip!



Can you discuss the trip with your child at home and find out some new facts about space?


Today, in their computing lesson, the children learnt to program buttons to increase or decrease the speed of an object as well as stop the object. We discussed the meaning of acceleration and deceleration and then the children set the speed for their own car! 

Key words: numbers, debug, object, action, speed, acceleration, deceleration



Can you discuss the key vocabulary at home?

In our science lesson this afternoon, the children researched the importance of eating healthily and exercising regularly. The children found out many facts, such as: 'All foods contain nutrients which your body needs to stay active throughout the day.' and 'Regular exercise strengthens muscles and bones.'
Key Question
How do you keep healthy as a family at home?
To help us write our diary entries as Alex Rider, the children worked in small groups to act out four scenes from the film. The children enjoyed performing in front of an audience and loved to show off their super, acting skills! 
Today, we had a French lesson with the MFL teacher from Redruth School.
The children enjoyed practising how to say, 'what is your name? and how are you?' in their best French accents!
Can you practise today's French at home?
Online Safety
Today, we discussed how to keep safe online. We began be refreshing ourselves with the SMART rules and watched a video about how to keep safe when using the internet.
The children then created a poster outlining their 5 top tips to keep safe online! 
Key Question
How do you keep safe online at home?
Wow- we are so impressed by all of the super, Stormbreaker projects that the children have created! 
Thank you to all of the families who supported with these over the summer. 
Please have a read of the Autumn Term curriculum letter attached below, to keep up to date with your child's learning this term.
Roald Dahl Day!
Today, we celebrated Roald Dahl day! During the morning, we created an informative fact file, using Chromebooks to gather and select key information. We also discussed our favourite Roald Dahl books and films.
In the afternoon, we watched a BBC clip, 'Roald Dahl and the Power of Words' and explored how Roald Dahl created his memorable characters. The children were then challenged to create their own character by building a character profile including their character's likes and dislikes.
Ask your child about the character they created today! 
Welcome to 5/6MD!
Wow, what a fantastic first week we've had! The children have all settled in brilliantly and have demonstrated that they're ready and eager to learn, a super reason for all being awarded Pupil of the Week!
I'm very much looking forward to the year ahead.
Miss Dunstan