5/6MD BLOG 19/20

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Class Reward!
5/6MD have worked super hard this half-term to earn all of their class ticks! The children have earned the ticks by all bringing in a signed reading record, working well with their talk partners and showing perseverance in lessons!
This afternoon they had some free time as a reward.
We hope that you have a lovely holiday and come back with the same drive and determination to succeed! :) 
Today, we celebrated Safer Internet Day 2020!
We discussed what it means to have an online identity and the advantages and disadvantages of having one.
After our discussion, we wrote a balanced argument about the pros and cons of having an online identity.
Written by Ella.
This morning, all Year 5s visited Redruth School to watch a Mary Poppins production. It was amazing and it was like a real-life musical! 
We even had an interval where refreshments were brought around (juice and a biscuit). We had a lovely time and thank you to Redruth School for letting us come along! 
Key Question:
Would your child like to watch a musical?
Written by Skye.
In our science lesson today, we investigated day and night using globes, cubes and torches! 
We used a torch as the Sun and a globe as the Earth and we stuck cubes on the UK and Australia. Then we shone a torch on the Earth to see what the shadows of cubes did as the globe was spinning around.
We learned that day and night is caused by the Earth spinning on its own axis and orbiting around the Sun.
Written by Summer and Tia
This week in our Spanish lesson, we learnt how to say up to 20 in Spanish.
We are so proud of Ollie and Talan who represented Pennoweth in the most recent football tournament - Pennoweth came third and Talan was even awarded 'the man of the tournament'!
Well done to all who played! 
Key Question:
How do you keep fit at the weekend? Can you complete a sport/activity as a family?
Today, our class learnt about bullying and how it can be done online as well as offline. We wrote down some examples of what’s bullying online and how to stop it. Also, we had different statements and we had to decide if they were online or offline bullying.
We took some pictures so why don’t you look to see what we did!
Can your child share with you how to identify online bullying and how to stop it?
Written by Ella and Skye.
Today, we developed our digital literacy skills in our computing lesson by typing up our newspaper reports onto Google Docs. 
Saffron and Jayden were the first pair to print their typed-up newspaper report!
Key Question
Why are newspaper reports written in columns?
On the 9th of January, our class did a spectacular science lesson. We learnt about the difference between the seasons in Australia and the UK and how when we have summer, Australia has winter. We made a diagram showing how many hours we have in each month. We also learnt that Australia is on the other side of the Earth to us and that's why we have different seasons at different times.
Key Question:
Do you know any interesting facts about why we have different seasons to Australia? Discuss with your child!
Written by Ella and Kiera  
Star Time Reward.
End of Term Disco! 
This morning, the children had an end of term disco as a reward for their excellent behaviour this term. The children enjoyed dancing with their friends (including the Conga!), having a snack and joining in with some of Miss Haley's super moves!
We are all so proud of how hard the children have worked so far this year and the brilliant progress that they've made!
We hope that you all have a wonderful break and a happy new year!
Today, the children had a visit from Santa!
Santa very kindly gave each of the children a well-deserved treat for how hard they've worked this term. 
Keep it up 5/6MD! :)
This week in celebration assembly, 5/6MD achieved Star Class of the Week. We had an amazing total of 278 stars that were well-earned. 
Look underneath this caption to see our award!
Written by Skye. 
                                                        Reading Karate Champions
5/6MD have been taking part in Reading Karate. On Fridays, in celebration assembly, the pupils who have achieved the amount of reads needed for each band will receive their coloured band. 
These children have achieved their 25 reads and they will have a special karate bow from the teachers and staff at Pennoweth. 
By reading with your child at least five times a week, can your child achieve their white reading band by the Christmas holidays?
Written by Kiera and Skye. 
Christingle Service
This afternoon, we visited the local Baptist Church to attend a Christingle service. While there, we sang two hymns, watched a performance about a story from the bible and discussed the importance of a Christingle service to Christians.
On Wednesday afternoon (before our trip), the children made their own Christingle to take to the service and we discussed what each part of the Christingle represents. 
We were so impressed with the children's excellent behaviour and respect for others. We had a brilliant time!
This morning, the children enjoyed a well-deserved trip to watch 'The Addams Family' at our local cinema. All of the adults were so impressed by the children's excellent behaviour during the visit as well as walking to and fro. 
During our science lesson this afternoon, we investigated the relative size and distances of the planets compared to the Sun - using different pieces of fruit and a scale to measure the distances!
The children demonstrated their super-scientist skills as they made predictions (a hypothesis), made observations and took measurements. 
Key Question: 
Can your child summarise their learning from today's investigation?
Christmas Fayre!
On Friday, we had our annual Christmas fayre! 
This year, the children used wool and willow sticks to create their very own Christmas tree decorations! The children enjoyed the creative activity and it was great to see that each of the end result was unique to each of the children.
Can you make your own Christmas tree decoration at home?
This afternoon, the children completed a Kahoot quiz all about space! The children worked together in small groups to select the correct answer from multiple choice and were racing against the clock!
We were very impressed at how well the class applied their knowledge of the eight planets! 
Key Question:
Can your child share three facts that they've learned about the eight planets in our solar system?
Star Class of the Week! 
W/b 18.11.19
Wow- 5/6MD are the star class of the week as last week they earned the most stars! We are very proud of all of the children for following the star rules and they're delighted to be rewarded for their efforts. The class are looking forward to their reward - an extra play time!
Snuggle Down and Read Day!
Today, the children loved having the opportunity to wear their pyjamas to school for a 'snuggle down and read day'. 
In the afternoon, the children enjoyed listening to their chosen adult read their book and were even treated to a hot chocolate and gingerbread man! Some examples of the texts that were read, are: Macbeth by Shakespeare, Fing by David Walliams and a range of poetry.
Can you have your own snuggle down and read experience at home?
Wow- take a look at our super, project homework!
Thank you to all of the children and families who have worked so hard to produce informative biographies, amazing solar system posters and brilliant spacesuit designs. 5/6MD cannot wait to study space this half term - the children have already started to ask thought-provoking questions! 
During their RE lessons, the children have been learning to retell the Hindu and Christian creation stories. They have summarsied each in their own words and then have used a Venn diagram to compare the two creation stories.
Design and Technology Day! 
Today, the children spent the day developing their DT skills by planning, designing, creating and evaluating their own spy gadget for Alex Rider!
The children used recyclable materials to build their gadgets and they created some super, creative gadgets, such as: pens that turned into lasers and night vision goggles!
They all had great fun making their gadgets and now can become real spies!
Can you build anothe spy gadget at home?
Planetarium Trip

Today, Year 5 had the chance to visit Redruth School for an amazing space experience! We went inside the planetarium which was a huge, inflatable dome and had the opportunity to learn lots of facts about space and the universe. The space dome was gigantic and we could lie down to watch a lot of the experience; it felt as if we were actually in space!

We learnt about the first Moon landing, including the members of the Apollo 11 team and how difficult it was to land the craft on the Moon. Then we spent time thinking about the different planets in our universe. Some of the facts that we learnt were amazing, such as 1,000 planet Earths could fit inside Jupiter! The experience finished with looking at the constellations of the night sky; we learnt how to spot some of the most famous constellations on a clear night. All of the Year 5 children were very inquisitive and extremely well behaved; we had a brilliant trip!



Can you discuss the trip with your child at home and find out some new facts about space?


Today, in their computing lesson, the children learnt to program buttons to increase or decrease the speed of an object as well as stop the object. We discussed the meaning of acceleration and deceleration and then the children set the speed for their own car! 

Key words: numbers, debug, object, action, speed, acceleration, deceleration



Can you discuss the key vocabulary at home?

In our science lesson this afternoon, the children researched the importance of eating healthily and exercising regularly. The children found out many facts, such as: 'All foods contain nutrients which your body needs to stay active throughout the day.' and 'Regular exercise strengthens muscles and bones.'
Key Question
How do you keep healthy as a family at home? 
To help us write our diary entries as Alex Rider, the children worked in small groups to act out four scenes from the film. The children enjoyed performing in front of an audience and loved to show off their super, acting skills!