Welcome to 5/6PB's class page!
Hello, my name is Miss Blight and this is my third year in the wonderful transition 3 team. I am very proud and happy to be part of the team at Pennoweth. I enjoy all areas of teaching and learning but in particular I enjoy computing, PE, English and drama.

Building Learning Power
On our launch day for Building Learning Power, the whole school was buzzing with extremely excited Try Again Tortoises, Weave-it Spiders, Team Bees, Observant Owls and Curious Cats!
During our transition week, 5/6PB participated in the paper chain challenge to test out their learning powers. The children worked in teams to explore who could create the longest paper chain with only glue and one piece of sugar paper! All the children worked amazingly in their groups and were super Team Bees.
Throughout the year in PSHE lessons, 5/6PB will be exploring the main themes of the learning powers through circle times, discussions and reflections. We will focus on the following themes: confidence, resilience, perseverance, team work and curiosity. Throughout the year, the children will learn to use and apply these essential learning powers throughout all aspects of their learning.