Summer Fair
All the children in 5/6PB designed and created their own colourful and adorable caterpillar pegs. This lovely little craft could be used as a bookmark, a paperclip or even a decoration. Whilst making the craft, all the children were calm, creative and worked together to support their peers. Some children even planned and tested a hockey obstacle game called 'Hole in one'.
I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed the fair!
During the Summer term in 5/6PB, we have been bravely exploring the gymnastic equipment and apparatus to build upon our flexibility, balance and resilience.
When the sun is gleaming we will be having a go at both rounders and cricket - I have already seen how the children's team work and communication has developed and improved. The children are also starting to come up with their own clever tactics to try and catch the other teams out! 
As the exciting sports day gets closer, we will be preparing for some of the many events that will be taking place, such as: sprints, relay races and hurdles.
Please ensure that PE kits are in school on a daily basis as well as water bottles to keep hydrated - thank you!
Summer term 1

Our next topic is ‘What is art?’ and we’ll be exploring a range of artists, styles and mediums. The children will be replicating some well-known artwork whilst putting their own twist into the design and the final product! Once our artwork is complete, the artists will be hosting a celebratory art exhibition so that everyone can admire the imaginative creations. 


In English, the children will be writing their own formal letters of complaint to Cornwall Council regarding the snow days - ask your child about the SSDR! The children will be carrying out role plays using both formal vocabulary and emotive language. 

Thank you to all the families that helped with the creative art projects. They all look incredible on our topic board - take a look at some of the wonderful pieces of art below!
Spring Term 2
Our topic this term is focused on healthy living, we are going to explore both healthy eating and how to have a balanced lifestyle. The class are going to design a balanced food plan, taste new, interesting fruits and vegetables and even carry out a science investigation involving teeth. Why not get involved? Try a new recipe or sport! It would be wonderful to involve your child in some of the cooking, how about showing them how to chop a carrot safely? 
Thank you to all the families that helped with the healthy eating homework projects. They all look fantastic on our topic board - take a look at some of the creative posters and interesting facts below.
Please can we all remember our swimming kits every Wednesday as 5/6PB are swimming for the next 7 weeks. Additionally can we make sure we have PE kit in school every day as you never know when we will be able to get out and do some extra PE!
World Book Day!
On Wednesday the 28th of February, the classroom buzzed with magical mermaids, creative jellyfish and an outstanding octopus! In the morning (before the snow arrived) 5/6PB took part in a range of exciting activities such as a drama session based around the book 'The Day the Crayons Quit' and a fantastic assembly with Judy Scrimshaw!
Take a look at the wonderful and imaginative costumes below!
Spring Term 1
Our first topic is Space Travel, we have been learning about the moon landing. In English, we've become reporters and have written our own exciting newspaper reports focused on the Apollo 11.
Thank you to all the families that helped with the Christmas homework projects. They all look amazing on our topic board - take a look at some of the wonderful posters and models below.
Science Day!
On Thursday the 18th of Janaury, transition 3 (all three 5/6 classes) took part in a wonderful science day. Throughout the day, the children planned an exciting investigation, created their own fantastic rockets in teams and carried out the investigation by working scientifically with their peers. The buzz of busy learners filled the classrooms - what a mess, but so much fun!
Christmas Fair 
All the children in 5/6PB designed and created their own adorable 'sock snowmen' as well as helping to create the candy cane hoopla game. Whilst making the snowmen, all the children were patient, creative and worked together to help their peers.
Thank you for all the families and friends who came to the fair. 
Autumn Term 2
Our focus this term is all about embracing our differences! 5/6PB have been having lots of discussions and circle times about kindness, respect and inclusion.
In English, 5/6PB are analysing and interpreting an incredible novel by R J Palacio, called Wonder. The children have been using the text to write diary entries, explore a range of drama techniques and will even create their own short, horror stories. Look at the pictures below to see their petrifying facial expressions during our drama lesson!
5/6PB and 5/6MW are thoroughly enjoying their new topic inspired by Wonder. Both classes loved joining together to share the text and explore some role play - oh what a noise but it is so much fun! 
Newquay Zoo 
5/6PB had a lovely trip to the zoo! We saw all kinds of different animals, learnt a lot of new facts and worked in teams to get through the 'Dragon Maze'! All the adults were amazed by how much the children could remember about animals and their habitats. The highlights of the day were definitely listening to the monkey mayhem talk and getting to feed the wonderful family of meerkats. 
 Autumn Term 1
Our topic this half term is The Circus! Over the Summer, 5/6PB have produced some wonderful projects and posters inspired by a range of circus acts - these are now displayed on our topic board.
On our circus launch day, all three year 5/6 classes came together to watch the rather humorous Madagascar 3. The children thoroughly enjoyed the film and went back into classrooms eager to discuss the amazing circus acts they has seen on the film. In addition, the children also had a visit from a talented magician who showed them some tricks!
During this half term, 5/6PB are going to be learning about the history of the circus as well as designing their own circus. We are also going to be researching thrilling circus acts such as: lion tamers, jugglers and acrobats.
In English, we are going to writing a balanced argument which is focused on whether animals should be used in the circus or not. The children will be considering opposing viewpoints and will learn to communicate these arguments confidently in a whole class debate. 
Building Learning Power
On our launch day for Building Learning Power, the classroom was buzzing with extremely excited Try Again Tortoises, Weave-it Spiders, Team Bees, Observant Owls and Curious Cats!
During our BLP launch week, 5/6PB participated in various challenges to test out their learning powers. The children worked in teams to explore the following challenges: Spaghetti and Marshmallow Pyramid Challenge, Wrap the Mummy Challenge and finally the Hoop Challenge! All the children worked amazingly in their teams and were super Team Bees.
This year, in PSHE lessons, 5/6PB will be exploring the main themes of the learning powers through circle time, discussions and reflections. We will focus on the following themes: confidence, resilience, perseverance, team work and curiosity. Throughout the year, the children will learn to use and apply these essential learning powers throughout all aspects of their learning.