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30.01.20                                                                                                           History!
This week, we introduced our new Project to the class 'Peasants, Princes and Pestilence'. It is a very exciting topic based on History and covers Medieval Britain. For our first lesson, we were introduced to 'Pestilence' and learnt about the Black Death of 1348. Each child wrote their own stages of the Black Death from infection to death! It was very gory but also interesting to learn how quickly the plague spread and how it would be very different if it happened in today's world. 
We are all looking forward to learning more about Medieval Britain!
Challenge- Can you explain the symptoms of the Black Death to someone at home? 
17th January 2020
In Science this week, we have been learning about the movement (orbit) of the earth around the sun. Children wrote an excellent description about how we get our seasons and drew a diagram showing how in our winter, it is summer in the southern hemisphere of the earth and how the opposite it true when it is summer in the UK. We were all amazed that it is the tilt of the earth (23 degrees) that causes seasons and without this tilt, we would not have summer or winter. We also really enjoyed working scientifically and drawing a two-way line graph showing the hours of daylight in the UK and Australia throughout the year and different seasons. 
Challenge: Can your child explain why we get seasons, why we have leap years and why the seasons in the UK and Australia are the opposite of each other? 
Monday 8th December
Krav Maga workshop
This afternoon, years 6 had a treat! Dan and Ellie from Krav Maga Cornwall came to deliver a workshop to children teaching them about positive attitudes, how to deal with negative emotions and showed us some simple self defence moves.
The children had a good warm up and then discussed how to be more confident and show confidence in ourselves. After having discussions, the children then practised how to defend themselves against someone grabbing their arm. None of the moves were intended to hurt but it showed children that they are able to stand up to people and be strong in themselves.
We hope to invite Krav Maga Cornwall back again next term as all of the children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and were impeccably behaved!
As part of our science topic looking at Space, this week we focused on the relative sizes and distances of planets in our Solar System. The children were given the names of 7 fruits; they had to then predict which fruit would represent which planet (one fruit had to be used twice). After thinking about the sizes of the planet, we then made predictions about how far each planet was away from the sun, with the earth being 1 metre. To finish the lesson, we found out which planet was represented by each fruit and measured the relative distances from 'the sun' ( a hoop). We were amazed by some of the outcomes of this investigation!
Challenge: Can you explain what you found most interesting about the investigation? How far away was Neptune from the Sun? 
This week, year 6 have been busy crafting in preparation for our Christmas fair! They have made wonderful, glittery Christmas baubles for people to buy to put on their Christmas trees! We all really enjoyed making our crafts and are looking forward to selling them on Friday afternoon! 
Have a look at some of the pictures below!
Homework Projects
29.10.19 - Welcome back! A huge thank you to all the families who supported their children with their creative homework projects. The quality of the projects has really improved, the children have designed and drawn their own spacesuits, written biographies of famous scientists and have researched facts about the planets. 
Have a look at some of these wonderful projects below.
Design Technology

10.10.19 - On Thursday, 6PB planned, designed, built their own spy gadgets out of recycled materials. The children behaved amazingly and built extremely creative gadgets such as: backpacks that were secretly jet packs and pens that turned into lasers! The children had great fun making their gadgets and now can become real spies! In the afternoon, the children evaluated their gadgets whilst asking key questions like: What would we change next time? What went well?
Thank you to all the families who brought in recycling for the children to use!
National Poetry Day!
3.10.19 - Today, all of the year 6 children discussed and explored various poems such as: The Owl and the Pussy-cat and Liar. The children created actions to help them remember the poems whilst reading out loud using animated voices. The children worked in small groups to practise reading the poems out loud and afterwards they recited verses to other children!
24.9.19 - To start the maths lesson today, the children spent some time in the hall using physical place value columns and a football as the decimal point. The children were focusing on multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. The also practised reading large numbers out loud. The children were amazing at moving the digits left and right depending on the operation.
Challenge - Can your child explain how to use place value columns to solve the questions below?
1) 209.4 x 100
2) 43,549 divided by 10
3) 0.893 x 1000
Online Safety!
19.9.19 - This afternoon, 6PB discussed how to be safe online and what to do if they see anything that upsets them or makes them feel uncomfortable. The children explored and considered various online safety scenarios and had to offer some advice. The scenarios talked about various social media sites, gaming and messaging services. 
Parents/carers - Have a look at the following websites if you would like to find out more about how to keep your child safe online.
Road Dahl Day!
13.9.19 - This morning, the children created their own factfiles by researching and recording information from a range of sources. Later on this afternoon, we streamed a live lesson on the BBC, the children designed and created their own exciting book characters. The class had to consider likes and dislikes and also obstacles their character may face. Also, the children have discussed their favourite Roald Dahl books and justified the reasons why. 
Challenge - Can you discuss your favourite books with your child?