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Math's Challenge
Ben has 72p to spend.  He buys an apple for 25p and some grapes for 13p.  How much money does he have left?    How many different ways can you prove it? 
Math's Challenge
Write two numbers that are greater than 20 to make this subtraction correct. 
How many different ways can you solve it?
___________  -  ____________ = 4


Math's Challenge

Calculation Walls

Can you use your knowledge of number facts to complete the calculation walls?  Ask your child to explain how.  How many different ways can you find? Then try drawing and completing your own.


04.02.19   In Art, we have been learning how and why African masks are created and the meaning behind some of the symbols.  We experimented with colour, pattern and text to create our own patterns influenced by the African culture. We shall be using these to create our own masks.

Savannah sunsets using pattern, colour and silhouettes. 
30.01.19   Creating a setting
We are learning to create an imaginative story setting by using our senses. Focusing on the Kenyan savanna, we have been researching the landscape using lots of visual images and videos to take us into the heart of the sights and sounds of the savanna.  Can you name and describe key features of the Kenyan savanna and some of the animals who inhabit this wonderful landscape?   More to follow...
19.01.19         The Time of the Lion
The story that we are focusing on this half-term is 'The Time of the Lion' by Caroline Pitcher.  The children have their own text maps of our version of the story so they can dazzle you with their brilliant storytelling, and hopefully teach you to do some storytelling too!  It would be lovely to see some pictures if you're feeling brave enough!  Use our storytelling toolkit to help you:
                                                         Pace - not too quick, not too slow
                                                         Volume - not too loud, not too quiet
                                                         Expression - face, voice, body, pauses
17.01.19   Math's Challenge
Can you create four number sentences using only these three numbers?
 20        4          16
Now, can you write your own for yourself or someone else to solve?   
09.01.19  Wet Bits and Dry Bits of the World Challenge!
To start our topic this term, we are learning to identify the world's continents and oceans.   Why not see who in your family can identify them the quickest?  Then ask your child to teach you the song we've been using to help us.  How else could you check? I look forward to hearing all about it.  Good luck!  
Also, if you have any photographs of the children visiting different countries around the world that you would be happy for us to share, please send them in as we would love to see them.   Thank you!  
We have been learning to use line and colour to create a greetings card depicting to the Christian story of the Nativity, with some stunning results!   
13.12.18    HEY, EWE!
A huge well done to all of the children for making their show a great success!  They all rose to the challenge of learning their songs, lines and stage positions and it was wonderful to see them all working as team, facing challenges and encouraging and supporting others.  Many thanks for your support and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 
29.11.18   Preparations are under way for the Christmas Fair after school this Friday.  We have been busy making our items ready for our stall.  If you  are able to help our fabulous PTA, in whatever way, please speak to Miss Delaney or ask at the office.  We cannot thank them enough for their efforts!  We hope to see you there!     
We have been learning to add in different ways.  Why not ask your child to teach you the different strategies? Can they see how to improve the way the five has been represented in the Numicon?  If not, ask them to check in class by checking the math's learning wall or using the Numicon.  
Today, we went to Trevaskis Farm.  We learnt all about plants and animals.  Did you know that raspberries grow up and round and around the cane but strawberries grow down and wide? In the afternoon we had a Treasure Hunt.  We had to follow clues and we found the treasure - a plant each for us to take home and grow.    JACK

We saw piglets.  Each sow can have up to 15 piglets, that's lots!  The fence wires are electric because it tells the pigs that they can’t go out!  It gives them a little sting.   CHARLIE

What was your child's favourite part of the visit and why?

Many thanks to all the helpers who made this visit possible.    

At Eco-Council, we were talking about keeping the school litter free.  Here are some ideas that I discussed with the class. 
  • Litter pick
  • Reduce energy in school by doing things like turning off lights to save energy
  • Reduce bins in the classroom and the hall
  • Having a single-use plastic free lunch day each week
  • Reducing use of plastic in the kitchen   
Talk about these with your child and ask them to let me know if you have any ideas.   Thanks.
Emily   2SD Eco-Councillor
This week we have started writing our own stories based on 'The Enormous Turnip'.   Read Sonny's AMAZING start to his story!  What are your favourite words and phrases and why? Can you think what happens next and finish the story together? 
Then we learnt how, by shading, we can turn a 2D object into a 3D object.  We explored the work of artists such as Escher and Bridget Riley, who are famous for creating Op Art.  Using what we've learnt, we've started to create our own optical illusion pictures using coloured pencil. Why not have a look at the work of the artists and discuss your thoughts or ask your child to demonstrate something they've learnt so far?   
Design a Christmas Card Competition
All local school children have been invited to enter the George Eustice MP 'Design a Christmas Card Competition'.  The winning design will be chosen by George himself, as well as a panel of local mayors, and will feature on his official Christmas card for 2018. All entries should be on flat A5 sheets and paintings or drawings are preferred.  Mixed media cards are accepted but should be 2D.  All entries to be returned to school by Monday, 12th November. Good luck!  
In R.E. this week, Mr Foley from Kingdom Hall came to talk to the children about how the Bible is  an important part of the Jehovah Witness faith and what his faith means to him.  Why not ask your child about the visit and what they learnt or found interesting?
We've been learning about colour theory and we created our own colour wheels, showing primary and secondary colours.    Why not try creating colours at home? 
Making Friends
The theme of our assemblies this week has been how to make new friends.  We have all been using three key skills to help us to make new friends in and around school. 
1. Smile
2. Make eye contact
3. Ask questions
Please see the Assemblies area of the website to follow our theme each week.  
Marvellous Maths!
 We have been learning to identify and represent two digit numbers in different ways.  Why not try it at home? See how many different ways you can use the models to represent the numbers. 
Some of the key vocabulary we have been using are: 
  • digit
  • two digit number
  • place value
  • tens
  • ones
  • What is the value of each digit?   
  • How much is each digit worth? 
 Healthy Teeth
In our topic work, we learnt about keeping our teeth healthy. Did you know that waiting twenty minutes after eating before brushing your teeth is healthier than brushing them straight after eating?  This is because when you eat, the enamel on your teeth softens and it takes twenty minutes to harden again.  Also, we are all trying really hard to make sure that we have only water in our bottles in school so that we look after our teeth as best we can. 
We've been learning the story of 'The Enormous Turnip'.  After sharing animations and written stories, we used a story map to learn to retell our class version, using words and actions.  This is so we can learn the types of vocabulary and sentences to use in our writing.  We use words and actions together because it gets both sides of our brain working which helps us to remember it more easily.  The children have their story maps to bring home so they can share their super storytelling with you. 
We linked the story to our learning powers. When at first they didn't succeed, they had to persevere and be resilient like the Try Again Tortoise.  Also, they had to work as a team because they couldn't do it on their own.  In the end, it was the smallest animal of all, the mouse,  who made the difference.  Without the mouse, they couldn't have pulled up the turnip. By using their teamwork skills, they all enjoyed their delicious turnip soup!   
Democracy at Pennoweth!
Elections of class representatives for both the School Council and the Eco-Council have been held.  Candidates who wished to put themselves forward, or who were nominated by other members of the class, wrote and presented a short speech before secret ballots were held.  The elected representatives will meet with the regularly to discuss relevant issues and feedback to the class. 
                    School Councillor: Amber      Deputy:  Jenny
                    Eco-Councillor: Emily          Deputy:  Fletcher
Building our Learning Powers

We revisited how to develop our lifelong learning skills by building our learning powers.  This will help us to approach and manage our learning calmly, confidently and creatively. We explored key learning behaviours through our good learning animals.  These demonstrate what each learning power looks like in practice, and what we need to do in order to develop these skills.  

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