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As part of our project on Celebrations, we visited Redruth Baptist Church to learn all about the Christian service of Christingle.  After making their own Christingles, children were able to participate in the service and to learn all about this special time for Christians. 

Challenge:  Can you name each part of the Christingle and explain what it represents?    

Snuggle Down and Read Day
Today was 'Snuggle Down and Read Day'.   The children had the opportunity to bring in and share their favourite books and to enjoy a book with other adults and children from across the school.  Also,  we were introduced to our exciting new 'Reading Karate Challenge'.  For further details, ask your child and see the newsletter. 
Calculation Walls
Can you use your knowledge of number facts to complete the calculation walls?  Explain how.  Draw your own.  How many different ways can you find? 
Star Rules for Life
This week we've launched our new 'Star Rules for Life'. The children have been learning the three rules and all children are expected to follow them in all aspects of school life.  Why not try introducing them at home, too? 
Library Club Gold Award
Huge congratulations to all of those children who attended Library Club this week.   They received the Gold Award for the most attendance.
Library Club is available during Breakfast Club.  The children enjoy sharing books and retelling stories through a range of activities, including role-play.  Why not drop in with your friends and see if you might enjoy it too? 
Great Sporting Achievements!
The children are making great progress in developing their sporting skills this term.  
During our swimming lesson this week, six pupils were able to swim 25 metres unaided, and every child is improving in confidence, so they should all be extremely proud of their achievements. 
Also, we had a group participate in the Key Stage One Multi-Sports Event at Penryn College. They had a great afternoon competing in a range of sporting events and they were a  great credit to themselves and the school.   Well done to all. 
Keeping Ourselves Safe
 This week, we have been learning how to keep ourselves safe during special times such as Halloween, including fire safety.  What do we mean by 'Stop, Drop and Roll'?  
Road Safety
Also, our local community police officer, John, came into school to teach us about road safety.   
Always wear a helmet if you're riding a bicycle! 
Be safe! Be seen!  Wear reflective clothing! 
When crossing roads:
1. Find a safe place to cross away from parked cars.  
2. STOP! LOOK!  LISTEN! (Look left.  Look right.  Look left again!) 
Making a Difference
A HUGE thank you to all of the children who have kindly donated their outgrown football boots and kit to Ocean Stars FC in Likoni, a poverty-stricken slum area of Mombasa, Kenya.  The children will be very grateful to receive them, as it really does mean the difference between them being able to participate in football or not.  If you have any outgrown kit to donate, please drop it in to Miss Delaney.  Thank you!  
Castle and Sun
As part of our project work, we are using 2D shapes and pastels to create our own artwork inspired by Paul Klee's 'Castle and Sun'.   Here's some of what we've done so far.  Can you compare them? What is similar and different?  Do you have a favourite?  Why?   Why not challenge your family to have a go at home and bring in their work to share in class?  
Representing Two-Digit Numbers Using Part-Whole Models
Look at the part-whole models and the related number sentences. 
Can you identify the whole and the parts?  How do you know?
Challenge: How many different ways can you represent the whole number using a part-whole model?  Can you write the matching number sentences? 
What does it mean to be a Christian?
We are learning to identify the importance, for some people, of belonging to a religion and to recognise the difference this may make to their lives.  We were very happy to welcome Mr Stephens into class to share a personal insight into what Christianity means to him and how it affects his life.  The children asked lots of interesting questions and began to reflect upon what we can learn from this.  
Stepping Back in Time at Pendennis Castle 
This week, we had a fantastic visit to Pendennis Castle in Falmouth.  We learnt when, how and why the castle was built and why it is still important today.  Also, what life was life for the people who lived and worked there.   Exploring the castle, dressing up and handling artefacts really helped to bring our learning to life. What was your child's favourite part of the visit and the most fascinating fact they learnt?  Why?   
How can we keep ourselves safe online
This week we have been learning how to keep ourselves safe online.  Why not discuss what we've been learning?  Is there anything more that you can be doing to improve your online safety at home? 
Magic Maths!
We have been learning to identify and represent two digit numbers in different ways.  Why not try it at home?  How many different ways can you represent the numbers?  CUse the models to help you. 
Challenge:  Discuss and explain how you did it using some of the key vocabulary we have been learning:
  • digit
  • two digit number
  • numbers in numerals
  • numbers in words
  • place value
  • tens
  • ones
  • What is the value of each digit?   
  • How much is each digit worth? 
Model-making Morning!
This week we launched our new project with a model-making workshop.  It was super to be supported by so many family members, thank you to everyone who was able to attend. The children really enjoyed building their learning powers by using skills such as: collaboration, creativity, perseverance, resourcefulness and reflection to bring their ideas to life.  


Democracy in Action!

Elections of class representatives for both the School Council and the Eco-Council have been held.  Candidates who wished to put themselves forward presented a short speech before secret ballots were held.  The elected representatives will meet regularly with their respective councils to discuss relevant issues and feedback to the class.  


                    School Councillor: Evie      Deputy:  Gracie-mae

                    Eco-Councillor:    Lily        Deputy:  Kizzy   

Building our Learning Powers

We have been revisiting how to develop our lifelong learning skills by building our learning powers.  These will help us to approach and manage our learning calmly, confidently and creatively. We explored key learning behaviours through our good learning animals which demonstrate what each learning power looks like in practice, and what we need to do in order to develop these skills. 

Challenge:  Can you discuss when you may have needed to use your learning powers this week?  Which ones and why?  How did it help you?    


Making our class a safe, fair and happy place to learn...

This week, we have been thinking about the kind of learning environment we wish to create for our class this year and the daily routines which can help us to achieve that.  We generated and discussed ideas together.  Then all of the children and adults signed our class poster to show our commitment to working together to make our class a safe, fair and happy place to learn.   

10.09.19     What a fabulous start to the year! 
We hope that you enjoy looking at the fantastic homework that has been completed during the summer, inspired by our new topic linked to Carn Brea castle!  We have had such a wide range: poetry, fact books, 3D models, photographs, paintings and so much more.  These are already sparking so much interesting discussion and inspiring others to have a go. It has been lovely to hear the children share their stories of how the homework came about and the range of friends and families who've been involved.  A huge thank you to everyone involved!