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This morning we were very busy! We prepared and cooked a tomatoe pasta meal, made a penguin pencil pot for the summer fair and finished off our kennings that we have been writing this week. Can your child tell you more about what they were doing this morning?
On Tuesday afternoon, we used the beebots to help us learn about directions and turns. Can your child tell you what clockwise and anti-clockwise mean? Can they show you a three quarter turn anti clockwise?
On Tuesday, we had a fantastic day at Gwealan Tops adventure playground! We spent the morning trying to make a fire, taking part in team games and being taught how to use the equipment. In the afternoon we had free play to enjoy the playground. We all had a great time and worked on our resilience and team work skills! The playground is open every day after school and it is free to go in so we hope some of you will go back again!
Recently, children from across the school entered an art competition at Redruth library, the theme was trains. Amazingly, all of the winners were from Pennoweth! Well done everyone!
1st place: Vincent
2nd place: Phineas (4DS)
3rd place: Sophia
Well done to Logan from our class, Amy (4DS) and Emily and Oliver from 5/6 who were also highly commended!
Here are their amazing pieces of work!
Whilst our friends were away enjoying their camp, the rest of 3/4 got to chose between 4 different activities to enjoy over the three mornings. One of those activities was cross stitch. Mrs. Mallaber was amazed by the way the children tackled this new skill " All of the children gave it a go and persevered to the end. It was lovely to see them helping each other and feeling a sense of achievement as they learnt a new skill, with some of them saying they would like this as their new hobby!" 
Comments from the children-
Livvy "At the start it was so hard but I was the first to finish and I am so PROUD of my work and I will make it my hobby"
Harry "Today cross stitch was AMAZING!"
Izzy "I was resilient and I said I was going to give up but I didn't because I was resilient. In the end it was really good and Mrs. Mallaber took a photo"
Emily " I like cross stitch because the teacher was great and it was calming"
Sam " It started very hard but it started to get easier and I enjoyed it. I ended up liking it a lot :)"
Jayden "Fiddly, Frustrating but  Fun"
This afternoon, we spent some time talking about e-safety and the importance of staying safe online. Here are some of the tips we came up with:
- Don't give out your personal details such as your address
- Don't put pictures of yourself online
- Talk to an adult if you see something that upsets you
Before half term we were lucky enough to visit Redruth Library for our third reading cafe. When we arrived, we enjoyed a story together before the children snuggled down with their adults and classmates to read a book. A few children signed up to the library and took some books out which is brilliant!
As the sun was shining we stopped off at Victoria Park before we headed back to school, which everyone loved!
Today, we took advantage of the sunshine and had our library session outside. Can your child tell you the book they are reading and why they chose it?
Today, we started an experiment to demonstrate the function of the stem in a plant. Can your child explain the experiment to you? Can they predict what is going to happen?
What a fantastic week we all had last week! Either at Porthpean camp or at school for activity week. Have a look under the residential trips section of the website to see all our pictures from camp.
This morning, we were lucky enough to have a lesson live from the Arctic, where we learnt about the importance of keeping warm! We got to see the type of clothes they wear to keep warm and to see where they stay when they are working their. Also, we carried out two experiments. The first one was to see which material was the best insulator. The second activity was to see how animals such as seals keep warm, we did this by putting our hand in icy water and then putting on a blubber glove and feeling the difference! See if your child can tell you about the experiment and how cold the water was without the glove!


This morning, we were using place value counters for division. Can your child show you how they would use place value counters to solve the following:

1) 92 ÷ 4

2) 72 ÷ 3

3) 56 ÷ 4

10 house points to anyone that brings in the answers with their method by next Tuesday!

Today, we had our launch day for our new topic on explorers! In the morning we spent some time reading adventure stories, looking at where explorers might go and researching about the famous explorer Ernest Shackleton.
In the afternoon, we were preparing and training for an expedition! We focused on the three skills of resilience, team work and fitness. Here are some pictures of us in training!
Can your child tell you what is happening in the photos?
Ask your child if they can tell you about Ernest Shackleton and his famous expedition!
This week the children have been writing kennings. Ask your child to tell you what a kenning is. Can they tell you some of the features? Here are some of our kennings about animals. Can you guess what they are describing?
Yesterday, Years 3 and 4 spent the morning in court! After spending a couple of weeks writing persuasive letters to Judge Seth about who was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic they finally had their chance to present their evidence. Our class gave reasons why Bruce Ismay was to blame and were very passionate and persuasive with their arguments. We are now writing a letter to Judge Seth saying why we think the Captain was to blame. See if your child can give you their reasons. Can they use persuasive openers and emotive language?

We were all so proud of the class with their dance at the Regal Theatre last week. They were all confident and performed the dance brilliantly! They were a real credit to the school both during rehearsals and during the dance itself. The Pennoweth children really stood out with their exceptional behaviour and manners. Well done everyone! We can't wait to see the dance again tomorrow!
What a fantastic day we have had for World Book Day! It has been brilliant to see so many of the children dress up. We especially love some of the homemade costumes! We started the day by sharing some of our photos of unusual places to read and talked about our favourite books. We then had a visit from some of the nursery children and we shared our books with them. The rest of the morning was spent being authors as we all wrote our own stories. Ask your child to tell you what their story is about. Can they tell you who their main character is and where the story is set?
This week we have written some amazing diary entries as first class passengers. Here are some examples of our work.
Some children at playtime made a Titanic model with the wooden blocks. We love how engrossed the children are about this topic! How has the Titanic taken over your house?!
Today, we had our first spelling bee in 3/4. After doing brilliantly in our spelling test on Monday, Indi, Izzy, Harvey, Rebecca, Oliwia, Vincent and Missy all represented our class. They did so well that Mrs Bright had to give them some really tricky questions! Well done to Skye in 4DS who was the overall winner.
This term we have been looking at the importance of having a growth mindset. This means that instead of saying 'I can't do it' you can say 'I can't do it yet!'. We have been making some growth mindset posters to remind us what to do if we are finding something challenging. Ask your child to explain to you what they think a growth mindset is. Can they give you any examples of when they have had a growth mindset?
What a fantastic day we have had at the Maritime Museum! We all learnt lots of facts about the Titanic which we are going to be able to use for our diary entries. The class were all model Pennoweth pupils and impressed all the museum staff! Thank you to the Heritage Fund who covered most of our transport costs!
Izzy: I liked the sailing the boats.
Chloe: I liked going under the water and trying to spot fish.
Exodus: I enjoyed meeting Captain Edward Smith and dressing up as a person that was on the Titanic.
Maddie: I liked exploring and finding out facts.
Eliza: I found out about Molly Brown who survived the Titanic. She wanted to go back to try and save people but she wasn't allowed.
Archie: My favourite thing was the lookout as I got to look out over Falmouth and spot the boats.
Izzy: Today in Science we found out about our digestive system. To do this we carried out an experiment that showed us what happens at each stage of the digestive system. 
Have a look at the photos with your child and see if they can tell you what is happening!
This week in maths we have been using the near ten method for subtraction. See if your child can explain the method and why we use it! Once we were confident with using the method we had a go at some problems. See if you can have a go and find the answers!
Last week we worked in groups to research how you can look after your teeth and why this is important. We then planned a presentation so that we could inform people about what we had learnt. After spending some time practising our presentations we then performed them to the class. Here are some of our presentations. We hope you learn something new!

We had a fantastic morning learning about healthy living! We learnt about the importance of exercise by doing some circuits, made a healthy meal of rainbow couscous, learnt about the importance of brushing our teeth and the importance of looking after our mental well being.
We were so impressed that all of the class tried the couscous even if it was something they had never eaten before. Exodus said: 'I usually don't like these vegetables but I can't taste them with the couscous so it's a new way of eating healthy.' Maddie said: 'I'm going to ask my Mum if we can make it at home, I really like it.' 
Some of us had a disclosing tablet that showed up all the plaque on our teeth and made us realise we need to take more care with brushing them! Here are some photos of us!

Merry Christmas everyone!



Exodus – In PE we have been practising some football skills. For example, dribbling and passing. It was very fun.


Zennor – One thing we did was practising dribbling a ball around some cones.


Romy – I love PE because we play lots of games like dribbling a ball and trying to get it passed people without being tagged.


Eliza – We played a game where we were all a number and we had to pass the ball to the next person.

Dylan - We all had lots of fun making decorations for the Christmas fair. The first thing we had to do was paint 4 lollipop sticks and let them dry. Then we had to cut out the face, boots, gloves and hat. Finally we glued it all together.
Preston - We hope we will see lots of you after school today to come and buy our decorations and cards.
On Saturday, a group of children from Years 3 and 4 braved the rain for the Christmas procession through town. We all had a brilliant time watching the lights being turned on and were proud of the artwork we had made.
Indi: Yesterday was our reading cafe. It is when the teachers make the classroom nice and cosy. The children tell their parents about it and the parents can come if they would like. We snuggle under loads of blankets and read books with our parents.
Maddie: I liked the reading cafe because it was cosy and we had biscuits, hot chocolate and blankets.
Zennor: I liked the reading cafe because you get to see your family at the end of the day and share a book with them.
Dylan: I like the reading cafe because there were fairy lights, blankets and you can spend quality time with your family while having a hot chocolate and a biscuit.
Romy: I loved the reading cafe because we got to share a book with someone and it made me feel cosy and calm.
Alfie: I liked the reading cafe for it is awesome!
What a fantastic day we have had! We started the day by getting the train to Truro which everyone loved! When we arrived at the museum we were able to explore the mining collection and after lunch we took part in an art workshop, where we got to choose our favourite piece of artwork and create our own masterpiece! We all really enjoyed the trip, even though we got very wet at the end of the day!
This week in English we have been writing a story about a Queen, King and a slave who live in a castle. Everybody has been working independently and have written some brilliant stories. Well done everybody! Here is Indiya's fantastic story for you to read!

This week in English we have been planning our own stories. Our stories are about a slave that lives in a castle. We have all come up with our own ideas for a story based on this. Ask your child what words they used to describe a castle. Can they tell you what their story is about? We are looking forward to sharing some of these stories with you when they are finished.

This week in Maths we have been ordering numbers. We have used dienes and place value headings to help us. We have come up with some ordering challenges for you, can you solve them?

Use the digits 2, 3 and 5 to write a number between 350 and 550.

Write the digits from 1 to 5 in each of these numbers so that the numbers are in order from smallest to largest. You can only use each digit once:

____ 64, 16____, 3____3, 33____, ____16

Today, we took part in a workshop about mining in Cornwall. We looked on maps to find out where the mines were, found out about a mining accident, read about children that worked in the mine and much more! We were shocked to find out that mining first started in Cornwall in the Bronze Age! Thank you to Iain for such a brilliant workshop!
In our SPAG sessions we have been creating board games to help us remember what nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs are. Here are some of our creations!
In English this week, we have been writing our version of Thomas and the Tinners with our new characters. We have all worked really hard on these and produced some amazing writing! Here are some examples. We hope you enjoy our stories!
Today, we were lucky enough to take part in a workshop with Clint from Geevor mine. We learnt more about what life was like for the miners and even got to try on some of the gear they used to wear! Here are some pictures of us trying on the outfits and looking at the equipment! Thank you Clint for a fantastic workshop! 
Our spellings this week are:
hey, they, obey, grey, prey, survey
Today we practised these in pairs, where one person mixed up the letters of a word and their partner had to guess what the word was.
In English yesterday, we worked in groups to plan a new character for our story. Today we completed our own plans and we described the characters appearance, how they move and how they feel. We are looking forward to starting to write our stories on Thursday!
In maths last week we started looking at finding 10 more or less than a number. Today, we used place value counters to help us work out the answers. Next, we will be moving on to finding 100 more or less than a number.