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As a class, we will be updating our blog regularly, so please keep revisiting to find out about our learning and progress throughout the year.
Relishing reading!
We are coming to the end of our class novel. The children have really enjoyed reading The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark as a class. We have learnt some amazing skills such as:
Predicting what might happen next
Visualising the descriptions of characters and settings from what we have read
Questioning what is going on and why in each chapter
Retrieving information from what they have been reading. 
Using clues to infer and 'read between the lines' of the text
Clarifying any unknown words by reading around the word and then if still not sure, using a dictionary to find the meaning. 
Can your child answer these questions?
What was their favourite part of the story?
Who did they think was best at persuading Plop that the dark wasn't scary? 
Can they remember all the adjectives Plop heard about the dark?
How did Plop land each time he met a new person or animal? 
Forest School Fun!
Some of our children have had an amazing first session at forest school today. As you can see they got rather muddy but their smiles show their enjoyment levels were high! We are hoping lots more children will have the opportunity to take part in forest school as the year progresses.
Multiplication Masters!
Children have been learning about equal groups. Can the children show you how to share 18 bits of pasta between 3 plates? What would the number sentence look like? Can you share them between 4 plates? If not, why? 
Can they explain what multiple and product is? 
Wonderful Writers!
The children have been learning a setting description about a furious storm set in the snow-capped mountains. We've been looking at how in a setting description there are lots of different types of sentences. We've had a go at these sentences changing our furious storm from on a mountain to in a forest. Here are some amazing examples: 
Ellie - As the trees sway swiftly, I am feeling tearful and the trees surround me. 
Jenny - After looking as far as the eye can see into the daring darkness, Mother Nature's temper appears to have formed a whirlwind darting towards the intense forest. 
Lily - The fierce wind echoes eerily and whistles wildly through the tall trees. 
Brandon - The elements of winter have arrived early.
Lewis - As the trees move uncontrollably, a feeling of danger surrounds me. 
Travis - The uncontrollable wind whistled eerily through the oak trees.
Ethan - After looking as far as the eye can see into the blood curling darkness, Mother Nature's fury appear to have formed a whirlwind sprinting towards the spooky forest. 
Amelia - As the trees sway unnervingly, a feeling of isolation overwhelms me. 
Molly R - Winter has arrive at the woods. 
Samuel - The deadly wind tortures me until I suffer while I run swiftly away. 
3NS have been making Christingles this afternoon ready for the Christingle service this Thursday.
We discussed what each part of the Christingle represents and why Christians celebrate Christmas.
Can your child explain the following parts?
Red ribbon
Cocktail sticks
Conductors and Insulators 
We were Scientists in 3NS this afternoon trying to test out whether materials were conductors (objects or materials which let electricity pass through) or insulators (objects or materials which block or stop electricity from flowing).  Children set up their own circuits in groups and tested each item to see if it it was an insulator or a conductor. 
Can you find things at home which are insulators and conductors? Which material was the best conductor? How do you know? Can you remember how a switch works? What does a circuit need to be to be complete? 
Redruth Light Parade
If you looked out onto Redruth's high street on Saturday night, in the midst of rain (or precipitation!) you would have seen a herd of bright reindeer meandering up and down the street dancing to the music. 
Some reindeers had drawings on, tinsel, lights and much more. A HUGE thank you to Mrs Mallabar for working so hard on these reindeers with your children. Also thank you for all those who attended especially on such a Wintery evening. 
Pen licence awards
Well done to Freya and Lewis who have been the first to be awarded pen licenses in Class 3NS.
Reading Cafe at Redruth Library
If you walked past Redruth Library on Tuesday 19th November, you would have heard a real buzz coming from inside. There were excited children discovering new books, relatives enjoying cosy cuddles and even babies joining in! The children throughly enjoyed their time exploring the Library which for some was a place. They found a wide variety of books to choose from, enjoyed snuggling into their relatives whilst enjoying a hot chocolate and biscuit. Some even signed up for their own library card so they can come and take books home whenever they wish to.
Please go back to the library to choose more books! It is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. You just need to fill in a form for a library card. Thank you to Sarah who welcomed us there and thank you to all of you who came along to enjoy it.
We have been learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. During Sukkot, Jews remember what it was like to be in the desert without shelter. They make shelters or dens to eat, and play in and some even sleep in their Sukkots.
Ask your children why do jews celebrate Sukkot? What is a Sukkot? How did you make your Sukkots?
Remembrance Day
In order to mark Remembrance Day this year, each class were asked to create a piece of artwork based around a specific theme. Year 3 and 4 were asked to explore the contribution of animals in war.
In Class 3NS, we learnt about birds in war - pigeons (used as messengers) and the dove (sign of peace).
We found the role of the carrier pigeon particularly interesting:
  • 100, 000 carrier pigeons were used as messengers in war.
  • Whenever the soldiers needed to get a message back to base, they tied it to one of the pigeons.
  • Pigeons delivered 95% of the messages correctly.
Take a look at our artwork below.
Star Class of the Week!
With the new 'Star Rules' a high profile in school, all children have been working hard to follow them and their hard work has paid off. Pupils in Class 3NS have been noticed for their excellent behaviour choices and have been rewarded with stars by adults around the school. So much so, that we were the first class to be awarded 'Star Class of the Week' with 163 stars! Well done everyone.
Well done to Ellie, who was the first child to be awarded the 'Player of the match' trophy at the after school football club his week. She showed great resilience when falling over by getting up and carrying on playing.
Ellie also has some information about a FREE football club run by Plymouth Argyle Academy at the park in Harmony Close every Tuesday and Friday evening, 6pm til 8pm. She hopes to see you there!
Hokusai - The Great Wave
In art, we have studied The Japanese artist, Hukosai. We learnt that he used to call himself "The Old Man mad About Drawing" and that he made over 30,000 artworks in his lifetime! We studied one of his most famous pieces - The Great Wave, which shows Mount Fuji being dwarfed by a colossal wave. We then created our own version using watercolours, linking it to our plastic pollution project work.
Homework Heroes!
Look at our amazing October Half-term homework! The children loved sharing what they got up to over the break. This ranged from Cornish cooking to cosy reading dens to doubling numbers to creative artwork. Well done to all of you (and family at home!) for all your hard work.
10 more, 10 less
Today we were finding 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less and 20 more and 20 less. We looked at patterns in a hundred square first then we rolled a choice dice to tell us what to do to our original number.
What happens to the ones when you add 10? What happens to the tens when you subtract 10? How does it differ for adding and subtracting 20?
Reading Cafe
Wow, what an amazing afternoon filled with cuddles, new books, hot chocolates, biscuits and family members. We loved just enjoying a book together this afternoon as we remembered reading should be an enjoyable experience. 
Thank you for those who came along to read with their children. 
In RE, we have been learning about Judaism. We have learnt that Jews worship one God, worship and pray in a synagogue, read a very special scroll called the Torah and the mean wear a hat called a Kippah. Today, we learnt what it was like to be a Jew. We ordered important events in a Jew's life including a bar mitzvah and a bat mitzvah. 
Can your child remember when a boy and a girl have their bar or bat mitzvah? 
What is different about the way the Torah is written? 
What is the main Jewish symbol? 
Number bonds
We have been finding our number bonds to 10, 20, 100 and even 1000. We looked finding all the number bonds to 10 in a logical and systematic way (so we don't miss any out) and used the words increase and decrease to describe the patterns. We then used our number bonds to 10 knowledge to find out number bonds to other numbers.
For example, if we know that 2 + 8 = 10, we know that:
12 + 8 = 20
18 + 2 = 20
80 + 20 = 100
20 + 80 = 100
58 + 2 = 60
200 + 800 = 1000
Can your child find any more number bonds using the digits 2 and 8? 
Magnificent Magnets!
Today, we investigated materials were magnetic and which were non-magnetic. We discovered that some metals were magnetic and some were not. We also had fun trying looking at the magnetic field around the magnet whilst it moved iron filings around a tray. 
Can you conduct this experiment at home? 
Can your child explain what a magnet is? 
Can they find any metals which are non-magnetic? 
Super Story Tellers!
The children have been learning our story 'The Tale of the Turtle and the Plastic Jellyfish'in lots of different ways. Today we retold it in partners pretending there was a mirror between us. We used actions to remind ourselves of the story. See if your child can retell parts of the story.
What was the better word for lived used in the story?
What verb did we use instead of feeling hungry?
What adjectives described Nerin the turtle? 
How do you think Nerin felt after she had devoured the plastic bag? 
How did the story get resolved? 
Recycling Centre Trip
We had a wonderful trip to Bodmin Recycling Centre to find out more about plastic pollution which is our project this term. We watched a presentation about the 4 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover) which help us to be more environmentally friendly. 
We then visited the recycling area where we watched the lorries unload the recycling, we saw machines which sorted the recycling (including a super strong magnet to pick out metal!) We had some headphones to listen to a commentary about what was happening. 
We also reused some rubbish by making something from recycled materials. There were a lot of jellyfish creations! 
Lastly, we had a game where we sorted items into compost, recycle and rubbish. 
Can your children explain what happens to all our black waste in Cornwall? Why can't you recycle black plastic? Where can you recycle crisp packets in Redruth? What else other than glass can you put in your black box? 
Thank you to our parent helpers for coming along and helping.