Welcome to our Class 3NS blog!
As a class, we will be updating our blog regularly, so please keep revisiting to find out about our learning and progress throughout the year.
Please take a look at our Spring term curriculum letter below. It outlines all of our learning across the subjects areas linked to our current topic 'The Titanic'
The children in 3ST have completely smashed, nailed and aced their reading and maths tests this week. It shows how much they have learnt this year and how far they have come. I am so very proud of them as are all the adults in the classroom. Thank you for all your support at home which ensures they continue to make good progress. 
We had ice lollies and some story time reading our class novel Stig of The Dump outside as a well deserved treat. 
Lines, Lines, Lines!
We managed to get outside and have a go at using mathematical language to draw lines with water. Could you child explain the following:
right angle
How many right angles can you find at home? Can you see a set of parallel lines anywhere? 
Fraction wall challenges
We've been making our own fraction walls to show how to make a whole and how to find equivalent fractions.
Can your child work out what is equivalent to 1/2? to 2/3? to 6/8?
Can they see the link between their times tables?
Can they work out what goes with 3/4 to make a whole? 
Terrific Titanic!
Christopher has taken 2 months to complete this amazing Titanic model. He showed resilience and persevered even when it became tricky. Wow!
Gwealan Tops
WOW, WOW, WOW! We had so much fun on our trip to Gwealan Tops today despite getting rather wet. We became explorers for the day! First of all we did some listening games, then a photo challenge hunt around the site. After that, we did 3 activities on rotation: fire lighting (and marshmallow toasting!), being courageous and trying out the zip wire and roller slide and team games where we had to communicate to our team mates clearly. 
We then had lunch wherever we liked on the site - I think we all preferred on top of tyres, logs, on the stage and in the tent than our lunch hall! 
We then had free time to play on anything we liked - this was to become more resilient. Lots of us tried new things and kept going when things became tricky. 
The children behaved impeccably as usual. Please ask your child all about it. Remember it is open Tuesday-Friday every evening after school from 3.30pm. On some of these nights you can leave your child (if 8 or over) with the staff there who are more than capable of engaging your children and keeping them safe. 
Thank you to all the staff: Bridget, John, Kerry, Jade, Charlotte and Will for helping us today. We loved our time with you. 
Seed Dispersal!
We looked at the different ways seeds are dispersed in Science today. The children sorted the plants into different ways of dispersal. Can your child tell you the different ways? Can you spot a seed travelling? What are the male and female parts of a flower? How does pollination work? 
Fractions Frenzy!
We started our fraction lesson splitting cake in to equal parts of a whole. We began to recognise that the denominator doubled each time we cut the cake in half from 1/2 to 1/4 to 1/8 to 1/16. 
Ask your child if they can explain what a denominator or numerator means?
Which would you rather 1/4 of a cake or 1/2? Why? 
Can you halve 27? 
When you have pizza, a pie, lasagne, cake or something similar for tea can they work out the fractions? Are they equal parts? What is the whole? If I eat 1/4 how many quarters are left? 
News, News, News!
We have started our new writing genre of newspaper writing. The children today have identified features such as headlines, captions, columns, fact and opinion. Ask your child, what is different about the layout in a newspaper? What is the purpose of a headline? How can you tell if something is a fact or opinion? 
Reading Cafe at the Library
We had the most wonderful time at Redruth library this morning. Lots of our family members came to snuggle and enjoy a book together. If we hadn't already got a library card, we could sign up for one! We were very excited about choosing different books to take out!
Thank you to Sarah and her team for welcoming us so well. A big thank you to all the parents and carers who attended. 
We then visited the park on the way back to school and had a fantastic time playing together in the sunshine. 
Mr Seth's Superb Storytelling!
We very fortunate to have the amazing Mr Seth come in a retell stories and sing songs with us this morning. He got us all laughing with some silly stories and songs and we all joined in with some well known rhymes. 
Thank you Mr Seth for coming in in your own time. 
Maths challenge
We tried to solve a similar problem today in class. Can your child explain how they solved it? 
There are 8 chicken and some pigs in a farmyard. 
Each chicken has 2 legs.
Each pig has 4 legs. 
There are 40 legs altogether. 
How many pigs were there? 
Porthpean Perfection!
Our campers are all home and hopefully have caught up on some sleep! We had a wonderful time with many of us overcoming fears and giving everything a go! Head over to the residential trips page to look at some photos. Remember campers, we are going to be holding an awards ceremony next Thursday at 3.20pm in the hall. 
Powerful Verbs!
We looked at how Ernest Shackleton walked through the rainforest. We uplevelled the verb walk and had a go at trudging, marching, stomping, trooping, hiking, trekking and crouching through the rainforest. 
Science experiments
We have been setting up an experiment about what makes plants grow healthily. We have set up 9 pots with cress in with variables including sunlight, temperature and amount of water. 
What are your predictions? Which do you think will grow the best? Which will grow the least? 
What made it a fair test? 
Who wants to be an explorer?!
Today, we launched our new topic - what is it like to be an explorer? We read some adventure stories, looked at some video clips about extreme conditions and created a fact file on Ernest Shackleton.
This afternoon, we went to explorer training camp! Firstly, we sweated it out in circuit training working on our fitness ready for an expedition. Secondly, we worked on team building by communicating without speaking and getting across the astro turf with only 2 hoops! Lastly, we worked on our resilience and practised getting in to a sleeping bag with gloves on just like Ernest Shackleton! 
We found out the qualities in a super explorer are bravery, resilience, persevering, confidence, good communication, working well in a team and being good at making decisions. 
Well done to our 2 amazing pupils Nadine and Leo for being nominated by Mr Adams for the RLG awards. They were in the categories of outstanding contribution to school life for Leo for his fantastic enthusiasm to get us all recycling and for endeavor under difficult circumstances for Nadine who has worked hard, smiled and especially gave it her all in the dance performances despite going through challenges.  
Creative kennings!
The children have written a kenning about the Titanic and have now planned and written a kenning about an animal of their choice. A kenning is made up of usually 2 words (a noun and a verb) describing something without naming it. Can you guess what animal they are describing? 

Easter Fun!
The children made Easter nests this morning. There was lots of mixing, melting and arranging going on to make our nests look perfect! Then we had an Easter egg hunt in the classroom. Once they had found their chocolate treasure they could scoff their Easter eggs! 
Charity Champion!
Emelija has had her hair cut for charity. Well done Emelija! 
Sunshine reading
We took advantage of the beautiful weather and read our new library books outside. Can you make the most of the lovely weather with your books at home?
What an experience the children have had today. We went to court to settle the infamous case 'Who was to blame for the tragedy of the Titanic?' Judge Seth was insufferable and most certainly kept order. Children presented evidence from the perspective of Molly Brown who was representing the survivors. 3ST blamed Thomas Andrew the designer for his part in that fateful night. Captain Edward J Smith and owner Bruce Ismay were also in the docks. It was a lengthy court battle with many challenges from each side. Eventually Judge Seth made the decision that Captain Smith, Bruce Ismay and Thomas Andrews were all partly to blame for the Titanic sinking and for the deaths which occurred. 
Class Assembly
Thank you to all who attended our class assembly. We tried something different and we hoped you enjoyed looking around the 'stalls' and learning something new. You should be able to answer the following now! Get your child to test your knowledge! 
Can you remember a dance move?
What is a homophone?
How many warnings did the captain of the Titanic have about the iceberg?
What was your favourite part of Callie, Samuel and Rhys' writing?
Which word did you clarify?
How much change did you receive when you bought your two items? 
Where is your collar bone? 
Thanks to our Eco-Councillors, Leo and Bo, we now have a recycling bin. We are busy trying to use it instead of throwing things away. 
Amazing Arrays!
In Maths, we have been learning to show our multiplication facts as arrays either by using peg boards or by drawing. Can your child show you what 3 x 8 would look like as an array? What is the inverse? 
Terrific Titanic Tellers
We presented the introduction to our letters this morning in pairs to help us plan our letter to Judge Seth. We are going to be writing to Judge Seth from the perspective of Molly Brown who will be representing the survivors. They will be presenting evidence in a court (in our school hall) in a few weeks about why the tragedy of The Titanic is Thomas Andrews' fault because of the way he designed it.  
Some questions to ponder together:
What does negligence mean?
Can you show an example of emotive language?
What makes it persuasive? 
Who is to blame for the tragedy of The Titanic? 
Today, we started our first Samba session with Mr Field. They played a listen and copy game and learnt the names of the new instruments. Over the next 9 weeks, they will learn different rhythms and how to play each instrument. Where did Samba originate from? What is a snare drum? 
World Book Day
What a wonderful day of fancy dress, favourite books and story writing! The children look amazing and have really enjoyed being authors for their own story. We shared stories with Miss Hair's class too. Thank you to everyone at home for their effort in supporting their child to dress up. 
The children came back with the most amazing enthusiasm to learn more and get stuck in straight away. It was a pleasure to see! Here are some children pondering over some pictures in maths. They discussed in their groups what the pictures could represent. They talked about patterns and order and more specifically rows and groups of items. What do the pictures represent to you? Is there any easier way to work out how many there are then just counting them? Which number sentences would represent the pictures? Can you think of the inverse? 
Smelly Eggs!
"Ewwwwwww" was the chorus (one of your weekly spellings!) I heard when I showed them the eggs in our 5 liquids after one week. 
We checked our predictions, described the eggs appearance and brushed each shell (representing the enamel) with a toothbrush. 
We were quite surprised about the damage the apple juice had caused even before brushing. Can you ask your child which egg they thought was the most damaged? Which was least? What does crystallized mean? Which liquid had solidified? Which liquid had become discoloured? 
Meet the newest member of the class, fondly named as Skelly by the children! Ask your child which main bones and muscles we labelled today. Can they tell you why we have a skeleton? Where is your bicep? What do muscles do? 
Some children at playtime made a Titanic model with the wooden blocks. We love how engrossed the children are about this topic! How has the Titanic taken over your house?!
Spelling Bee
Today we took part in a Year 3/4 spelling bee. Our representatives from our class (who scored the most in a mini test on Monday) were Bo, Cacee, Samuel and Charlotte. They wowed us with their amazing memory of spelling patterns even when Mrs Bright tried to trick us! 
Can you ask your child what a prefix is?
How about a homophone? 
Can they use the words fair and fare in a sentence to show they understand which is used for which meaning? 
Maths challenge
Can you help these children find the change? They've been to the shops and bought two items each. They have £3.24. How much change do they get? 
Any answers on a piece of paper given in will earn 10 house points!
We carried out an experiment to see the impact various drinks had on our teeth. We put hard boiled eggs in different drinks and will check in on them next week to see which has the most 'decay'. We will brush them with a toothbrush and see if the shell which is acting like enamel is damaged at all. 
The children predicted the results. What did your child predict and why? 
Wonderful Writers!
Look at these amazing diary entries written from a 3rd class passenger aboard the Titanic on the day it set sail. 
Maths challenge
Can you think of a subtraction story for these numbers 273 and 148? One example could be there were 273 flowers in the garden. 148 were blown over. How many were left? 
I'd love to see your examples. Can you write it down and give it in? If so, you will get 5 house points!
Maritime Museum
Wow! What a fascinating day we have had at the Maritime museum. Firstly, we saw the sights at the top of the look out tower, searched for fish in the tidal zone, became rescuers on the jet ski and explored lots of different types of boats!
Secondly, we met Captain Smith from the Titanic and learnt some interesting facts, saw a life size replica of a lifeboat which would have saved people from the doomed voyage, read letters and postcards from survivors and imagined what life would have been like aboard the magnificent ship.
After lunch, we became maritime experts and made our very own rope and then steered remote control boats using the wind to help us. 
There will be many weary but happy children going to sleep tonight. I hope they've shared how amazing the trip was and explained some of the fascinating facts they have learnt. You could quiz them with the following:
How do you make rope?
Why did the owner of the Titanic not want to slow down?
Why was the nurse lucky? 
Why were there not all the lifeboats there should have been? 
How many warnings did they receive about icebergs? 
Why don't you ponder whose fault was the tragedy of the Titanic? 
Fleur "I learnt lots of facts about the Titanic my head is so full!"
Kyron "I liked to sail the boats."
Bo "I liked making the rope."
Callie "I liked looking out of the look out as I could see all of Falmouth"
A huge thank you to Cornwall Heritage Trust for subsidising most of the travel for us which meant a really good value trip! 
Also thank you to Samuel's mum and Bo's mum for giving up their time to come with us. 
Reading Cafe
If you wandered in to our classroom this afternoon, you would have found lovely new books, snuggly blankets, hot chocolate, biscuits and lots of family members. Thank you to everyone who came to our 2nd reading cafe. It was a delight to see you all snuggled up with your child reading to them or them reading to you. We know how busy lives are and how precious time is so to have 30 minutes together enjoying a book is invaluable. 
We made our own class dictionary which was added to by parents, children and teachers! Words which we weren't sure were clarified and placed in the dictionary for others to read and use. 
Ellie-May's dad was straight in with the first unknown word, Bo's mum didn't need a dictionary to clarify wretched, Jonah's gone to research what camphor means at home and Cacee's dad clarified certainly! Well it CERTAINLY was a success!
When reading at home, can you ask the children what any unknown words mean? What other words (synonyms) could you use for that word? Can you use the word in a different sentence?  
All Aboard! 
We set sail for New York today on The Titanic (the unsinkable ship!). During our English lesson, we watched some clips of the Titanic leaving Southampton. We discussed how the passengers and spectators would feel. This gave us some great ideas to plan our diary entry written by a third class passenger. 
Some questions to ponder at home from the third class passenger's point of view:
Why did you go on The Titanic?
What were your hopes and dreams? 
What was your first impression of The Titanic? 
How do you feel about leaving your family? 
Have a go at the maths challenge below. I'd love to see all your possibilities! 
Homework Heroes!
Look at our amazing homework based on The Titanic. There is a lot more on our display in our class so come in and have a look! 
Thank you to all the children for their fantastic work and to you at home for all your support. 
Magnificent Maths!
In 3NS, we have been looking at solving problems in lots of different ways. This gives us lots of 'tricks up our sleeves!' It also helps us check our answers. Here we have lots of ways we could subtract. Can your children show you one of the ways you are not so familiar with? 
Today was healthy living day! The children experienced four different activities: circuit training, a teeth experiment, cooking and art based on healthy living.
There was a strange sight coming from Miss Tully's classroom when the children appeared with coloured teeth and lips! The children had completed an investigation on how well they brush their teeth. They learnt that they had to brush their tongues as well their teeth! 
They definitely deserved their lunch today after a energetic circuit training where children did a variety of exercises. Can they show you one at home? 
With Miss Price and Mrs Mathews, they discussed what it meant to be healthy which included eating healthily, exercise and looking after our mental health. 
Master Chef here we come! The children were budding chefs with fantastic chopping, stirring, frying and mixing lots of different vegetables in with cous cous as a healthy meal. Every child tried it and a lot surprised themselves with enjoying vegetables and herbs which they had never tried before! 
Can you remember all the ingredients which went in to rainbow cous cous? 
Wow what amazing dancers we have in 3NS! We had our first dance session with Kerry and the children were the most focused I have ever seen them! They learnt a whole dance routine in one session and now need to tighten the timings and sharpen the moves. 
Why don't you show off your new dance moves to whoever is at home? Can you do a heel kick? What about paint a rainbow? 
Maths Challenge
Have a go at the maths challenge below. If you need some extra help, ask your parents or other family members to solve it with you. Mrs Nicholls and Mrs Shami would love to see your workings and answers, so please share them with us once completed. Have fun!
Reading Café
Thank you to all parents and family members who attended our class reading café - it was a great success! Families had the opportunity to spend time with their children reading a variety of books in cosy, soft lit surroundings and under blankets.
Building reading dens
All of the children loved the experience and have vowed to do the same at home. Take a look at 'Building reading dens' via the Oxford Owl website link below for some more inspiration of how to make the experience of sharing books special. If you have a go at any of these suggestions at home, then please take some photos - we would love to see them!
CBeebies Bedtime Stories
Every evening, a different story is read just before bedtime. This can be a lovely alternative or additional opportunity to share a story with your child. Take a look at the website link below and enjoy listening together:
Visit to Truro Museum
Wow, what a brilliant day we've had! It all started with a very exciting train journey from Redruth to Truro - for some it was their first experience of a train ride. In the morning, pupils explored the mining collection in the museum and completed a series of short tasks linked to this topic. We were also lucky to have some time to look around some of the other exhibitions before lunch.
During the afternoon, we took part in an art workshop called ‘I See, I notice, I wonder’.  This involved the children looking at the paintings in the gallery in varying degrees of detail and then using their imagination to wonder about some questions:


- What is happening in the picture?

- What happened before the picture was painted/taken?

- What happened afterwards?

- What is the artist trying to say?

- Is there a message in this picture?

- How does it make you feel?

- What would you like to say to the artist if you met him/her?


Why don't you take a look at the paintings below and think about these questions yourself?


Using these as inspiration, children then created their own pictures using a variety of materials, including: fabric, lollipop sticks, crayons, coloured pens, coloured pencils, sequins, netting, tissue paper, crepe paper, sellotape, glue and scissors.

Take a look at some of our fantastic creations below and use the 'I see, I notice, I wonder' questions to discuss our artwork with a family member at home.
Computing & Coding
During Autumn 2, we will be developing our coding skills in our computing lessons. We have begun our learning by recapping how to make objects disappear when they are clicked using some key coding vocabulary, such as 'icon' and 'function box'.
Following this, pupils will learn how to make things happen in a sequence, creating simple animations and simulations. Watch this space!
Autumn 1 maths in Class 3NS
Over the last seven weeks, we have concentrated on number and place value, including: counting in different steps (2, 3, 5, 4, 8, 50 and 100) forwards and backwards; finding 1, 10 or 100 more or less than a given number; recognising the place value of two-digit and three-digit numbers; comparing and ordering numbers using and = symbols and identifying, representing and estimating numbers in different ways. We used lots of different practical resources to help us, such as dienes, Numicon and counters.
Take a look at an example of some of the place value learning that has taken place to help us with our understanding of number. Parents, if you're not sure about some of the problems and methods to solve, then ask your child to go through them and explain to you.
Football skills & drills
In PE we have been practising our football skills - keeping control of the ball, passing and receiving the ball. Can you practise these skills and drills at home with your family?
Book Fair
Today, we had the chance to get a sneak peak at the Book Fair and look through some of the fabulous books available to buy next week. We enjoyed finding books by some of our favourite authors, looking at books of interest to us and sharing books with our friends.
Visit from The Cornish Studies Library
Today, Ian from the Cornish Studies Library came in to our class to share his knowledge and show us documents about mining in Cornwall. We found out lots of interesting information about families and children who worked in the mines; the accident that happened at Levant Mine; the jobs of people who worked in and around the mines and much more!
Here are some of the fascinating facts that we found out:
Marisa's fascinating fact - If a mine didn't have a man engine (a lift), then it could take up to an hour to climb down to the bottom of the mine with a ladder.
Kyron's fascinating fact - Children of our age (8 years old) would have been working in the mines 150 years ago.
Samuel's fascinating fact - Their source of light was a candle, which was dangerous because they had to use gunpowder in the mine.
Harry's and Dakota's fascinating fact - The Levant Mining Disaster happened on Monday 20th October and killed 31 miners due to the man engine breaking down.
Art in Class 3NS
This afternoon, we completed our Aztec clay suns. We enjoyed the process of shaping, carving patterns, sealing, painting and glazing. We are really pleased with the results.
Visit from Geevor Tin Mine
Today, we met Clint, from Geevor Tin Mine. As part of a workshop, we learnt more about what life was like for a miner through photographs, objects and artefacts, and we even tried on some clothing that the miners would have worn. It was a very interesting morning.
 Fruit smoothies
Today, Christian, Lucas and Thomas visited Tesco with Mrs Croxford to buy ingredients for a fruit smoothie that they had designed. When they returned to school, they prepared the fruit using the skills of peeling, chopping and slicing before adding them to a blender. Once blended, they had the great job of taste testing. The verdict - "yummy", "delicious" and "tasty".
Mexican launch day
Today, we had our launch day where we dressed in colours of the Mexican flag (green, white and red) and experienced a carousel of activities throughout the morning, including: learning Spanish; researching information about Mexico to create a fact file; practising our chopping, slicing and cooking skills to make fajitas and carrying out some map work to understand more about the location of Mexico in the World. During the afternoon, we continued with our Mexican artwork with Miss Price. As you can see from the photographs, we learnt lots and had lots of fun!
Despite the fact that we have only been back in school for a few weeks, we have been lucky enough to have some Mexican visitors, who the children were able to ask questions to and share their wonderful homework.
Holiday homework
Over the summer, lots of the children completed amazing projects about Mexico and mining. Well done to all the children who took part and thank you to all the families that supported the children with this.