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Today, we made our craft for the summer fayre! We decorated plastic sweet jars using a range of different materials. 
We planned our summer craft this morning. 
Sports Day
This afternoon, KS2 had their sports day!
Today, we had a sponsored run to raise money for our two chosen charities- Cancer Research and Cornwall Hugs Grenfell. 
This morning, we worked in small groups to perform a poem. 
This morning, Mona (who is a Swiss student visiting Pennoweth) talked to us all about her life in Switzerland. 
Today, we had a special guest from Redruth School who came into our class! He did some science with us and we dissected a heart (not a human one).
Thank you Dr.Pidwell.
In science today, we investigated whether the voltage of a cell affects the brightness of a bulb.
We have been discussing how we keep safe online
Key Question
How do you keep safe online at home?
In small groups we created presentations to share our experiences from last week. Half of the groups shared about their time on the Isles of Scilly camp and the other half shared about studying Shakespeare and Macbeth! 
Key Question
Have you read or seen any of Shakespeare's famous plays?
Isles of Scilly Camp!
10-14th June 2019
Today is the 75th anniversary of D Day.
In class, we talked about the impact of this day during WW2 and for the world today.
We then each designed our own D Day medals to celebrate this key historical event. 
Today is World Environment Day! 
We discussed the importance of looking after our world and for all being responsible in our own way. Then, we designed persuasive posters to persuade others to look after our planet!
Can you recycle at home? Or can you make a small change at home to help protect our planet?
Yesterday, we had Mr Seth; he was very energetic and very entertaining!
Mr Seth you are an amazing governor to our school. Also, you are a great story teller and singer.
 SATs Week!
Over this week, the year 6s have had their SATS!!! Everyone was calm, positive and tried their best! 
We are all so proud of the Year 6s!
Each morning, the year 5s took part in some activities, such as: Forest School, art and maths/English.
Well done to all of the Year 5s too! 
Miss Bray has made lots of mindfulness tags for us to choose from.
We can choose a tag and then look at it during the day to remind us to believe in ourselves.
Can you explain and share your tags with someone at home?
We have written words of encouragement for our Year 6s as they have their SATs next week. 
Can you try and say something encouraging or positive to a Year 6 each day next week?
We are really enjoying our swimming lessons so far this term! 
Next in English, we are going to write biographies.
Key question
Have you ever read a biography before? 
Wow- 5/6MD have earned all of their class ticks again! 
Wow, as always, we are so impressed by the amazing homework projects! Thank you to all of the 5/6 children and parents for your super effort. 
Over the Easter break, Cassie made her very own volcano. Yesterday afternoon, she even made it erupt for us all! 
5/6MD Class Assembly 
5/6MD Swimming Sessions
After Easter, 5/6MD will have their swimming sessions on the dates shown below:
23, 30 April,  7 14 21 May,  4,11,18,25 June  and  2,9,16 July
Your child will need to bring a swimming costume and towel with their name and class clearly labelled and the amount payable will be £4.00 per week.
The children are very much looking forward to their swimming sessions! 
Saffie has completed her Easter homework early and showed us her amazing volcano today! 
During topic, we discussed the differences between qualities and skills and considered our own strengths.
Key Question
What skills and qualities do you need for your dream job?
In PE today, we developed our tennis, netball and football skills!
Our next writing genre is formal letter writing. Today, we found some useful phrases and vocabulary that will help us with our writing! 
During science, we have been planning our own scientific investigation.
First, we sat down and checked our resting pulse. Next, we walked around the AstroTurf. We did the same for: jumping,running and skipping! Then we compared our pulse afterwards to our resting pulse!
Can you complete some exercise at home that gets your heart pumping?
We had the chance to look around the Book Fair this morning! 
Today, we visited a planetarium! 
Today, we used highlighters and a key to find the features of a balanced argument. 
To celebrate World Book Day, we enjoyed having the chance to pair read with the Reception children. 
World Book Day 2019! 
'Our Class Shines!'
Today, we solved some tricky, algebra problems! 
Can you teach a friend or family member to simplify an algebraic expression at home?
We have earned all of our class ticks so can now vote for our class treat! 
We have researched WW2 propaganda posters and have designed our own super examples!
Key Question
What was the purpose of propaganda posters in WW2?
This is our 'Fred the friendship box'!
Today, we have been using a range of sources to help us discuss and write about whether Britain was winning the War during WW2 or not.
Key Question
Why are different sources such an important part of historical evidence?
We have been discussing the importance of being kind with our actions and words.
We also made some friendship posters. Here are some examples! 
Key Question
Why is it so important to be kind to others and ourselves?
Today, we ordered the events from early WW2.
We also had maps of the world and we had to colour in the axis and allies.
Can you name the axis and allies from WW2?
On Busy Things, we enjoyed working in pairs to write a letter home (pretending we were William Beech!)
We began planning our diary entries today! 
To help us with our diary writing, we acted out some scenes from Goodnight Mr. Tom.
Can you describe a scene from the film to a family member of friend?
Today we have been learning about internet safety.
Remember you don’t know who’s on the other side of the screen so always be careful online and talk to a trusted adult if you feel uncomfortable.
Can you design your own e-safety poster?
We are currently studying diaries so today we read an example text and identified the features. 
During our WW2 launch day, we had to write a code that would make a helicopter move! 
World War Two Launch Day!
This is our evacuee teacher and her students ready to evacuate!
Today was our topic launch day. We all dressed up as evacuees as our topic this term is World War Two.
We participated in lots of fun activities, such as: drama and coding and watched the film, 'Goodnight Mister Tom'.
W/b 7/1/19
Our SPaG focus this week is semi-colons.
Here’s some children's work and an e.g Mum said I couldn’t play;I had to eat lunch first.
Can you use semi-colons correctly in your writing?
Today in PE, we played Capture the Flag Cops and Robbers.
Wow! We are so impressed by all of the amazing homework- linked to our World War Two topic- for this term.
A huge thank you to all of the children and parents for their super effort! 
Today, we performed our Carol Concert to our families and friends.
We sang four Christmas Carols and some children read some of their own Christmas poems as well as readings from the Bible.
The parents were really supportive and seemed to really enjoy it! 
Today, we had our school Christmas dinner! We each decorated a Christmas hat to celebrate and wore them to the lunch. 
Try and make your own Christmas hat at home!
In our class, we have a Christmas postbox that we put presents and cards in each day. Then the elves in our class hand them out. They are: Brooke, Abigail and Molly. Our Santa is Aidan.
Can you make your own Christmas postbox at home?
Today we had a Christmas Fun Run in Christmas jumpers and hats! Every one had fun!!
Can you try and run for 20 minutes or more at least twice a week?
We had a lovely afternoon at our Christingle service.We all got to watch the Church’s drama performance as well as sing Christmas carols.
Some of us even had the opportunity to have our Christingles lit!
At the end we were kindly given refreshments, including: juice and biscuits.
Today, we each made a Christingle ready for the Christingle Church service tomorrow. The christingle is made of: an orange (this represents the world),4 cocktail sticks (this represents 2 things the 
Wow- 5/6MD have earned all of their class ticks again for being so focused during lessons and for always working together so well as a team.
They'll now be able to vote for their class treat! 
After school,today, we had our Christmas fair! We where making Christmas posters. we had 1 hour to make them and we had to also make a game called Pin The Carrot On The Snowman. 
Today was Science Day and we were learning all about teeth! We discussed the different types of teeth and their function. We then labelled the teeth and coloured the teeth in different colours (as seen below.)
Can you compare human teeth to the teeth of different animals?
What are the similarities/differences?
Each morning, we watch and take part in a Go Noodle video! 
We all participate in guided dances where we improve our co-ordination, body awareness and motor skills! 
W/b 26/11/18
Over the week we have been making posters about fixed mindset and growth mindset. Fixed mindset means that you give up and don’t try again and growth mindset means that you bounce back and try, try again until you get it right!
Can you try and make a growth vs fixed mindset poster at home?
Today, was Enterprise Day! We each brought some sweet treats for our Christmas fair!
Brand new,classroom books!
In October, we were lucky enough to have a book fair which is held every year. The money that is raised from it is split between all classes. Each class this year got £78 to spend on lovely, new books!
We managed to buy 7 books this year! Here are some of the books we bought, e.g Tom Gates, Oliver Twist and many other amazing books.
These are Mrs Gaskins' top mathematicians challenges.
Ask Mrs Gaskin for one or more and see if you can solve them! 
Here is our RE work that we have been working on. We have been learning about the fruits of spirit and have been making posters using: paints, wax crayons, pens and other great resources. Each fruit has its own characteristic, such as: peace, joy, kindness, goodness and other good thoughts.
Try and make your own poster about the fruits of spirits. Search it up if u need any help with it!
All of 5/6 walked to Redruth cinema to watch 'The Zoo' today!
It was set in Ireland during WW1 and was about a young boy who was determined to save the baby elephant - it was even based on a true story. 
Half way through the film mostly everyone was in tears because the film was a bit upsetting but we all enjoyed ourselves and had a great time! 
Today,we finished writing our short horror stories. 
We had to build drama and suspense and include one piece of speech.
Can you write your own short, horror story at home?
Every morning we complete 'Number of the day' which helps us practise some key skills in maths.
There are 3 types of number of the day. After green, they become harder (orange) and even harder- red!!!
See if you can have a go at one at home.
This is our SPAG work - we were learning about homophones (words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings).
We played a game where we had to match the homophone to its correct definition.
e.g. What do you do with your ears? Hear 
How many homophones can you think of?
This is our class ticks chart. Every time we get 100 ticks we get a reward. This helps us to work together and use team bee. During the first half term, we earned our class ticks and we had a vote. Here is what we voted for:
Movie and popcorn/pj party
Capture the flag/pe
We voted and the majority vote was for the movie and popcorn/pj party!!!
This half term we are going to have a 'Health and Well-being week' so we were given a week to design some posters. We had to either make a healthy eating poster, an exercise poster or a healthy teeth poster. They look amazing, don't they?
Try to encourage your child to eat more healthy foods, do more exercise or brush their teeth for 2 minutes or more.
Try and encourage your child to do one of these things for a week!
Today we sketched one of Andy Goldsworthy's sculptures, carefully considering our choice of colour and shape. 
Can you create one of Andy Goldworthy's sculptures at home?
During art lessons, we have been studying the British artist and sculptor, Andy Goldsworthy. The children enjoyed using the Chromebooks to create an interesting fact file about his life and works!
Can you create an Andy Goldsworthy style sculpture at home?
This is our reactive board for reading and maths. We add our name onto the board if we need more support in our learning. A teacher will then take you out in the afternoon and help you with whatever you are struggling with. Remember, don't be afraid to put your name down.
Can you encourage your child to put their name on the reactive board this week?
We had so much fun on our school trip to Glendurgan gardens!
Our trip was linked to our topic about the rainforest and we even got to enjoy lunch on the beach!
Glendurgan gardens is like the actual rainforest with the tall trees and exotic plants. We even had enough time to explore the mysterious maze and swing on the tall swings as if we were mischievous monkeys swinging branch to branch. (Written by Autumn and Tiara)
Can you explore deep into the forest over half term?
Today, the children used the internet to research a rainforest animal of their choice. The children had to then select facts about its diet, habitat and appearance to create their own interesting fact file. 
The children began writing their brilliant, setting descriptions of a rainforest today. We are so impressed by how well they have used particular features to create a clear image in the reader's mind. 
We loved visiting the book fair today where we had the chance to chose and enjoy our favourite book for a little while! The children were immersed in their reading- super! 
Today, we used our senses to explore the jungle area (in school) to help develop our ambitious vocabulary, ready for our descriptive writing of the rainforest. The children produced some incredible phrases and similes!  
During the past couple of art lessons, the children have been developing their pencil sketching skills by sketching a toucan. We were so impressed by their focus and attention to detail. They look amazing!
Wow- what a treat on a Monday morning! Two of our kind and thoughtful girls, Brooke and Molly, baked us some delicious cookies over the weekend.
In geography, we identified the seven continents and five oceans of the world. We focused on the continent of South America in particular, as it links to our current continent, 'The Rainforest'. 
To celebrate Roald Dahl Day, the children designed their very own dream jars! We discussed and shared our goals and aspirations for the future and it's great to see that the children are aiming so high! 
Today in class, we explored the question, 'What makes a good friend?' The children enjoyed working in small groups to each produce their own, unique posters. We discussed the qualities of a good friend and even wrote acrostic poems about friendship! 
Wow- we are so impressed by all of the super, rainforest projects that the children have created! 
Thank you to all of the families who supported with these over the summer. 
This is our learning wall. We use this to show what we have learned over the past term. We have maths and English walls. Also there are rules for the classroom. We play but respect the rules of the classroom.
Try and help yourself or your family to become more confident in one of these subjects.
This is our confident wall- we hope you enjoy it!!!
We use this wall to help us remember what we are capable of and what we can do. We also use this wall for looking up to others. We have drawn our selves to show we are all different but unique in are own way. Also, to show what we can do.(Written by Aidan and Brooke)
Try and make your own confident wall at home.
Our year 6s have CGP books which contain ten minute tests to help us to get ready for SATS!!!!
These also help us to remember and recap what we have learnt over the half term.
The CGP books are:English, Maths and Grammar Punctuation and Spelling.