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 We hope that you enjoy seeing our learning develop and progress throughout the year!
 Please take a look at our curriculum letters below to find out more about our broad and balanced curriculum, online safety and homework expectations.
See our Autumn and Spring curriculum letters below.
5.7.19 - Summer Fair!
When? Friday 12th July 2019
Come and buy the children's fantastic carnival masks for only £1.50!
2.7.19 - The Solar System!
This morning, we worked in pairs to learn the names of the planets and their order. We also used iPads and fact files to discover lots of new facts about each planet. We learnt a rhyme to help us remember the order of the planets: My Very Enthusiastic Mother Just Served Us Noodles!
We also listened to a great Solar System Rap which was a helpful way to remember the order of the planets. Take a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHAqT4hXnMw

The heart and circulatory system

On 26th June 2019, the children had a fantastic science lesson with a science teacher from Redruth School called Dr Pidwell.


The children learnt about the function of the heart and also how the heart works by looking at labelled diagrams. The children also learnt lots of scientific vocabulary such as: valves, veins, artery and ventricle. The highlight of the lesson was the practical activity, the children worked in pairs to dissect a heart.

21.6.19 - On Thursday 20th of June 5/6PB and some of 5/6MW's children composed and performed a piece of music to mirror a video of a cheetah hunting a gazelle. We explored and used various instruments such as: tamberines, xylophones and rainmakers.
In the afternoon, we drew our own pictures of the cheetah running - we tried to show the fast movements of the cheetah sprinting at full speed.The music was quiet and started to escalate to a very loud noise, but the pieces of music matched with the video clip very well.
Written by Joseph and Grace.
17. 6.19 - Art week at St. Andrews Church.
On Monday, sixty children in Years Five and Six attended a wonderful event at St. Andrews Church. We listened to a beautiful choir, watched some fantastic air dancers in amazement and admired artwork created by local school children. Additionally, we enjoyed exploring some arts and crafts activities all based on the theme of 'Look Up'. We all had a lovely morning and most of us took away paper airplanes or hot air balloon crafts. 
7.06.19 - This week, we had an excellent French lesson in 5/6PB with Mrs Rawet!
During the lesson, we made finger puppet birds to help us to make a French poem more intriguing. We made our puppets out of following items: sugar paper, coloured paper, feathers, tissue paper, cloth and glue. We all learnt the poem off by heart in french and then we practised in smaller groups outside in the jungle area. 
Additionally, we listened to a French, catchy song about a round balloon called "Ballon Rond". The whole class stood in a huge circle and every time we heard the word "Ballon", we had to pass a teddy bear on to the next person.
On the morning of Tuesday 21st May we had a visit from Mr Seth...
As a class we were so excited to be able to enjoy his wonderful guitar-playing, and join in with his songs and stories. We could tell Mr Seth has practised these stories a lot because he told them so well.
In Harley's opinion the best parts were the Scottish folk tale and the, ever popular, 'Bog song'!
Ivy agreed that the Bog song was her favourite as she enjoyed joining in and her favourite story was the tale of the Crazy King trying to find a wife.
Miss Bray's favourite part was the return of Denzil, the stupidest boy in Cornwall, and this was proven when she acted out some of the scenes during playtime.
5/6PB want to say a big THANK YOU to Mr Seth for spending his morning with us!
Well done!
17.5.19 - A massive well done to all the amazing year 6 children who all tried their absolute best during SATs week. The children were resilient, positive and calm. We are so proud of you all. 
Thank you for all the delicious cakes and goodies too! It made the week extra special. 
Keleigh wrote these lovely and encouraging messages to herself and her peers - How kind and thoughtful!
SATs information for Year 6's!
Here is a timetable of the dates and tests. 
Year 6's you have all worked so hard! You are so ready and prepared for these tests - remember to believe in yourselves and keep calm.
We are all here to encourage and support you! :)
Monday 13th May - Spelling and Grammar papers (2)
Tuesday 14th May - Reading paper (1)
Wednesday 15th May - Arithmetic and Reasoning (2)
Thursday 16th May - Reasoning (1)
Our fantastic Glendurgan trip! During our trip we explored the beautiful gardens, visited the exciting maze and the super-fun Giant's Stride rope swing. In the afternoon, we had our lunch on the beach and enjoyed skipping stones, finding shells and exploring the beach.
24.4.19 - Our science topic has begun! This term we're going to be exploring various science topics and carrying out experiments by working scientifically.
Over the Easter holidays, the children were given some options of projects to design, create and build. Some children have built erupting volcano models, some have designed solar system sculptures and others have created posters! The children have loved sharing their projects with their peers. Jacob even did a demonstration outside with the class to show how his volcano model exploded with the help of baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar.
A huge thank you to all the children and families who have worked so hard to make these fantastic projects! :)
3.4.19 - Since January, 5/6PB have been going to Truro leisure centre for swimming lessons every Tuesday afternoon. Most children remembered their kits - well done! Some of the children in the shallow area of the pool, developed their swimming skills and confidence in the water. Some of the children in the deeper end of the pool, practised how to do different jumps into the pool and also improved their swimming techniques. Additionally, some of them had one session where they wore their clothes into the pool to develop their water safety skills.
All the children have worked extremely hard on their swimming skills!
Written by 5/6PB :)
25.3.19 - On Thursday 21st of March, we had an interesting experience at Pennoweth Pizzeria. We thought that the pizzeria was meant to be a "five-star" establishment - as mentioned in the reviews. However, we were proven incorrect. It turned out to be a horrendous experience! It was appalling because the rude manager had carelessly put her feet on the table, the pizzas were burnt and the staff (who were called Maria and Marco) were not being careful and chucking the food around the pizzeria. 
We are now writing letters of complaint to Rosa Bruno-Maritti (the manager of Pennoweth Pizzeria). 
By all of 5/6PB!
13.3.19 - This afternoon we had a whole tech afternoon and we had three different activities. The activities were programming BlueBots, coding on Scratch and exploring a new app called Quiver which is where you colour a picture and you can scan it and it will come to life in 3D. Luckily, we all had a go on all three activities and towards the Miss Blight asked you what activity we wanted to do for the rest of the time and the BlueBots were the most popular. We had so much fun!
By Max, Chloe and Penny
Online safety 
To ensure your children stay safe when using the internet, you can encourage them to search using this child friendly site: https://www.kiddle.co/ 
Are you looking for further advice and tips to help keep your child safe online? Take a look and discuss this video with your child at home: https://www.bbc.com/ownit/its-personal/when-you-see-something-scary-online
During our RE lesson, we have been focusing on Sikhism and Christianity. We have learnt about what makes these religions special, unique and different. We have been able to make comparisons between the two religions and focus on similarities and differences. 
Safer Internet Day 2019!
On Tuesday 5th February it was Safer Internet Day! The day was celebrated globally with the theme: Together for a better internet. Children in 5/6PB participated in an online safety quiz in two teams. The children had to discuss scenarios as a group and then give select the most appropriate and safest advice. We had lots of in depth discussions regarding each scenario.
 For further information about how to keep your children safe online, take a look on the website below. There is a lot of information and advice for parents and carers. https://www.saferinternet.org.uk/
Take a look at some of the children's amazing work below!
1.2.19 - During English, we have been writing diary entries inspired by Goodnight Mr Tom. We have been writing our diaries from the perspective of William Beech, a 9 year old evacuee in World War Two. We watched the film and did some drama. We wrote about four separate parts 1:The train journey 2: The billeting officer 3: Meeting Mr Tom 4: Eating the food. Next, we went back to our work and edited and improved it using a success criteria (self assess and peer assess).
Written by Kiera J and Keiron K
22.1.19  - Every Monday at Code Club we do lots of exciting things like SCRATCH! We use Raspberry Pi (Pie) projects to create games and animations. We love Scratch and some of the more confident ones like to freestyle. A lovely helper - who works at Raspberry Pi - comes in and helps us out.  Some children even bring in coding books. 
Here is one of the pupils cool creations below.
Written by Jaydn T and Taylor T
18.1.19 - Miss Blight's year 5 maths group challenge!
Challenge: See if you can fill in the missing gaps in this subtraction so that it's correct.
16.1.19                       World War Two launch day!
On Monday 14th January, years 5 and 6 participated in a special launch day. Many of the children made a huge effort to dress up as evacuees, some even made gas masks and identity labels to enhance their outfits. During the day, the children all watched Goodnight Mr Tom, participated in a drama workshop, looked at various WW2 sources and even explored some new coding skills. The children and staff had a wonderful time. Thank you to all the families for putting the time and effort into the costumes.
8.1.18 - A huge thank you to all the children and families who have made a tremendous effort with the homework projects focused on World War Two. The children have been so excited to share their models, posters and creations with the class.
Take a look at some of the fantastic homework projects below.
17.12.18 - Christmas homework project!
Due in Monday 7th January 2018. Please see the image below for the project choices.
Have a lovely break, have fun and stay safe, Miss Blight :)
11.12.18 - WOW - I am amazed! We have an outstanding 16 children that have read every day since September. Well done to these children and their adults! Today we celebrated this brilliant achievement, the children even received a special Miss Blight sticker and 15 minutes golden time. This dedication to reading has a massive, beneficial impact on the children's confidence, stamina and comprehension skills so thank you!
Additionally, thank you to the whole class as well as everyone has been making a huge effort to try and read daily.
TOP TIP TO PARENTS AND CARERS - Remember to ask some questions about the text such as: How do you think the character is feeling? or What might happen next? or What does that word mean? 
11.12.18 - Mindfulness is about children being able to take a break from everyone and think about your self. Mrs Gaskin and Miss Bray run mindfulness every Wednesday afternoon. They each take out a group, Mrs Gaskin's group is more social and Miss Bray's has more activities like: colouring, reading a story that Miss Bray makes and we colour in tags that we get each week on how you have been feeling in the week.
The learning mentor room is in the middle of construction and is being  changed into our mindfulness room. Last week, all of the mindfulness  children got together and made poster to jazz up the room! Also a few children made their own poster at home.
4.12.18 - This afternoon we have been learning about the parts of Christingles and making Christingles for the service on Thursday 6th of December 2018. Here are some facts about the Christingle: Originally the Christingle was a candle with a red ribbon around the candle, ever since 1747 till 1986 when the new Christingle was made. Do you know the meaning of the Christingle?
28.11.18 - TEETH DAY!
Today, all three 5/6 classes participated in a teeth day where we all learnt new and exciting facts about our teeth and also how to look after them properly. In 5/6PB we labelled a diagram with the different types of teeth and discussed their functions. During the afternoon, we made some interesting instructions for a child about how to keep your teeth clean and sparkly. We worked with a partner and used the Chromebooks to find out more top tips!
Challenge - Can you name the different types of teeth?
23.11.18 - Today is ENTERPRISE DAY! All of the school have made cool creations - for the Christmas fair. 5/6PB have made creative Christmas trees/hats decorations with lolly sticks. So far we've painted lollipop sticks with funky colours and will add extra details next week. Here are some of are creations below.
26.11.18 - We have now added our decorations such as: buttons, pom poms and cotton wool. Take a look below!
16.11.18 - Today, was our class assembly we were all very excited, Miss Blight and Miss Bray said we were all very confident. We got loads of compliments in Bob the bin about the assembly from the parents. Alot of parents came to see our class assembly which was a masterpiece. Mr Adams even said that the other classes will need to step up their game when it's their assembly. Also a big thank you everyone who came including: families, teachers and the other children.  
15.11.18 - In 5/6PB we often practise our times tables through written practise, chanting and online games such as Hit the Button. Copy the link below to try it: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button
Today, Mason independently wrote out some of his times tables and corresponding division facts in preparation for the times table challenge! Well done Mason.
6.11.18 - At the end of the day, Ollie shared our class novel 'The Explorer' and confidently read out loud to the whole class on Miss Blight's comfortable, red chair! Ollie read with enthusiasm and expression, especially when a character was talking. Well done Ollie.
2.11.18 - Yesterday, in Mrs Gaskin's year 6 maths group, we attempted a very complicated challenge. In the challenge you had to subtract the previous number (from the box) by 100 and then divide the answer by 2, except for the first box. In the first box you had to do the inverse, so you had to times 40 by 2 and then take the answer away from 100. This is only one of the complicated tasks we were given during the lesson.
Challenge: Can you have a try?
1.11.18 - This week, our English has been focused on the haunted image below to create a short, horror story. We have been exploring ambitious adjectives to describe the setting as well as using a variety of sentence lengths to build and create suspense. Some children have even been using one word sentences to engage the reader such as: Bang! or Crash!
Challenge: Can you think of three exciting adjectives to describe the image?
19.10.18 - Today during English, all three classes got together to share and celebrate their recent entry into their progress books. The hall was filled with excited children proudly reading their work to a partner. What amazing progress the children have made already!
Have a lovely half term and stay safe, Miss Blight 
17.10.18 - We are going to write this post from Bob`s perspective.
Howdy everyone! It`s me Bob and I live in 5/6PB on Miss Blight`s desk. Once a week, I get filled with charming compliments written by my wonderful class family about one special person. After that, Miss Blight shares the compliments with the whole class and the children ask "how do you feel?" The lucky child that receives the compliments can take them home. 
10.10.18 - Earlier in the day,we discussed some online safety scenarios in teams. We decided to create our own team names:Code Crackers and Tech nerds! In our teams we had to decide on a correct answer and explain the reasons why.
8.10.18 - Well done 5/6PB, we've earnt our first class reward! This afternoon, we'll fairly vote on what reward we would all like. Keep working hard!
5.10.18 - This week we have been working on our setting descriptions about the Amazon rainforest. We've completed our planning sheets and now we are on t the exciting part of writing it! We are all trying to include ambitious adjectives, onomatopoeia and alliteration.
Max's super sentence is - I calmly ventured into the emerald-green rainforest, where I heard the giant pythons hissing for their prey.
Challenge: Can you ask your child to tell you what onomatopoeia is? Can they give you some examples?
1.10.18 -We all have been researching Andy Goldsworthy as he uses natural resources in his art work. It also links in with our current topic which is the rainforest and is also about natural habitats. So he inspired us to create a tribute to his famous artwork; we went outside and tried our hardest in small groups to create sculptures using natural resources that we found in our 5/6 outdoor play ground.
18.9.18 - WOW! Check out our amazing toucan drawings that we've been working on patiently and calmly during the afternoons. We all loved the activity and respected each other whilst sharing our spectacular pieces of art! Everybody's sketches were different and unique in their own way.
27.9.18 - This morning, 5/6PB explored the jungle area outside by the lower playground. We went on a sensory walk around the jungle area to build upon our ambitious vocabulary for our setting descriptions. Our senses are: smell, taste, sight, touch and sounds. We were able to touch the crunchy, sun-dried leaves and listen to the delightful birds tweeting in the crisp breeze.