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Read Write Inc. Phonics – information for parents


This clip will show you how we teach children to read and write with Read Write Inc. Phonics.
This clip will help you and your child practise the different sounds together at home.



What a super week back after the half-term break. It was fantastic to see everyone coming back so happily and getting back into the routines.
We started off by sharing our holiday news then reading 'Room with a Broom.' We then made our own witches' potions in our cauldron, and thought of some amazing ingredients such as, 'the bones of a dinosaur,' 'eyeballs,' 'dragons' wings.' Then we went on to draw our ingredients and write about them. Fantastic!
In Phonics, we have continued to learn new sounds, blend the sounds together to read and write words. We have enjoyed playing 'Buried Treasure' on our interactive whiteboard to practice. If you would like to do this at home here is the link https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/BuriedTreasure2.html
We have also been using fives frames to explore the number 5 in different ways and the children have loved using the whiteboard to put the counters inside the frames. Fantastic!
We have also been making magic wands and thinking of our own spells as well as apple and pear bobbing!
Our Pupil of the Week is Aela. Well done Aela, it has been brilliant to see you becoming more confident and engaging so well in your learning this week!
It was great to see so many of you for parents' evenings this week. I hope you found it useful. Please can Reception children have their sound cards in their book bags every Friday so that we can add in the next ones. Also, can Year 1s do the same with their keyrings please.
Have a super weekend!
Mrs Morris, Mrs Stephens, Mrs Kellow and Miss Ottinger
What a busy and exciting week we've had this week with our trips to Trevaskis Farm and the cinema. I must say on both of those trips, the childrens' behaviour has been exemplary and they are a real credit to you! At the farm, the children explored different vegetables and saw where they grow. They also saw different animals and enjoyed a treasure hunt. All of the children walked to and from the cinema very sensibly and they enjoyed watching the film. For several, it was their first time of being at the cinema.
This week, we have begun to base our learning around the brilliant picture book, 'FunnyBones,' talking about the setting, characters and making predictions about what may happen next. We will be making our own bones and skeletons next week and will be writing labels for them.
We have been exploring shape this week, identifying 2d shapes, naming them and describing their properties. The children have also been making their own shapes with the peg boards and coloured paper.
Outside, several children have been practising their balancing skills by making obstacle courses with wooden planks and crates. They have also been riding on the bike, hammering nails, weaving, playing in the sandpit with all sorts of spades and containers, and making 'chocolate mint soup' in the mud kitchen with the pestle and mortar and big cauldron. Fantastic!
Our Pupil of the Week this week is Izzy for coming in to school with a smile, eating her lunch and being more settled. Well done, Izzy!
It was great to see some of you at our phonics workshop this week, we hope you found it useful. Our presentation will be available on the blog soon!
This week your child will have received their very first home reading book and diary, a number formation sheet with the rhymes to practise, some great phonics websites and the new sound cards and words to have a go at. Please make a brief comment in their reading diary so we know they have read the book, and if they haven't finished it then we know not to change it. If they have read 5 times over the week, they will have a treat every Friday and a chance to win a prize from our special bag! If you have any questions, please do ask.
What a great week of learning we've had in Reception/Year 1 this week!
Our Pupil of the Week is James. He has had a super week of learning and is coming out of himself more and more! He has also been making some very interesting observations about our sounds, and was incredibly brave when he fell over and hurt his nose in the jungle. Well done, James!
The children have been busy in our Outdoor Learning area this week- a group spent a good hour totally immersed in creating their very own Morrisons shop with café, selling 'kiddies meals' for £100 in paper bags. It was a real joy for me to be included in their imaginary play. They spent time taking turns being customers and workers, making signs and finding a clock to make the opening times. Brilliant!
Other children enjoyed having the PE equipment out, playing tennis with the rackets and balls, dribbling the footballs and playing piggies in the middle! Great development of gross motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination!
Inside, the children have been making all sorts of models with our junk materials, rockets, animals, flowers and were keen to extend our home corner into a den-making area. If you have any big cardboard boxes or tubes from wrapping paper please send them in!
For Literacy, we have continued our learning about FunnyBones by making our own human or dog skeletons and labelling them. The children are continuing to add to their sound knowledge and have been using phoneme frames to build cvc or 3 sound words this week. It's wonderful to see so many children independently reaching for a clipboard and wanting to practise writing! We have all sorts of notes and lists being written during the day.
For Maths this week, we have been building our number knowledge by doubling and halving to 10 and also learning about teens numbers. The children have been very excited to use the rods and diennes to make different teens numbers using 1 ten and various units. Amazing!
Check these games out as the children have played them all this week.
Thank you for supporting our Child in Need Day today, all of the children looked brilliant all dressed up! And thank you for sending in the consent forms for Brighter Smiles, it really will help to keep decay away!
Have a super weekend!
We have had a brilliant week of learning and practising for our Christmas Show!
In our home corner, some of the children expressed an interest in baking so we spent time looking at recipe books, then decided to make our own apple crumble. All of the children have enjoyed going on a Word Hunt and making shopping lists this week! Some have even been making menus. I am so impressed with how they are using their sound knowledge to help with their writing.

Friday 7th December

What a busy and exciting week we’ve had! We began by writing our letters to Santa. Then, the children all had a brilliant time visiting the Sorting Office and they got to post their letters in the post-box. They learnt all about what happens to letters when they get posted and watched a video about ‘Lenny the Letter’ and his journey to Edinburgh. They were even given toy treats by the Post Office and a letter sorter and sack to bring back for school.

We have now made our very own Christmas Post Office and the children are enjoying being the ‘staff’ and ‘customers.’

We have also been really busy practising for our Christmas Show and the children are trying very hard to use their loud voices on the stage. Amazing!

Our Pupil of the Week is Freddie for his super acting and practising for our Show this week! This week we have given out the most Mundia Awards ever and lots of blue cards, so well done! 

Thank you for your support in bringing the costumes in promptly and we really look forward to seeing you on Tuesday or Wednesday for our 9.15am Show.

What a fantastic week we’ve had! We started off the week by reading ‘The Treasure Hunt’ by Nick Butterworth and then the children all went off on their very own treasure hunt around the school. They had to find picture clues which took them from Outside Learning, to the dinner hall, the library, the jungle and up to the adventure playground, where they found the treasure chest full of treasure! They then made their own treasure maps of the hunt, with some very detailed pictures and then wrote sentences to go with them. Fantastic!

In our Maths this week, the children have been developing their subtraction skills. They have been using all sorts of different objects to help them count and calculate, and they have particularly enjoyed the sand tray which has been filled with gems and a treasure chest this week to challenge them in their calculating. Super!

The children have been having fun in Outside Learning this week, and have been showing a particular interest in making pancakes and waterfalls.

Following on from last week’s talk about volcanoes, we have made our own experiment today and the children loved adding the different ingredients to make the lava flow! What amazing vocabulary it produced, ‘splattering, erupting, bubbling!’

Well done to Freddie for being our Pupil of the Week. He has had an amazing week of learning and produced very impressive independent writing!

Friday 25th January 2019

What a super week we’ve had this week! The children have been immersing themselves in our Pirates topic, making flags and signs for our ship. They have produced some fantastic sentences about pirates, and my Year 1s have been using the conjunction ‘because’ to write a super sentence. What wonderful vocabulary too!

We have also been doing time challenges and more learning about subtracting numbers. All of the children can now subtract a smaller from a bigger number to find what is left. They are using small objects to count as well as drawing circles and crossing them out to help them.

In PE this week, we have been developing our co-ordination skills by using hoops to jump and hop in and out of, and practising under arm throws with control. The children are showing amazing concentration and listening which results in a really focused PE session. Wonderful!

We have decided to go ‘Around the World’ as pirates and have started learning about the 7 continents of the world. We began with Europe this week, and have been learning about France. On Wednesday next week, we will have a French breakfast. Please can I ask for a 50p donation to go towards the food costs.

Our Pupil of the Week this week is Oli for an amazing week of learning. She has shown great thinking about numbers and is making links in her learning. Super!



Friday 1st February 2019

This week has been a busy and exciting week with unexpected snow fun on Thursday for the children!

We have been learning about the features of sentences this week, unscrambling sentences and making sure the capital letter is at the beginning, each word has finger spaces and there is a full stop at the end.

The children were very excited about our French breakfast on Wednesday! They enjoyed tasting baguette, croissants, brioche and chocolat chaud! They learnt some new French phrases and practised with each other asking ‘ca va?’’how are you?’ and answering with ca va bien, ca ne va pas bien or comme ci comme ca! They are all used to saying ‘bonjour’ now and they all said ‘merci’ when they had their breakfast. Tres bien!

We built on our subtraction this week by using the number line to jump backwards and then finished the week with some problem solving. I was very impressed with their recordings, which show how much they have learnt and understood.

We will be having a real push on reading over the next few weeks as I would love for everyone to be on our Friday Reading Sweep. On Monday, I have asked the children to bring in a favourite book from home that they would like to read and share with us, and the adults will be joining in by bringing in their own books. I feel that it is hugely important to role model a love for reading and it is my mission to ensure that children have a love of books and reading from a young age. If you have any spare time and would like to come in and read a story with the children, please let me know!

Our Pupil of the Week is Oskar! He has such a brilliant attitude to his learning and never gives up. He always has a smile on his face and his English has come on in leaps and bounds. Well done Oskar!

Friday 8th March 2019
A big thank you to you all for supporting your child with World Book Day this week. We were really impressed with all the costumes and there were some brilliant homemade ones this year, which was wonderful!
Also, thank you for sending in so many delicious cakes for our cake sale. We raised £170 to go towards Reception and Yr 1's Golden Time activities and other class resources.
Have a look at the photos attached and ask your child to tell you about them!
Our Pupil this week is Jacob for his brilliant attitude to learning.
Keep listening to your child read their home reading book and encourage them to spot those 'tricky words.'
22nd March 2019
This week, we have continued our learning about Growing. Some of the children have been particularly interested in how cities grow so we have been looking at old photographs of Redruth and comparing them with now. I have also been talking to them about my experiences of living in Dubai and showing them pictures of how that changed over the years. From a desert to how it is now! We had some interesting comments like, 'that is nobody's land,' 'it has no shops, or trees or apples.'
In Literacy, we have been re-telling the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' with our own actions and those based on Pie Corbett's work. We have also sequenced the story and can recognise the 3 parts to a story.
In Maths, we have been exploring length using non-standard units such as the Giant's foot print and our own. We have also explored weight and the children have been using the language, such as heavier, lighter, lightest.We have also been making and recognising when groups are equal, using hot cross buns and bananas to help us!
Our role play area has now been transformed into an irresistible doctor's surgery and the children are absolutely loving spending time in there. They are dressing up and taking turns to be doctor and patient. There is fantastic learning going on every day!
Our Pupil of the week is Blaise - for his brilliant thinking about number and for being able to Fred talk in his head. Well done!
Please send in your slips and money for our trip to Trevaskis Farm (Reception children) if you haven't already.
Here is what the children have been busy doing this week..
Friday 17th May 2019
We had a brilliant time at Redruth library this week and I hope your child has enjoyed sharing their book with you. Thank you for sending them back to school today. Miss Kettle and I will be returning the books and any application forms next week so please do fill in the form and send it back by Monday 20th. We will not be doing another class library trip this term.
We have been learning about Minibeasts this term, and this week we were very excited as our caterpillars arrived!
The children made a vote to turn our role play into a Bug Headquarters and we have had fun investigating bugs, wearing masks and reading information books.
We have been learning about caterpillars and drawing and writing about them.
In Maths this week, we have been investigating and naming 2D and 3D shapes.
We are making a 3D Shape Museum in our class. Please support your child to notice 3D shapes when you are out and about. Can I ask that each child brings in one 3D shape from home to go display in our museum next week please? This could be any type of empty packaging.
Next Friday 24th May, to celebrate our learning about Minibeasts, we will be having a 'Bug Ball.' We would like to invite the children to come into school wearing their own clothes and we will be making hats and masks to dress up in. A letter has gone out with ideas for 'Bug food' so please can you send in a plate of food for your child to share on Friday morning.
Our Pupil of the Week is William for brilliant inside learning this week. He built a super pyramid out of lego and is always eager to jump into his learning! Fantastic!
Dear Parents,
I just wanted to say a big Thank You to you all for your thoughtful presents and heartfelt words today. It really has been a wonderful year and I will miss each of the children as well as you too! Thank you for your continued support over the year(s), it really does make such a difference.
Have a brilliant summer with lots of fun and enjoy every moment with your child being the age they are right now, as it really is a special age!
Please pop in for a chat next year- my door is always open.
Warmest wishes,