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Why do we love Art at Pennoweth?



What will my child experience through Art at Pennoweth?
What Art knowledge will my child learn at Pennoweth?
What sort of Art language will my child learn at Pennoweth?
What do Pennoweth's children think about Art?
Nylah in Reception says, "Art is great because you can paint nice pictures and draw things and make things and bring them home to show your mummy and daddy them and make your house look nice."
Joshua in Year 2 says, "Painting makes me feel calm and happy."
Gracie in Year 3 says, "I like art because I like painting, especially flowers. I also like drawing pictures of animals."
Maddie in Year 3 says, "I like mixing colours to get different shades, like I did on my Newlyn piece of Art."
Kai in Year 4 says, "I love art as I love drawing and being creative. I really liked it when we designed Christmas cards and mine was even chosen for the competition!"
What does Art look like at Pennoweth?
Foundation Stage
Years 1 & 2
Years 3 & 4
Years 5 & 6
Useful Art websites and links
A really useful website with links to famous artists and games and fun quizzes.
The resources on this website are targeted at different ages from 4 to adult, for use at home and schools. Subject areas include, sculpture, colour, installation, art, drawing and photography.
This is the online home of every UK public art collection. The site is fully searchable and you can search by topic, such as 'Dreams.'
A fun website from the BBC. It has interactive games, facts about famous artists, things to make and do. You can send in your questions.
A very interesting site if you want to find out about Impressionist painters and their paintings.
You can experiment here with space and colour in accordance with the theories of Piet Mondrian.
Discover everything you would like to find out about the famous art gallery in Paris.
Discover everything about this famous London art gallery.
Offers dozens of cartoons to print and colour, and colouring books with pictures that you can colour online. Also includes graphic step-by-step instructions on how to draw cartoons, online games you can play, and crafts.