Summer Term

We were very excited to visit Redruth Library. We had been learning about jungles in the Nursery and had created clay jungle animals and jungle masks.  We also made special jungle hats which we wore to the Library. The children shared lots of jungle stories with Sarah the Librarian and we sang songs and danced. We then looked at all the different books which we could borrow.  Following on from our visit to the Library, Penny’s Daddy brought in their python for the children to look at and we learnt lots of interesting facts and information about pythons.


We have been busy planting pumpkins, potatoes and carrots and have been carefully weeding and watering.  They have  been growing so much that we are nearly ready to dig up our potatoes and give to Mrs Williams to cook. 

Our potatoes are now ready! Look at the photo below to see them. 

Spring Term

After reading the text, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, the children decided that they wanted to learn more about bears.  We researched lots of different types of bears, where they live and what they ate.  We then created a Park Ranger’s Hut in the Nursery and went for trips with our backpacks, looking for different types of bears indoors and outside.  Using clay, we made dens for the bears to live in.  We then brought in our own bears from home to show and talk about.  The children were very pleased to make some honey sandwiches which they enjoyed eating!


Last term we learnt about all the different people who help us.  We were visited by a Police Community Support Officer who talked about his role and also how to stay safe when we are crossing the road.  We also had a visit from a Health Visitor who showed us how to weigh and measure babies and then we were very lucky to have a visit from Tolvaddon Fire Station. The firemen showed us how all the equipment on the fire engine worked and we even got a chance to dress up in the special clothes and use the powerful hose. We wrote a letter to the Fire Station to thank them for bringing the fire engine to school.  

Autumn Term

The Nursery children thoroughly enjoyed cooking apple crumble with Janet our Catering Manager.  After the apples had been peeled and cooked, we carefully placed the cooked apples into our own bowls.  We then sprinkled crumble mixture on the top.  The apple crumbles were soon ready to go into the oven.  We even got to taste some crumble whilst ours were cooking!

The children were delighted when the crumbles were ready to come out of the oven. It was lovely to cook and eat our own apples from the Nursery orchard which we have been busy watching grow. 


Last term in the Nursery we decided to learn about toys.  The children were excited to bring in their favourite toys to talk about and share with their friends.  We learnt about traditional toys and modern toys.  We then decided to create our own toy shop in the Nursery.  The children helped to decorate and build the toy shop by making shelves, posters and price tags. We even had a grand opening ceremony where a ribbon was cut.  The children were able to visit the toy shop and buy a selection of different toys.  Our shop keepers became very skilled at dealing with their customers, working out prices and re stocking the shelves.

The children have also started working on their growing patch in the garden.  They removed the weeds and large stones and then they turned over the earth ready for planting.  The children carefully dug some trenches to place their carrot seeds in and watered them.  We have also been preparing some potato seeds in the class room and filled a growing bag with compost to place the potatoes in.  We are going to grow some more potatoes in a special harvester which we have prepared so that we can check on how the potatoes are growing and pick our crop hopefully in three months’ time.                    

Summer Term

Trip to Tesco in Redruth

We have been learning about different foods which keep us healthy and the Nursery went on an outing to visit the Tesco store in Redruth.  The children got to wear special tabards on their tour around the shop.   The staff, parents and children had a wonderful time seeing lots of different fruits, vegetables and cheeses.  The children thoroughly enjoyed looking at the teeth on a rainbow trout, the tiger markings on the mackerel, looking at the dough ready to make hot cross buns and popping pea pods. One of the children said, “This is my best day ever!”  Christine at Tesco even sent us back to school with goody bags and a large box of fruit and seeds.  We are going to make our own Tesco’s store in the Nursery and the trip has given us lots of ideas so you may want to come and visit!

We have used some of the fruit which Tesco have given to us to make some fruit kebabs which the children enjoyed eating at snack time. 

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