Young Women
Young women’s group provides social time for the year six girls and the children decide what activity they would like to do. Pupils can bring their own music, films and technology (as long as they are school appropriate) and have fun with their friends.
Staff members offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities throughout the year.  Below are listed a selection of clubs, not all of these run all year. For a current list please click on the link – 2015-2016 Overview to see the full range of clubs that are available. There is also information about some of the clubs that the school offers below so please take a look. If you are interested in joining a club, then please contact the school office for a permission slip.
Gymnastics club is run by Mrs Alcock, who is a qualified Level 1 gymnastics coach.
Children have fun exploring different skills on different pieces of apparatus, such as: the floor mats, benches, ropes, rope ladders and climbing equipment.
Chess is a great way for children to develop concentration and strategic thinking while having fun at the same time. Join chess club and play exciting games and learn fantastic moves from each other!
Young Men
Young men’s group provides social time for the year six boys, the children decide what activity that would like to do. They can bring their own music, films and technology (as long as they are school appropriate) and have fun with their friends.
Martial Arts
This club is run by an external coach and has a cost. The programme aims to improve children’s physical fitness, concentration, self-discipline, co-ordination and flexibility, as well as develop self-respect, control and many other positive attributes through high energy workouts.
At gardening club, children are introduced to the fun, amazing and exciting experience of growing plants. Children are taught the skills needed to grow, sow, harvest and care for a variety of plants in a hands on way.
Some of the activities at the club include:
– Planting
– Harvesting
– Willow weaving
– Composting
– Maintaining garden areas
Football club is run throughout the academic year for different age groups. Children work on basic football skills, teamwork, fitness and of course – having fun!
Within school, Miss Todd regularly organises house tournaments for members of the red, blue, green and yellow teams to take part in. Outside of school, we participate in friendly matches and tournaments against other local schools.
Netball club runs every week during the Autumn and Spring term.
Girls and boys from years 3 to 6 are invited to join where they develop their general fitness and basic netball skills, for example: passing, pivoting and landing, attacking, defending and shooting. Most of all, we enjoy playing the sport and having fun together!
Throughout the year, pupils will be selected to play in friendly matches against other local schools and we also participate in tournaments run by Redruth School.
Why don’t you come along and give it a go?
In hockey club, children learn how to handle a hockey stick correctly, dribble the ball and pass accurately to a team mate. Children will also develop transferable skills (such as teamwork and communication) that they can apply to other areas of learning and life.
Coding Club
This exciting, new club is for both boys and girls in years 5/6, the club welcomes experienced coders as well as beginners! Using a program called Scratch, the children are able to work on various coding projects which engages their imaginations and creativity. So far, the children have been recording different sounds and voice clips and programming their sprites to say the recorded noises.
Mr Adams first came across Ultimate Frisbee when he was a training teacher when he spent the Summer holidays working in a Summer activity camp just outside New York. Mr Adams has since discovered that it is an international sport and also when he has visited London, the parks are full of teams playing each other. It is a great sport for both boys and girls. Come along and see how good it is for yourselves!
Rio Games
During this term we have covered a wide range of Olympics sports such as football, rugby and hockey. The children have particularly enjoyed learning a wide range of new sports and skills. A particularly enjoyed sport was handball, with many of the children excelling in this. We look forward to learning new skills next term.
Tag Rugby
This is a fun club for boys and girls and for beginners as well as the experienced player. We like to get down to the pitch as much as possible so bring your boots! If you don’t have any, don’t worry because we do have a few spare pairs. If you like to run fast and enjoy working as a team, this is the club for you. We learn and rehearse new skills and later in the season we get a chance to enter the area Tag Rugby Tournament.
In KS1 computer club the children are able to access Bug Club and Mathletics to complete any homework they may have. They are also able to access any activities on Purple Mash or other software and games they have learned to use at school.
Pennoweth News
Welcome to our school newspaper club, ‘Pennoweth News Flash!’
Our budding, young Journalists and Editors meet weekly on a Monday to cover interesting school stories. You may see us around school, interviewing children and teachers alike, to gain a better insight into life in our fabulous school. Later in the year, we will be branching out, in and around Redruth to cover events in our local community too. Our news team will be meeting real life journalists and visiting offices of local papers.
If YOU think you have what it takes, to bring our fantastic school news into print, pop and see the Editor and Chief, Mrs Sadler in 56S!
The start of the autumn saw the introduction of our new after school club, Dodgeball. It has been great to see the children learning the rules of the game and the skills required to play. The first week saw a large number of children with a wide range sporting experience thoroughly enjoying throwing and dodging incoming balls, whilst steadily improving their team work skills. We look forward to possibly playing other schools in the future!
Table Top Games
Table top games club meets weekly on Thursday evenings for 45 minutes in Miss Tonkin’s classroom. This club is primarily for children in their Reception year at Pennoweth as it is the first after school club these children have the chance to participate in.
At the club we learn to play games such as dominoes, snakes and ladders and other family favourites. Children are also permitted to bring in their own games from home to share with their friends.
So if you are in Reception and you like to play games we look forward to seeing you there
Ball Skills
Ball skills club meets weekly on Thursday evenings and is with
Miss Tonkin, who is a keen sports fan particularly any ball based games such as netball, rugby and tennis and this club aims to build the basic skills in our younger children so that they can use and apply them to a range of ball based games in the future.
So if you are a boy or girl who is interested in becoming the next George Ford or Heather Watson this could be the club for you. we look forward to seeing you there.