We plan to offer the clubs listed below from January 2022.  Sign up will be via Parent Pay and places allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Please do contact the school office if you need help accessing your Parent Pay account.
 Please see below for examples of after-school clubs that have been run in the past.
Coding Club
This exciting club is for both boys and girls in years 5/6, the club welcomes experienced coders as well as beginners! Using a program called Scratch, the children are able to work on various coding projects which engages their imaginations, communication skills and creativity. So far the children have been programming both basic racing games as well as quite complex games such as: Where's Wally? and Flappy Bird. The children have been learning to design their own algorithms as well as debugging their programs to solve technical problems and coding errors.
"I love code club because we work together in partners!" -Chloe (year 5) 
 "I like code club, you can have fun whilst you're learning with friends." -Taylor (year 5) 
"Code club is great because it gives you new ideas to be more creative and create your own games." -Ollie (year 5) 
"Code club helps you to build your confidence with coding and programming - I now know lots more about Scratch." -Jaydn (year 5) 
"I think code club has helped me to expand my friendship chain so that now I have almost double my friends and double the knowledge about coding." -Jennifer (year 6)
Chess is a great way for children to develop concentration and strategic thinking while having fun at the same time. Join chess club and play exciting games and learn fantastic moves from each other!
At gardening club, children are introduced to the fun, amazing and exciting experience of growing plants. Children are taught the skills needed to grow, sow, harvest and care for a variety of plants in a hands on way.
Some of the activities at the club include:
– Planting
– Harvesting
– Willow weaving
– Composting
– Maintaining garden areas
Football club is run throughout the academic year for different age groups. Children work on basic football skills, teamwork, fitness and of course – having fun!
Within school, Miss Todd regularly organises house tournaments for members of the red, blue, green and yellow teams to take part in. Outside of school, we participate in friendly matches and tournaments against other local schools.
Netball club runs all year round at Pennoweth! We use the off-season to hone our skills and get our teams prepared for the following year.
Boys and girls are welcome at netball each Monday, year 3 and 4 players with Mrs Nicholson while year 5 and 6 players are coached by Miss Bray and Diane, our experienced netball assistant. They develop their general fitness and basic netball skills, for example: passing, pivoting and landing, attacking, defending and shooting. Most importantly we have fun and improve our teamwork skills.
Throughout the year, pupils will be selected to play in friendly matches against other local schools and we also participate in tournaments run by Redruth School.
Why don’t you come along and give it a go?
Tag Rugby
This is a fun club for boys and girls and for beginners as well as the experienced player. We like to get down to the pitch as much as possible so bring your boots! If you don’t have any, don’t worry because we do have a few spare pairs. If you like to run fast and enjoy working as a team, this is the club for you. We learn and rehearse new skills and later in the season we get a chance to enter the area Tag Rugby Tournament.
Football Club - Plymouth Argyle
Football club runs for years 3 to 6 on Wednesday after school and is led by coaches from Plymouth Argyle. The children separate into two groups based on their age and develop skills and tactics that will improve their passing, dribbling and team strategies. This club is subsidised by the school so that it only costs £1.50 per session.
Colouring Club
This club runs on a Tuesday after school for Year 5 and 6 children. Colouring is a fun way to relax and be creative while paying attention to the finer details. Whether coloured pencils or felt tip pens are your medium of choice, the club offers a selection of intricate colouring sheets for you to work your magic!