Kenya Blog Easter 2017

The Adventure:
Today is 28th, March 2017.  Miss Delaney and Miss Tonkin are setting off on an adventure to Kenya - Likoni in Mombasa to be precise.
You can see where they will be heading by clicking on this link: (MOMBASA)
They will be staying at 'Child of Mercy Orphanage Centre' (COMOC) in Likoni Mombasa and they will keep us all updated with BLOGS. This is the beginning of their first day.
Our Mission:
Our main mission on this adventure is to see for ourselves how money raised by our school and delivered through Aid4Orphans, in Newquay, helps children both in the orphanage and through projects such as Three Bears Project - which ensures that street children as well as every child in Timbwani Kindergarten receives a cooked meal each day. 
We will also be helping with the general day to day running of the orphanage and supporting at the school. 
Visits like these will strengthen links between us and help to develop our knowledge and understanding of the world around us.  
 Learn more about the charities we work with from the links below:
Day 1: "Off we go!"
Our journey began with a 5 hour train journey from Redruth to London Paddington (London Paddington).
We arrived at Paddington Station at 14:00 hours and navigated our way to Heathrow Airport.
Our flight left London at 18:25.  
It took two flights to get us all of the 4481 miles to Moi Airport in Mombasa. (MOI AIRPORT)  But finally, WE ARE HERE!  It is 7.30am and already it is hot, hot, hot!
Day 2:
Scorching hot and Mombasa was a feast for the senses! We were met at the airport by James, the orphanage manager, who first took us to the supermarket to stock up on essential provisions - such as clean drinking water, Heinz Baked Beans for Miss Tonkin and Marmite for Miss Delaney!  We've never been frisked by armed guards with metal detectors before entering a supermarket! 
Next, we took a ferry across the Kilindini Harbour to Likoni! It was extremely busy!
After arriving at the orphanage, we spent time getting to know our surroundings as well as meeting the the amazing 'aunties' and 'uncles' who look after the children.  While the children were at school, they introduced us to what will be our home for the next three weeks. Later, we met Jessie, a truly inspirational lady who originally started the orphanage many years ago.
The children, who start school at 6am, started to arrive home from 4 o'clock - they have an extremely long day!  Many of the older children don't arrive home until after 6pm. Once they had changed and showered they had time to play, have dinner, do their homework and complete their chores.  All of the children were extremely polite and greeted us and each other with a warm handshake and a huge grin!
We met Ayesha, who is so grown up and amazed to know that the children of Pennoweth know who she is!  All of the children were so inquisitive about life in Cornwall and the journey we had taken.  They are enjoying testing us to see if we can remember their names - it's going to take us a while!  Luckily for them, they only have two new names to remember.  
This place is amazing and so are the people - we were both bowled over by the warm welcome we received and the loving family they have brought together here. 
The heat is relentless and we are exhausted so, off to bed we go (under our mosquito nets of course!).  Let's hope we don't fall out of the bunk beds! 
Day 3: "Back to school"
After a 5am start, (I know!) the children had all left for school before we were even awake!  They are up, washed, changed and had breakfast and prayers together before 5.30am!
At 8am, we left for school in the orphanage's tuk-tuk.  After a 15 minute journey past Shelly Beach, we arrived at Timbwani Baptist Primary School which has 338 pupils.  The school is in the middle of the village, so there are people's homes amongst the classes.  First, we were introduced to the headteacher and Sarah (their very own Mrs Billing!).  They were extremely pleased to have us there and very proud to share their school with us.  Although, when we first entered the Kindergarten, we thought that the cheers were for us, until we realised that the children had heard the sound of the tuk-tuk and were excited to think that their porridge had arrived!  They still gave us a lovely welcome too!  After a tour of all of the classes, we  were each set to work. Due to the teacher's absence, Miss Delaney was Supply Teacher for the day in a Standard 2 class (for pupils aged 7-9) and Miss Tonkin spent some time with the Standard  1 class and Kindergarten.
At 10am the porridge was actually delivered by the tuk-tuk driver from the orphanage!  Through the Three Bears Project, each child receives a cup of porridge each morning.   During break, ladies from the village come to the school to sell the children  snacks such as small bags of rice and ice-poles.  After break, there was a special Presentation Assembly in-front of distinguished guests  - no, not just us - there were some very special visitors from America, too along with the Director of the school.  We sat in a very hot hall for over an hour but were presented with an amazing range of presentations by the children, which included much singing, drama and even 'rapping'.
Soon, lunch was delivered for the children, again by the tuk-tuk driver from the orphanage.  After lunch, the children had free time but some still insisted on completing their work - one little boy even tracking Miss Delaney down to come and mark it for him! After an afternoon of writing, maths and reading with the children, we returned to the orphanage - ready to prepare ourselves for the evening ahead.   
Day 3 - Blog from Aisha
Jambo! I want to say thank you for helping me.  Another thing I want to say is continue with the same heart and God will bless you there in England!  I am now 11 years old and if I grow up, I want to be a journalist.  I am saying that here in Kenya, Sara and Helen are enjoying life.  We welcomed them into our school in Timbwani.  When they come in Kenya, they come in our school to teach other children and us. We like them because they are very nice and help us. My life is so pleasure.  We are happy to be in COMOC. It's a good place because there is somewhere to sleep and freedom to go to school.  One day try to come to Kenya and visit Child of Mercy!   Have a good heart and love other children.  Asanti sana!
Day 3 - Blog from Gladys
Jambo!  I am now 14 years old. I would like to thank you for your help.  You should continue with the same spirit and God will be there for you every time.   You should be obedient and obey your parents, your guardians  and your teachers.  Help your mama and your parents and everyone.  I am happy to be in COMOC.  I like this place because it encourages a lot of people.  It helps about food, clothing and education. We love each other and take ourselves as one family.  I learn in Hekima High School in Likoni.  I like reading story books because they encourage my English. When I grow up I would like to be a model, musician, dancer or fashion designer. Have an enjoyable Easter!   Asanti Sana!  Gladys