Computing is changing the lives of everyone. Through teaching computing we aim to equip children to participate in a rapidly changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. We enable them to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information. We also focus on developing the skills necessary for children to be able to use information in a discriminating and effective way. Computing skills are a major factor in enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners. The children will also develop their knowledge and understanding of computer programming, coding and debugging to enable them to confidently create their own games and online activities. 

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Subject Leaders: Miss Blight and Mrs Nicholls
"Computing lessons are fun because you get to work with your peers and you learn new things!" - Skye (year 6) 
"Computing in class is great because we always do different things. I love Kahoot and Scratch!" - Gvidas (year 6)
"The online safety lessons in class help me to stay safe online. I know if I have any worries, to tell an adult" - Alice (year 5)
"Computing is a great lesson for children that don't have much coding experience. They get to learn from other confident children" - Ethan (year 5)
Safer Internet Day 2019!
On Tuesday 5th February it was Safer Internet Day! The day was celebrated globally with the theme: Together for a better internet. 
5/6PB - Children in 5/6PB participated in an online safety quiz in two teams. The children had to discuss scenarios as a group and then give select the most appropriate and safest advice. We had lots of in depth discussions regarding each scenario.
5/6MD - The children discussed all of the different ways that they use the internet at home, such as: watching films on Netflix, using the internet on tablets and keeping in contact with family via Skype. We emphasised the importance of consent and the children considered a range of scenarios where they'd need to ask for or give permission. We also talked through the ways to keep safe online and the children created their own super, top tips!
2SD - As part of our topic work, we have been researching Kenyan animals. Regularly at the start of lessons, we review our keeping safe online routines using our class poster and play quizzes to help to ensure that we know how to keep ourselves safe.
5/6MW - We have looked at different scenarios discussing how to be safe on the internet - this led to a big discussion, which was very helpful for the children. We looked at some research regarding the age appropriateness of social media sites and discussed 'PEGI' ratings of games. In our discussions we also talked about positive/negative aspects regarding being online. We have also watched different videos such as newsround that have detailed the reality of what happens when parents post online and how your internet usage can stay with you whether good or bad and be looked at in years to come. We talked about future employers looking at their online life and coming to conclusions about who they are as a person due to what they have posted.  
For further information about how to keep your children safe online, take a look on the website below. There is a lot of information and advice for parents and carers.
Take a look at some of the children's amazing work below!
Coding Club

This exciting club is for both boys and girls in years 5/6, the club welcomes experienced coders as well as beginners! Using a program called Scratch, the children are able to work on various coding projects which engages their imaginations, communication skills and creativity. So far the children have been programming both basic racing games as well as quite complex games such as: Where's Wally? and Flappy Bird. The children have been learning to design their own algorithms as well as debugging their programs to solve technical problems and coding errors.
"Code club is really good because there is always new projects to explore!" -Chloe (year 6) 
 "I think code club is a great experience for people who want to improve their coding skills. I enjoy coding!" -Taylor (year 6) 
"Code club is great because it gives you new ideas to be more creative and create your own games." -Ollie (year 6) 
"I think code club is great for beginners and experienced coders because there is a variety of projects to try out. I love code club. - Jaydn (year 6) 
22.1.19- Every Monday at Code Club we do lots of exciting things like SCRATCH! We use Raspberry Pi (Pie) projects to create games and animations. We love Scratch and some of the more confident ones like to freestyle. A lovely helper - who works at Raspberry Pi - comes in and helps us out.  Some children even bring in coding books. 
Written by Jaydn and Taylor
Safer Internet Day 2018!
Every year the school celebrates Safer Internet Day as a way to promote online safety across the school. This is traditionally held on a Tuesday each year in February. To celebrate the day this year, every class at Pennoweth participated in an online quiz using a website called Kahoot! The quiz will help to promote online safety topics relevant to their age groups.
Safer Internet day is run by the UK Safer Internet Centre. If you wish to find out more information from their website it can be reached here: