1st May 2019

On Friday 24th May Pennoweth took two teams to the Year 4 Kwik Cricket tournament at Troon Cricket Club. Many of the children had never played cricket before so were unsure of the rules and therefore a little nervous about attending. However they need not have feared as even from the first match they all proved to be natural. They quickly grasped the need to work as a team to get the ball back to the stumps as quickly as possible when fielding to try and run the opposition out and in the crease they communicated so well together to sneak in some extra runs when the other team was caught off guard by some great batting. Both teams were also able to get a couple of wickets as their bowling improved following some useful tuition from one of the umpires.

All the children performed exceptionally well but of particular note was the reluctant bowler Missy Barber delivering a perfect bowl straight to the stumps to get someone out, Mr “I can’t bat,” Callum Vandersluys who hit several out of the boundary and Vincent Vasilescue who, after deciding to give it a go after all at the last minute, gave 100% in every match with a smile on his face. Amy Brackstone, Dylan Mitchell and Ollie Morgan were also singled out by the organiser for their amazing batting scores.

On top of some great sporting performances the behaviour of all children, as always, was exemplary. They were always the first team to give three cheers to the opposition, they showed the umpires and others players respect at all times and conducted themselves well while waiting for their turn to bat and transitioning between matches.

The exact placing of each team on the day are not known but Pennoweth A team, who only narrowly lost one match, have been invited to the Kwik Cricket Final on 1st July.