Early Morning Collection

Pennoweth School - Early Morning Pupil Collection
In 2015 we took possession of a new mini bus and we are very proud to drive it around the local area because emblazoned on the side of the bus is the statement that states that we ... work together to unlock and realise potential. One barrier to learning is lateness. Lateness can be due to a variety of reasons and what we are determined to do here at Pennoweth is to ensure that all children have an equal opportunity to succeed. We operate our bus in the morning to collect children from their homes. The decision to invite children onto the bus in the morning is decided by the school.
In the past we have targeted children who have been consistently late, helped children who have been reluctant to go to school and also helped families where there have been some temporary mobility issues. We do review each case very carefully and we look to record the impact of our support.