Eco Council

Our Eco-Council consists of representatives from every class and together we think about how we may look after the environment, our school and its grounds.

We help others to follow our eco-code such as putting litter in the bin, turning off taps and lights and not leaving the computers on stand by. We monitor our energy use in the class and encourage staff and children to recycle.
Meet the Eco - Council!

The Eco – Councillors represent their fellow pupils from each class throughout the school. Each councillor is elected by their classmates at the beginning of the school year after a short presentation explaining their qualities and why they should be elected. Here is our current team of Eco – Councillors:

1/ES – Eliza

1/LS – Kyle

2CHT – James

3/4RT – Oliver

3/4SD – Whitney

4HN – Zachery

5/6DS – BethZak

5/6PB – Jack M

5/6MW – Annabelle