Eco Council

On Friday 22nd June, representatives from our School and Eco Council attended an award ceremony at Truro County Hall. They prepared a presentation about the work that they have been doing in the school this year and all spoke clearly and confidently. As a result of their hard work this year they were presented with a Bronze PADL award (Promoting Active Democracy Loudly). They were a brilliant representation for the School and Eco Council and a great credit to the school. Well done everyone!
Our Eco-Council consists of representatives from every class and together we think about how we may look after the environment, our school and its grounds.

We help others to follow our eco-code such as putting litter in the bin, turning off taps and lights and not leaving the computers on stand by. We monitor our energy use in the class and encourage staff and children to recycle.
What have we done so far?
This year, Eco Council have been very passionate about trying to make positive changes in the school to tackle the problem of plastic pollution. We were horrified to see the devastating impact that plastic can have on our environment, particularly after watching Blue Planet, where we saw animals hurt or even killed as a result of plastic. 
We all discussed different things that we could do to help the problem and this is what we came up with:
1) We held an assembly letting the school know the problems caused by plastic. We also gave them suggestions of changes they can make such as saying no to plastic straws.
2) We decided that one of the biggest problems is single use plastic water bottles as we noticed that lots of children use these in the school. As a result, we decided to design and sell our own school reusable bottles.
3) We then planned some fundraising activities to make this possible and organised a cake sale and a non school uniform day, where we raised a fantastic total of £222!
4) We then ordered the water bottles and when they arrive we will promote and sell them around the school.
5) With the money raised we plan to buy recycling bins for each classroom and encourage everybody to get into the habit of using these.
It has been brilliant to see how keen Eco Council have been this year to make changes around the school and at home and everyone has worked really hard. Well done everyone!