Eco Council

Our current eco councillors are:
Troy, Khian, Autumn, Lucas, Theo, Ruby, Lily, Kizzy, Ava, TJ, Jack, DJ, Harry, Ellie May, James, Sophie, Cassie, Harley, Ethan and Lily.
Some of us have important roles in School Council, we decided these at the beginning of the year by having a vote:
Chair - Sophie
Vice Chair - James
Secretary - Cassie
Treasurer - Ethan
Blogger - Harley
Journalist - Lily
Noticeboards - Jack
Our Eco-Council consists of representatives from every class and together we think about how we may look after the environment, our school and its grounds.

We help others to follow our eco-code such as putting litter in the bin, turning off taps and lights and not leaving the computers on stand by. We monitor our energy use in the class and encourage staff and children to recycle.
Eco Council Blog.
The Save Our World club have bought a compost bin for the playground. This is for fruit and vegetables from snack and break time. Each class has a bin in their classrooms that can be used at snack time and a compost bin monitor can then empty it into the main bin. When the compost has formed gardening club can use it.
Eco Council have decided to have a recycling competition. Every time a class empties their recycling bin they will put a tick on a chart. The first class that gets to 25 will be the winners! The winners will be given £25 to spend on books for your amazing new book corners. This competition will be starting on Monday 2nd December.