Eco Council

Our current eco councillors are:
Ollie, Grace, Szymon, Millie, Autumn, Aidan, Ella, Cyden, Dylan, India, Boaz, Leo W, Emily S, Fletcher, Harley C, Ivy, Willow and Tilly
Our Eco-Council consists of representatives from every class and together we think about how we may look after the environment, our school and its grounds.

We help others to follow our eco-code such as putting litter in the bin, turning off taps and lights and not leaving the computers on stand by. We monitor our energy use in the class and encourage staff and children to recycle.


Eco Council have been meeting every week since the beginning of the year and have been working hard to ensure we pick some exciting projects that will have a positive impact on the school. We thought that it was important to ask the whole school for suggestions for projects that we should work on this year, so with everyone’s ideas we came up with a survey that everybody completed.

 The three projects that won and that we aim to work on this year are:

1) Reducing the energy used in school.

2) Organising a litter pick

3) Putting recycling bins in all the classrooms.

 We will be working hard to organise different fundraising events throughout the year to make these projects possible. We will keep you updated with our progress!