Forest School

“An inspirational process that offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees” Forest School Association.

What is Forest School

The Pennoweth Forest School is more than just about fun sessions outdoors. We follow an ethos that learning should maximise emotional, social and developmental benefits. We enable participants to take responsible risks safely, with a high child to adult ratio. Our sessions are learner-centered, tailoring activities to meet the specific needs and interests of the group. By their very nature and location the Pennoweth Forest School sessions offer the opportunity to build a connection between the learner and the natural world using natural resources and takes inspiration from the natural world in its activities as well as teaching participants to care for their local environment.  

We have two fully trained FOREST SCHOOL leaders who run sessions for Key Stage 1 and lower key stage 2 children.
We have three programmes - Little Acorns, Oak Saplings and Giant Oaks. Each programme involves sessions aimed at developing self awareness, confidence, self esteem and working together. At the end of the programme, parents are invited in to work alongside their child and in doing this, parents will gain greater insight into what areas children need to work on and help them to apply their new found skills to other areas of the curriculum. Parents and children will be given task to complete at home and once complete, they will Graduate from that programme.
Oak Saplings and Giant Oaks are involved in an increasing number of off site activities in settings such as Tehidy Woods.

About the site

The Pennoweth Forest School site is located next to the bottom field. It is surrounded by a fence with access from the field via a gate. The gate to the adjacent car park is kept lock unless authorised access is required.

Species growing in the site include hawthorn bushes, holly, sycamore trees, palms, butterfly shrubs and assorted wild flowers and grasses.

There is a permanent fire circle on site surrounded by seating logs and an inner circle where a temporary fire can be lit.