We have thoroughly enjoyed our learning about 'Mini-beasts' this term. Our class has certainly come alive with all sorts of interesting bugs, and the highlight has to be watching our caterpillars turn into butterflies. It was really incredible to see the wonder and curiosity of each child as they came into the class in the morning and went straight to see the caterpillars, then go onto talk and write about their observations. We had several magical moments when we set the butterflies free.
We all became immersed in our stories this term and particularly loved, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar,' which we brought to life through drama and role-play. Our Bug Tent with head-torches for reading in the dark brought an additional element of fun to our reading this term. We also wrote some fantastic clues for our 'What Am I?' clue box and enjoyed playing guessing games at the end of the day.
We have continued to develop our number skills this term by counting and estimating. We loved estimating how many spiders we could see in the jar and we also spent time sorting our bugs in different ways.
We thought a bug tea-party would be a lovely end to such an exciting topic and we loved writing invitations for this exciting event!
As we come to the end of an exciting summer term in reception, we wanted to share some of our amazing learning about 'Space.' We have absolutely loved our class 'space ship,' where we have looked through the telescope and written about all the wonderful things we have seen. We have been astronauts, and not only dressed up in the costumes, but also used the computer and controls and kept a space log of our adventures.
One of our highlights this term has been our learning about the story, 'Whatever Next.' We thought of our own actions to retell the story and then collected props to help us act it out. We especially loved the space helmets and of course, putting on our space boots! We all wrote our own version of the story, and have been working hard on being able to write our ideas using words and sentences. Mrs Morris has been blown away by our use of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops!
We have also been busy this term, practising our addition and subtraction skills, and we have been using aliens to help us with these calculations. We have also been practising jumping forwards and backwards on a number line and have even started recording our calculations in number sentences. Wow!
We have enjoyed using the class computer to create pictures of aliens and planets. Our mouse skills have been getting better every week! We made some super planets to send home for Father's Day and have painted some very colourful aliens too.
We had great fun creating our shopping bags for the summer fair, and we hope you enjoy using them for your shopping!