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Why do we love geography at Pennoweth? 

What will my child experience through geography at Pennoweth?
What geography knowledge will my child learn at Pennoweth?
What sort of geographical language will my child learn at Pennoweth?
What do Pennoweth's children think about geography? 
Mikolaj in year 4 said 'I love being a geography ambassador and learning about geography around the world.'

Harley in year 3 said the following:

Sam in year 6 said:
'If you want to go somewhere with a specific climate and you have learnt geography, you will know where you can go. It is important to learn about our planet so that we know what we are doing to the world and how we can help.'

Sonny in year 4 said 'I liked learning about volcanoes because they're really fascinating and it looks amazing when they explode!'
Austeja in year 3 says 'I like linking my geography to writing sentences like when I do it about tsunamis.' 
Peggy in year 3 said the following about geography:

James in Year 2 said  'I've loved learning about the oceans.  I
didn't know that the Arctic Ocean even existed and it's been so
interesting learning about the Challenger Deep!'
Kai in year 4 said 'I enjoyed making our volcanoes and couldn't wait to make them explode!'  
What does geography look like at Pennoweth? 
Foundation Stage
Year 1 & 2
Year 3 & 4
Year 5 & 6
Useful geography websites and links
BBC Bitesize (Reception under 'Understanding the World')
BBC Bitesize (Year 1 - 2)
BBC Bitesize (Year 3- 6) 
The Seven Continent Song (the kids LOVE this in school!)
The Five Oceans Song (It's pretty catchy!)
Google Earth
Children can spend hours zooming into different places on this world map. Can they name the continents and oceans? Where would their dream destination be? Why? Can they find Redruth? Which county, country and continent is it in? 
Google Maps
Let children explore anywhere in the world or their neighbourhood by using Google maps. Turn to street view for a camera view of where they are. 
Go Jetters
Children love this programme and they will be learning about somewhere in the world without really realising! 
My World Kitchen
This programme shows you the food cooked and eaten from different parts of the world. Maybe your children could have a go at a recipe? 
Blue Planet
What more could you want than amazing scenes and David Attenborough's wisdom? This is aimed more at older children in KS2 but some fascinating facts and information about everything to do with how the world works and is impacted by us humans.