House Captains

Pennoweth School runs a house system. This allows our children to work together across the school to be part of their house. We have four houses: red, blue, green and yellow.


Throughout each school day, children may receive house points for good work, polite manners or good behaviour. They then record these in their classroom. A prefect will then count and tally mark these on Friday morning, ready to announce the total house points for each team during our weekly celebration assembly on a Friday afternoon. The winning team is awarded a cup for the week.


Throughout the year we have competitions and tournaments for teams to compete in their houses. And, of course, we have our Sports Day in the Summer Term.

At the beginning of each academic year, Year 6 children put themselves forward to be a House Captain. Children have to prepare and deliver a speech to their house teams explaining their attributes and try to gain the votes of their peers. Each house member has to then vote for one boy and one girl. The votes are then counted and winners are announced. This years House Captains are:

Red – Molly and Gvidas

Blue – Autumn and Leo

Green – Georgia and Charlie V

Yellow – Brooke and Ollie L

The school is confident that the children will work hard to promote and support each house and gain points throughout the year.