Isles of Scilly

Virtually on our 'doorstep' is what must be described one of the most amazing locations in the world. The Isles of Scilly is a magical place. It is somewhere that is protected from too many people, pollution and over development. It is a place that could be described as what England was thirty years ago. It is very safe, picturesque, friendly and peaceful... the list goes on.
We travel on the early Scillonian boat to St Mary's and arrive in time for a picnic on a sheltered beach in St Mary's itself. Our main luggage is delivered to our campsite and all we have to carry is our 'day bag' full of spare clothes as well as enough food and drink to last us until we get to the campsite. We stay at a beautiful campsite at Pelistry on the other side of the island and it is about a mile and a half outside St Marys so we need good walking shoes to save us developing painful blisters.
We sleep under green canvas tents that sleep 6 to 8 children. We have our breakfast and evening meals at the campsite. There are two large tents, one for eating our meals and take part in evening activities and the other is for cooking our food. Washing up is done by the children and the laying of the tables and general camp duties are shared out too.
Trips are organised to Tresco Gardens and some of the other islands. We will often read Why The Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo and we will find the beach where key moments of the story are set and where key characters meet for the first time. We travel between islands on the various ferries and on occasion, when the tide is out and the ferry cannot reach the pontoon, we are taken by inflatable rib to the beach to reach our destination. We often take part in sports competitions against the local and visiting schools.
One of the most exciting trips is when we go on a boat to search for seals and puffins and catch fish for our supper!
The beautiful setting and the incredible turquoise seas, the friendships made and the peace and tranquillity are not to be missed.