Isles of Scilly 2017

1st June 2017

I have just returned from the Isles of Scilly and feel so proud of our children. The journey across was dreadful and even the Scillonian crew said that it was the worst crossing they have had in 15 years and every child and adult was repeatedly sick, all bar 4 in our group. My contribution to the cause (and I think I won the prize of being sick the most) was to entertain some of the other passengers and raise their spirits because I was more ‘green’ than everyone else and that, I think made everyone feel better! We were stopped in Tresco Gardens the following day by a couple who asked how I was and they laughed because they thought that I had attached myself to the inflatable lifeboat for the duration of the trip and had developed some kind of relationship with the said lifeboat! Thank goodness for Mrs Stanbridge, Ms Hayley and particularly Mrs Dennis who remained chirpy and positive throughout the trip even though all around them was a scene from a horror movie! How Mrs Dennis kept going and kept encouraging children with comments like ‘if you feel queasy, just look at the horizon (You know. That line between the sky and the sea) and you will be OK!’, I will never know. We arrived bedraggled like a returning army of beaten soldiers in St Mary’s and we leant against the strong wind and fought our way through the main street before we saw a very welcome sight! It was the rickety, old red bus that takes passengers around the island but it seemed to us like a golden carriage, a limousine, a luxury jet! We waited patiently for 10 minutes and jumped aboard to be deposited at the Pelistry camp but the journey saved us from a wet, one and a half mile walk to the campsite. We sat in the main tent for more than an hour for the wind and the rain to subside but we were kept busy securing, over and over again, the sides of the tent and holding down the tent poles.

I know that I have exaggerated somewhat and tried to make the experience sound worse than it actually was but I must say that our children were marvellous. They picked themselves up very quickly and they proved to be a wonderful group to be with. On Tuesday we walked 13 miles in total and explored white beaches, Tresco Gardens, Castles and WW2 secret listening stations. A wonderful experience and I would like to say thank you to all the children who were great campers and also to the staff who have given up time away from their families to help give these children such an amazing experience.