Welcome to KS1

Welcome to the KS1 section of our website
Hello everyone and welcome to the new look BLOG for Key Stage One ( Year 1 and 2) at Pennoweth School. As you know from May 18th our individual class BLOGS ( 1SH, 1/2CT,2SD) will now no longer be used to provide ideas, activities and provision for your child at home.
Instead all provision will be made available on this BLOG.
You can still access the old BLOGS to look back at content such as the stories, videos and photographs which I know many of you have said the children enjoy doing but no new learning will be added to those pages from today. 
The provision provided will look slightly different from what you will have received previously but we have tried to keep some of the activities like daily access to White Rose Maths as we know that this resource has been very helpful to parents and we have heard lots of positive feedback about it.
As Mrs Andrews stated in her letter home to parents last week the new curriculum has been planned with consideration to ensuring that your child can integrate slowly back into the security and routines of a school day but also ensures children are given the learning opportunities that they deserve.
The activities that are provide here on the BLOG will be exactly the same learning that children will be accessing in school. This is to ensure that all children are receiving the same provision.
As always remember there is no expectation that all of the provision being shared on the BLOG needs to be completed daily in any particular time or order, the overview timetable is only a guide .
If you have any questions or queries about anything remember you can get in contact via the Key Stage One email address which remains the same: ks1@pennoweth.cornwall.sch.uk
Take care and stay alert.
From the Key Stage One team:
Miss Delaney,Miss Hair,Mrs Nicholson and Miss Tonkin