We have had a very good relationship with Risley Avenue School in Tottenham for several years now and we have now developed a reciprocal arrangement with them whereby we take a group of children to stay at their school to experience school life and the sights of London. In return, students from Risley come to our school to enjoy the Cornish experience. It has proven to be a wonderful partnership for both schools and a great opportunity for the children to learn about each other, the cultural differences and the opportunities we have in each of our communities.
Our children travel to London by bus and arrive at Tottenham mid afternoon and after unloading and setting up their sleeping areas, they have a tour of the school and the local area. Part of the tour is usually a visit to Tottenham Hotspur's ground and a tour of the changing rooms, facilities and pitch.
On the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the children set off early into Central London using public transport and the Underground. Staff are well trained in moving children around London safely and London Transport are very helpful, sending supervisors to meet us and help children on and off the trains.
We have organised visits to some of London's many wonderful museums. We have been to the Imperial War Museum, HMS Belfast, National Gallery, Science Museum and The Natural History Museum in the past. We walk through parks and have lunch by, for example, Princess Diana's water garden. We wave to the Queen at Buckingham Palace, smile at the Queens Guards and have an open bus tour across London and up the Thames. We visit The Houses of Parliament and have a tour of the House of Commons and House of Lords and learn how the land is governed as well as enjoy a trip to a West End Theatre to see a show, most recently being The Lion King or Matilda.
Back at the school we take part in clubs, a sports tournament against local schools, meet children in the playground, join their Breakfast Club and enjoy meals together. They have shower facilities at the school so we can freshen up after our busy days. Pennoweth Staff make some of our food in the evenings and children get the chance to make and organise their own packed lunches.
There is no doubt that this is one of the best school camp experiences ever!