London camp

18th June 2018

Monday 18th - we have safely arrived at Risley school and have enjoyed a wonderful meal. This evening, all children have played on the outdoor equipment, played football and even performed some role plays on the outdoor stage - how amazing! We’re looking forward to our busy day tomorrow.
Tuesday 19th - The morning started with a lovely breakfast with the Risley children and some exciting and interesting dance moves. The best bit was the massive ‘follow the leader’ dancing! We soon left to head to the Imperial War Museum - the children happily explored the museum in their groups looking at artefacts and interactive activities. For the children, the highlight of the day was the nutritional McDonalds meal - Thomas’ burger was bigger than his head! Later that evening, we watched the phenomenal Lion King at the theatre which was a spectacular event! 
Wednesday 20th - Off to an early start of walking, running and hopping onto the tube we soon arrived at The Houses Of Parliament. We had to be scanned to ensure that we weren’t carrying any sharp objects. We had a wonderful tour and then we got back to Risley for a hot lunch. After that, we had a thrilling football tournament, unfortunately Pennoweth did not win but it was a great opportunity to bond with the other children. Later that day, we visited a local church and found out more history about the area as well as a quick stop to play in a large park area with a giant super slide! 
In addition to all the excitment, we also celebrated a special birthday for Kaia. The group secretly gathered in the quiet garden area to surprise Kaia with a delectable chocolate cake as well as lots of party games. Miss Blight found the after eight challenge very amusing! The children ended the afternoon with chocolate smeared all over their faces and huge grins - what a wonderful day! 
Thursday 21st - Another morning spent having breakfast with Risley and of course a boogie! This time, everyone was happily joining in and Thomas even had a dance off with a Risley child - his moves were very impressive! We then headed to the open top tour bus which took us around the well-known sights in sunny London, Winnie’s favourite was the Big Ben clockface. Later that morning, we went on a river cruise on the Thames, again the sunshine was beaming down on us. We also visited Downing Street, St.James’ Park, the Royal Mews and Buckingham Palace. 
Friday 22nd - The final day! We started the morning by joining all the KS2 Risley children in their special celebration assembly. Some brave children decided to share a beautiful thank you poem written by Mina. The majority of our day was spent on the coach travelling back to Cornwall, however, we did stop off at the wonderful Windsor Castle. The children absolutely loved exploring inside the grounds and seeing some of the "fluffy hat guards". Amazingly, some of us even spotted the Queen in her lime green dress heading to Ascot in her royal car. 
Thank you to all the amazing children, you all behaved impeccably throughout the trip - well done! It was a real pleasure to have been part of such a lovely experience.