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Why do we love music at Pennoweth? 

The children always show real passion and enthusiasm when it comes to music. Many of the children have been having guitar, piano and singing lessons for the past couple of years and they have all been growing in confidence. A number of classes, have also had samba lessons which they all loved! At the end of each year, we have a music assembly where the children can showcase these musical talents. 
What will my child experience through music at Pennoweth?
The children have the option of paying for the following music lessons:
- guitar
- piano
- singing
What musical knowledge will my child learn at Pennoweth?
What sort of musical language will my child learn at Pennoweth?
What do Pennoweth's children think about music?
Israel (Year 4)

Emily in Year 4 said, 'I really liked guitar lessons because I got to learn new songs and I made my own song and it was really fun!'
Ellie in Year 4 said, 'Last year, I enjoyed guitar lessons because I got to learn different songs and tunes.'
What does music look like at Pennoweth?
Useful music websites and links
BBC Bitesize - KS1
BBC Bitesize KS2
BBC Bring the Noise
Friday afternoon music
This is a singing project connecting young people with contemporary composers
Sing up at home
This has themed playlists of songs to fit every mood – including songs to calm and relax you, songs to get you moving, and empowering songs to lift you up.