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Please visit regularly to keep up to date with all events in Nursery.
Christmas Party
On Wednesday 18th December all of the children in the Nursery are invited to their Christmas party. Pleases see the attached poster about times.
What a super Sing A Long!
On Monday 9th December we held our first outside Nursery festive sing a long and it was amazing! The hot chocolate flowed, the gingerbread crunched and the Christmas tree twinkled as the sky grew darker and colder as we gathered to sing and share some Christmas cheer. It was lovely to see so many excited faces returning back to Nursery at 4pm and to see so many Mums, Dads, Grandparents and siblings.
Festive Sing A Long 2019
All Nursery parents, Grandparents and family members please don't forget that on Monday 9th December at 4pm the Nursery children will be having their Festive Sing A Long.
We will meet outside of the Nursery classroom and then process to our Festive singing space. At the end of the singing there will be hot chocolate and hand decorated biscuits made by the children to be shared and enjoyed.
Please find attached a copy of the songs that we will be sharing if you wish to practice them at home.
Week ending 22nd November
Christmas Fair and Christmas News
I hope everybody enjoyed the Christmas Fair on Friday. The children really enjoyed making their decoration and fudge and I hope you enjoyed it also.
By now you should all of received your letter about our Festive Sing - A -Long which will  be taking place on Monday 9th December at 4pm. This is a non ticket event as we want as many family members to be able to attend as possible to be part of a fun, festive family singing celebration.
Prior to the event all children will receive a Christmas bauble to write a Christmas wish on with yourselves which can then be brought to the Sing A long to be added to our Christmas wish tree.
if you have any questions about this event please ask a member of the Nursery team.
Numbers Numbers Everywhere
Below are some useful links about number which you may wish to share with your children.
Week ending 15th November
Christmas Fair and Children in Need
First of all a big Thank you for all your kind contributions and donations to the school fair and Children in need on Friday.
The fair is this coming Friday the 22nd November. Entry will be through the main school entrance/reception area. We look forward to seeing you there where you will be able to buy a beautiful christmas tree ornament that your child has designed and decorated. if you are unable to attend the fair let us know and we will make sure that you can still purchase your child's decoration.
Tooth Brushing Club
This week we are going to launch our Nursery tooth brushing club. To begin with we are only going to be working with those children who are staying to have their lunch at Nursery. This will then when appropriate involve other groups of children so please don't worry if your child says that they have not brushed their teeth in school.
below is a link to a song that you could sing with your child at home to help engage and excite them about brushing their teeth.
Nursery Rhymes
In the Nursery we love to sing, especially Nursery rhymes. In our reading area we have rhyming spoons where children pick one and then sing with their friends.
We have spoons for Twinkle Twinkle, 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive, 5 little ducks, the wheels on the bus. this week we are adding some new spoons below.
Can you guess which Nursery Rhymes they might be?
British Council Organisation.Learning English site.
Below is a useful link to a wonderful resource for Nursery Rhymes and Stories that we use in the Nursery. All of the rhymes and stories are illustrated beautifully and also come with ideas and follow up activities.
Week ending Friday 8th November
It's been another busy week full of learning in the Nursery.
Leaf Hunting
Our focus this week has been the text " We're going on a leaf hunt." We enjoyed sharing the story before heading off on a leaf hunt of our own. We packed a back pack with our fruit and milk and decided to have our own picnic outside just like in the story.
We climbed our own mountains and explored  our own forest and found lots of beautifully coloured leaves. Ask your child about the leaves that we found. Where did we find them? What colours were they? How did we get down the mountain?
Some of us have been developing our counting skills and number recognition to 5.
We have really enjoyed counting and clipping pegs onto number cards. The 1-5 number line helped us.
Take a look below at some of the other exciting learning that has been taking place this week.
Week ending Friday 1st November
Writing and mark making everywhere
This week in the Nursery we have had a classroom full of budding writers.
Look at some of our marvellous mark making that has been taking place.
you could support your child at home by:
  • putting flour on a table and using your fingers to draw big and small smiley faces.
  • putting shaving foam on a smooth surface and using your fingers to draw fireworks whizzing and shooting into the sky.
  • Using sticks as a pen with mud and water. What muddy marks will you make and where?
If you share any of these experiences at home together please share them with us. This could be with a photo which we could then add to our Nursery mark making wall.
Mastering my curly C.
Week ending Friday 18th October
Parent Consultations
Thank you to everyone who attended. It was lovely to have the opportunity to talk to you about your child's progress in the Nursery and also share with you ideas that will enable them to advance on the next step of their learning journey.
Not just a dirty jumper.
In the Nursery cloakroom you may have noticed a very well worn jumper on display. This jumper reflects the type of learning and learning ethos that takes place on a daily basis in the Nursery. Please take time to read. We will be updating this display regularly with photos of children engaging in their learning.
Week ending Friday 11th October
Parent Consultations
All time slots for Parent consultations have now been returned. (if your child attended Nursery on Thursday or Friday last week.)
If for any reason your time is not suitable please speak to a member of the Nursery team and we will try our best to accommodate you. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday to discuss your child's progress in the last 6 weeks and setting the next exciting steps on their learning journey with you. If for any reason on Tuesday you cannot attend can you please inform either a member of the Nursery or the school office on 01209 215671.
Star Wall 
As many of you will know we have a star wall in the Nursery that we use  daily to share any individual or group successes that the children may have in reading, writing, counting, speaking and other important skills like turn taking, friendship building and independence. If your child has returned from school wearing either a Miss Tonkin or Miss Booth says sticker then your child has made it onto the star wall. Please ask them what their sticker was for so that they are able to share their superstar learning with you.
Learning, Learning everywhere.
Below is just a small sample of some of the learning that has been taking part in class this week.
Week ending Friday 4th October
Brighter Smiles Visit
Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the Brighter smiles meeting for Parents on Monday. 
We will launch the project with the children after the half term.
Parent Consultations
By now you should of all received your appointment booking slip for parent consultations. Please return the completed slip to the Nursery as soon as possible so that we can book your slot and confirm your time. 
Book Swap and Share Box
It has been great to see so many parents and children accessing the Swap and Share Box in the Nursery cloakroom. Don't forget if you have any pre loved books at home to add to the box for other children to share and enjoy they would be appreciated. Keep reading!
Don't forget on Monday at 3pm there will be a meeting for parents from the Brighter smiles team about children's oral health care. This meeting will run in the Nursery classroom. Below is the Brighter Smiles website address which tells you more about the purpose of the visit and the impact that it has had across Cornwall. If you are unable to attend this meeting any information will be shared her on the Nursery BLOG.
Week ending Friday 27th September
First of all a big THANK YOU to those parents who attended the meet the teachers meeting on Tuesday. It was lovely to see so many friendly, welcoming faces in the audience. A big well done to Mrs Andrew who noticed our spell check error in the newsletter, Microsoft word spell check does not like the word 'Wellies'. This has now been corrected.
This week in Nursery we have continued to ensure that your children feel happy and secure in their new Nursery Environment and it has been wonderful to observe their growing confidence of how to access resources independently and extend their learning further by adding to activities that have been provided by adults.
For example the shiny jewels and magnifying glasses soon turned into treasures that could be used in a puppet shop to pay for items from Old Granny Tonkin.
Next week based on your children's interests we will be adding a penny shop into our classroom. You could support your child at home this weekend by playing with 10 pennies in purses at home. What colour are they? Are they big or small coins? How many can you fit in your purse? How many pennies fit in your hand?
Tuesday 24th September Meeting Update
As promised  below is a copy of what was discussed at Tuesday 24th Septembers meet the teacher meeting. This is not a curriculum letter outlining the themes that your children will be learning about as the teams main priority at the moment is to ensure that your children feel, happy, safe and secure coming into the Nursery. As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask a  member of the Nursery team.
Week ending Friday 20th September
This week we have continued welcoming both returning and new members to our Nursery. We have been amazed at how well the new children have settled and the support and encouragement that our existing Nursery children have given to the new members of our Nursery family.
We have been learning how to access resources in our creative area and use our imagination to create large and small scale masterpieces.
 Select, snip, stick
We have been making choices about selecting resources in our construction area and developing our friendships and turn taking skills.
 push, pull, place
We have been learning to select resources in order to develop and extend our learning independently in both the sand and water. 
scoop,  pour, splash
Week ending Friday 13th September
Big smiles, learning and pebbles
What a super first week back in Nursery we have had! 
On Monday morning we welcomed back many happy, smiley faces full of excitement, awe and wonder about what the Autumn term had in store.
There were many changes and surprises to take on board.
New Nursery Team
One of the first big surprises that the children and parents had was that Miss Tonkin would be working with Miss Booth and Mrs Morris in the Nursery on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week during the Autumn term. For those of you who don't know Miss Tonkin she has been a teacher at Pennoweth for 18 years, 7 of those years being the EYFS lead and she is very excited and elated to be helping the Nursery children take their all important first steps on their learning journey here at Pennoweth.
Pennoweth Rocks
Other changes included a complete classroom transformation with new areas and resources available for learning as well as a new system for registration using hand painted pebbles with the children's names on, this proved very popular.
Additional sessions payment changes
Another big change that you will of been informed of by letter this week is that money for additional sessions will no longer be handled in the Nursery but by the school office instead. If you have any questions about this please speak to a member of the Nursery team.
Growing, building, developing
Over the next few weeks there will be many more changes to your child's daily learning routine which we will be keeping you up to date with both here on the class blog and at our Nursery meet the teacher meeting which you will be receiving letters about this week.
Next week we welcome new children to our Nursery family after successful transition visits with parents last week.