Newquay Zoo trip

12th October 2017

Y56 have been on an amazing trip to Newquay Zoo. We were blessed with good weather so we were able to spend all of our time observing the amazing animals in the sunshine.  Children in Mr Williamson's class had a close encounter with some goats, Miss Blights  class listened to an informative talk about the Macaque Monkeys and the Meerkats. Mr Williamson and Mrs Sadler's classes watched the penguins  being fed. All of the children were fascinated by the different creatures they saw an a great day was had by all.
Liam and Jennifer said,
"Adventurers from Pennoweth School travelled to Newquay Zoo. Meerkats, monkeys and lions were startled by us entering their zoo! Baby animals: twin lemurs, many meerkats and baby monkeys were observed by our 56 children whilst they were learning many facts and feeding the animals. The monkeys were swinging gracefully in their mirrored habitats whilst the meerkats were digging and foraging!