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Please read below for information on all areas of online safety.


The internet is a great resource for children of all ages - a place for education and recreation. The pupils here at Pennoweth School are encouraged to use the internet but in a safe manor, we feel education is the key when it comes to using the internet wisely, especially when using the internet for recreation.

We encourage parents to set up Parental Controls and Content Filtering on their home internet. To learn how to do this for the major providers of internet please click the link below:

Setting up internet filtering and parental controls at home


Social networking can be a worry for parents. We suggest parents visit the website link below for up to date information on Facebook privacy settings, as whilst we know that no children under the age of 13 should have a Facebook account, if they are able to access the site we feel its best we educate them to ensure they use it safely.

Facebook privacy and antibullying information


For more information on other areas of eSafety then please visit the following websites: . Within this website, there is a section for young people, as well as parents and carers.


In addition, there are child friendly websites  which contain a series of puzzles and games that give important messages about how to use computers and the Internet safely:

KS1 – Hector’s World:

KS2 – Think – U- Know: http: //



!! If you are aware of any bullying that is happening or you would like to report any type of cyber buylling that has happened to you -  please use the CEOP button that can be found  on the home page of our website !!


Remember we also have our internal Tootoot System for reporting bullying in school.


Online safety 

To ensure your children stay safe when using the internet, you can encourage them to search using this child friendly site: 
Are you looking for further advice and tips to help keep your child safe online? Take a look and discuss this video with your child at home:
Other online safety resources useful for parents:
Online safety meeting notes - 7.6.18:
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