COVID-19 Return to school

As you will be aware, the Government have announced that all children will be able to return to school in September.  There is a letter from Simon Hague, the CEO of Crofty below as well as some frequently asked questions.  Specific information for return to Pennoweth is also included.   If you have any questions at all, please do contact us on
We know that some of our children may be quite worried about returning to school.  Please reassure them that it is ok to be a bit worried and that we will all work together to make sure that school is a great place to be, even if it does look and feel a bit different.
You can help your child prepare for coming back to school by talking to them about social distancing, encouraging them to think carefully about washing their hands and to think about new bubble rules and why they are important.  Please look at the resources below that will hopefully help.
While we can't hug...  a video to share with your children about social distancing.