Pendennis Blog Week Commencing 21.09.20

This week in Pendennis
The children have been continuing to work with the blocks to build castles and towers sometimes with help and other times independently. 
We are really proud how they keep on trying even when things don't always go to plan. 
Outside Adventures 
We have been using the resources in different ways, we made submarines out of tires and crates so we could escape the baby shark, and jumped into the sea on the count of three off the boat. 
Staff encourage the children to find resources and use them in new ways, moving the props can be tricky and is a great way to support problem solving and sharing. 
The children have also been really interested in all the different bugs outside that can be found if you look in the right places. 
So far we have found slugs, woodlice, ants, spiders and daddy longlegs. 
I think the most exciting for all the children was the extra large slug. 
The children have been sharing descriptive words to describe the texture and size of the bugs. 
Apples Galore 
During these last 2 weeks the children have been collecting the fallen apples from the apple trees in our outside classroom. 
Once we had enough apples it was time some cook sessions, The children learnt how to use the cooking equipment safely by pealing and cutting the apples to make apple crumble.