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Quotes from our pupils:
"PE and sport builds my resilience, confidence and helps me work in a team. I am learning skills that support me in PE and in the classroom. PE and sport is always fun and helps me live a healthy lifestyle."
"In PE it's not about winning or losing it's about taking part and having fun."
"When we do P.E it's about working together to achieve our goals, developing our teamwork and resilience."
Thursday 13th February
Years 3 and 4 Football tournament!
Today, Miss Crane took 9 excellent young footballers from years 3 and 4 to Pool Academy for a football tournament with 4 other schools within our Crofty MAT. We played 10 minute 7 aside games on the gigantic astro turf pitches at Pool Academy and everyone played incredibly well! It was a challenging few games but Pennoweth got through to the bronze medal match! We unfortunately lost our final match and came 4th but the defeat didn't worry us as everyone played amazingly well and most importantly, had fun! Pennoweth were incredibly fair, showed excellent teamwork and were mature and sportsmanlike. Extra congratulations go to Bo who played phenomenally and was awarded with player of the tournament! Well done Pennoweth!
Tuesday 28th January
Years 1 and 2 Football tournament!
Today, Miss Crane took 9 aspiring young footballers (Dexer, Noah, Blaise, Lily, Kizzy, Peggy, Adam, Elsie and Jenson) to Pool Academy for a football tournament with 5 other schools within our Crofty MAT. We played 7 a side matches which were about 5 minutes each. Even though it was a very daunting experience for a lot of the children, the team from Pennoweth were absolutely amazing and only lost one match! We came third overall in the tournament and were awarded with a bronze medal. Extra congratulations go to Dexter who played phenomenally and scored a hat-trick on our very last game! Well done Pennoweth, you are amazing!
Tuesday 21st January
Years 5 and 6 Football tournament!
Today, Miss Crane took 10 of our best football players (Jacob, Talan, Callum, Harley, Ethan, Nathan, Cassie, Ollie, Niko and Whitney) to Pool Academy for a football tournament with 5 other schools within our Crofty MAT. We played 7 a side matches which were ten minutes each. The team from Pennoweth were absolutely amazing and did not lose a single match or concede any goals. We came third overall in the tournament and were awarded with a bronze medal. The children showed incredible sportsmanship and played every single game with an amazing amount of confidence and honesty. A special award was given to Talan for being player of the tournament as he saved every single goal that came his way! Well done Pennoweth, you are amazing!
Monday 8th December
Krav Maga workshop
This afternoon, years 5 and 6 had a treat! Dan and Ellie from Krav Maga Cornwall came to deliver a workshop to children teaching them about positive attitudes, how to deal with negative emotions and showed us some simple self defence moves.
The children had a good warm up and then discussed how to be more confident and show confidence in ourselves. After having discussions, the children then practised how to defend themselves against someone grabbing their arm. None of the moves were intended to hurt but it showed children that they are able to stand up to people and be strong in themselves.
We hope to invite Krav Maga Cornwall back again next term as all of the children thoroughly enjoyed the visit!
Crofty Gymnastics Competition!
On Friday 29th November, Pennoweth took 12 children to the Crofty Gymnastics competition at the West Coast Academy to compete against four other schools in both the club and non club categories. The children had to complete two different routines each comprising different exercises that tested their balance, co-ordination, strength and agility. They all conducted themselves impeccably and pushed themselves to master new and advanced techniques that some had previously struggled with. As ever their behaviour and sportsmanship was outstanding. Special mention must go to Julia who received a bronze medal for one of her routines and Skye who successfully completed her backward roll to straddle which she had been attempting for weeks at home and didn’t think she was able to do.
KS1 Multi-skills festival at Penryn College
Thursday 31st October
Pennoweth Primary School took 12 children from Key Stage 1 to Penryn College on Thursday 31st October to take part in the Cornwall School’s Games Multiskills Tournament. The children competed alongside five other schools in the Redruth and Camborne area in six different activities that tested their skills at throwing, catching, running, dodging, balancing, jumping and agility. The children, from year one and two, behaved impeccably and demonstrated excellent team work and had such a positive attitude as they took on each activity with enthusiasm and a smile. Every child that took part received a medal from the organisers, but most importantly everyone had fun, learnt new skills and spent the afternoon being healthy and active. 

Team Pennoweth: Eva, Brooke, Gracie-Mae, Ivy, Penny, Kizzy, Archie, Jenson M, Jenson W, Vinny, Oskar and Piran.

Cross Country at Pool Academy
Tuesday 8th October
Today was a wonderful day as Miss Bray and Miss Crane took 28 budding long-distance runners to Pool Academy to compete in 6 different cross country races! Year 4, 5 and 6 each had their own girls and then boys race across the huge fields at Pool Academy. The top 10 from each race qualified for the Peninsula final in February! From the year 5 girls race, Tia qualified, from the year 5 boys race Callum, Dylan and Jaylen qualified and from the year 6 boys race Ethan and Jacob qualified. A huge well done to the children that qualified for the finals but an even bigger congratulations to the whole of team Pennoweth! Everyone showed excellent sportsmanship, cheering on all children, especially those who were finding it difficult and were a credit to Pennoweth, even when they were feeling exhausted beyond belief! Well done!
Staff Vs Children Netball
After much preparation and anticipation the event had arrived...staff vs children netball! On Tuesday the 21st of May after school, the children from our netball club and many staff from Pennoweth gathered to play one another in 3 separate netball matches. Both pupils and staff were in fine form, enjoying the lovely Cornish weather and giving it their all on the netball court. The event was eagerly watched by many parents and it was wonderful to be a part of. The result...In the end the teachers won 11-5 but I was so impressed with all the children throughout! You were: resilient, communicated well, supported one another, took losing well and were already positively looking forward to next years competition.
I am very proud of you and so are all the other adults at Pennoweth.
A huge shout out to Miss Bray and Di - they have spend so much time training the squad and instilling these wonderful values and skills. You are both incredible and a huge thank you to you both from all the Pennoweth staff.
We eagerly await our next fixture - great effort everyone!
Mr Williamson