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Welcome to Pennoweth School Sports BLOG
Here you will find information regarding our sporting activities within school and outside school activies.
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Quotes from our pupils:
"PE and sport builds my resilience, confidence and helps me work in a team. I am learning skills that support me in PE and in the classroom. PE and sport is always fun and helps me live a healthy lifestyle."
"In PE it's not about winning or losing it's about taking part and having fun."
"When we do P.E it's about working together to achieve our goals, developing our teamwork and resilience."
Staff Vs Children Netball
After much preparation and anticipation the event had arrived...staff vs children netball! On Tuesday the 21st of May after school, the children from our netball club and many staff from Pennoweth gathered to play one another in 3 separate netball matches. Both pupils and staff were in fine form, enjoying the lovely Cornish weather and giving it their all on the netball court. The event was eagerly watched by many parents and it was wonderful to be a part of. The result...In the end the teachers won 11-5 but I was so impressed with all the children throughout! You were: resilient, communicated well, supported one another, took losing well and were already positively looking forward to next years competition.
I am very proud of you and so are all the other adults at Pennoweth.
A huge shout out to Miss Bray and Di - they have spend so much time training the squad and instilling these wonderful values and skills. You are both incredible and a huge thank you to you both from all the Pennoweth staff.
We eagerly await our next fixture - great effort everyone!
Mr Williamson
Girls Football Tournament
On Wednesday the 22nd of May, we took part in a girls football tournament at Pool Academy. Altogether there were 6 schools that competed - it was a round robin format. We came 5th and it was an amazing experience. All of us really enjoyed the amazing experience. The children that competed were: Kayah, Ines, Lottie, Abigail, Penny, Keleigh, Grace, Kirsten and Saffron. In our last match we were very excited as it determined who would come 5th or 6th. We played Weeth school and... WON 2-0! Even though we came 5th we were very grateful to be there and very proud of what we achieved.
Written by INES and LOTTIE :)  
Kwik Cricket
On Wednesday the 22nd of May 2019, ten students went to Camborne cricket club for a kwik cricket tournament. It included 6 teams - we came 5th but in our last game we scored 248 points. The determination of our team was outstanding. Well done to Skye and Natalia for competing in their first ever cricket tournament - you were fantastic. 
Written by the cricket team.
Girls Gym Session 
On Wednesday the 8th of may we went to the girls gym session at Redruth school. When we got there we were split in to two different groups. One of the groups did netball and tennis - we learnt skills like control and aiming and it was really fun! The other group went to the Redruth school gym and we went on lots of the exercise machines and that was our favorite part. We had a lot of fun and we were sad to see it end.
Written by Julia and Michelle.
Table Tennis 
On Wednesday the 1st May 10 children that had never represented the school before went to Redruth school to take part in a table tennis workshop. Firstly, they learnt how to bounce the ball and then this developed by trying to hit the ball in a cup. Following that, the children had a contest with two teams on one table where one person had to throw the ball and another hit the ball. 
The children all had great fun! Natalia was so passionate about table tennis that she is writing to the local council to see if there is funding for an outdoor table tennis table - great idea Natalia (watch this space).
Quad Kids
On Wednesday the 20th of March, several children from year 3/4 went to Redruth to compete in a Quadkids workshop. This was a great opportunity to further their athletics skills, specifically for sprinting, jumping and throwing events. All of the staff were very impressed with how you represented Pennoweth and the effort you all put in was clear for all to see.
A huge well done -Mr Williamson
Trennack Cross Country
On Saturday the 16th March, a team of budding Pennoweth pupils went to compete in the Trennack cross country event. The children did so well on a demanding course ; for many it was their first ever cross country event. It was great to see you all with huge smiles on your face in celbration assembly and I know Mr Adams was incredibly proud of you all.
A huge well done.
Mr Williamson
Football Qualifiers
On Friday the 15th of March Pennoweth went up to Redruth to compete in the football qualifiers. All of the boys played exceptionally and it was awesome to see them work together as a team and persevere. The team constisted of Caden S (goal), Oli D, Jabob SP, Nathan C, Ethan W, Taylor T, Charlie V and Harley T. 
The results were:
Pennoweth 2:1 St Day
Pennoweth 0:3 Trewergie
Pennoweth 1: 1 Treleigh
All involved were so committed and I was very proud to be with you and watch you all compete- you are superstars! The final result saw us in second position due to goal difference - well done, enjoy the medals :)
Basketball Tournament
On Wednesday 6th March a team of our Year 4 children went to Redruth School to take part in Pennoweth’s first basketball tournament.

Considering we do not currently run a basketball club at school and the other teams were all Year 5 and 6, our children did exceptionally well! They displayed fantastic teamwork skills and had a “Yes I Can” attitude for each challenge.

Well done to Amy, Ella, Florrie, Lucy, Ollie, Oliver, Saffron and Skye from 4DS for representing our school so well. 
Miss Bray
Year 1 and 2 Multi-skills.
On Wednesday 6th February, 15 children from years 1 & 2 went to Redruth school to take part in a multi-sports event, along with two other schools.
They were divided into four teams comprising of the three schools. There were 6 activities where points could be earn't for their team. 
All of the children worked well together in their teams, especially as they were in teams comprising of the other schools- true team bees!   
They did Pennoweth proud, well done to you all.
5/6 Football Tournament
On Friday 1st February, 8 children from years 5/6 took part in a football tournament at Redruth school. Everyone worked brilliantly as a team playing against some much more experienced players from 3 other primary schools. We did score 1 very important goal against a team that had only conceded  one other goal that day! Mrs Haigh even had to do some refereeing... thank you to the children for helping as I didn’t have a clue! 
A special shout out to Kieron K as he volunteered to play for another local primary school as they were down a player - what a superstar and you have demonstrated core Pennoweth values. KINDNESS, COMPASSION and TEAMWORK - a huge well done!
Netball Festival
On Wednesday the 13th of February we took a team of budding young netballers up to Redruth school to compete in a netball festival.
On arrival it became clear there were far more teams than expected taking part and our Pennoweth children certainly rose to the challenge. Out of 8 matches played we lost one, drew three and won four. This impressive total meant that over all we finished in third place, a huge accomplishment for all involved. The netball on display was by far the highest quality see this year and from all our players and it was a wonderful opportunity to show off the skills we practice every week. 
Miss Bray was particularly impressed by the behaviour of our players both on and off the court, once again a shining example of Pennoweth role models; giving 100% effort, aiming high and never forgetting their sportsmanship and fantastic manners. Well done everyone!

Swimming Gala

The swimming gala took place at Carn Brea Lesiure Centre on Friday 18th January 2019.  Yr5 and Y6 girls and boys raced 25m in backstroke, breaststroke, front crawl and butterfly and completed the session with a freestyle relay. Most of our team had never swam competitively before, so certainly had to push themselves out of their comfort zone and try something new. The competition was very strong with outstanding performances from some very talented swimmers. The boys and girls were fantastic, showing some quality technique to slice their way through the water. It’s clear to see we have a few very talented swimmers!

Mrs Brook would like to stress how well behaved the children were on poolside, and said that every child gave it their best effort on the day – well done to the awesome swimming team which consisted of: Oliver P, Ines S, Aidan E, Mackenzie H, Cayden S, Brooke T, Lottie N and Tia H.


You are excellent young swimmers and we look forward to our next event.

Friday afternoon sports coaching
Mr Hoban has been working hard with a variety of children on a Friday afternoon this term. In Autumn term 1 the focus was rugby and in Autumn term 2 the focus has been football. The children have progressed hugely and have loved the sessions - thank you Mr Hoban.
Christmas FUN RUN!
What an amazing event! Thank you school council for organising and running it - you were and are fantastic! Also, we done to all phase 3, you persevered and encouraged one another all the way - AWESOME JOB!
On Wednesday 5th December, 13 children from years 5/6 took part in a Swimming Gala at Redruth School. Although there were a lot of nerves, everyone tried their very best. There were several races including front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke, butterfly and a relay. We took home an amazing SIX medals for first places and also had several second places. All the children challenged themselves throughout the afternoon showing amazing resilience! Well done everyone!

This term several children went up to Redruth to take part in a badminton workshop. All the children learnt lots of new skills and some played badminton for the first time. The children had many laughs throughout the day and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet new children and grow in their confidence. Mrs Haigh said, “They made so much progress throughout the day and it was wonderful to see them all persevering and growing in confidence!”


On Wednesday, the year 5/6's had a football match against Treleigh. We won 2-1! WHOOP! Charlie V scored the first, followed by Harley T. It was a tough match but we all persevered. We all tried our hardest and we were overwhelmed when the final whistle went - we had such a sense of accomplishment and joy! Caden our goalkeeper for the first half kept us in it (with some fabulous training by former goalkeeper Cayden Tiddy!)

Thanks for reading,

Charlie V, Jacob SP and Caden S


Mr Tomlinson's Football comments:

What a fantastic result. 2-1 to Pennoweth.

How proud am I of all eleven children that participated today. Not only was their attitude spot on but the resilience they showed was of a fantastic high level. Even under some extreme pressure they found enough resolve and energy to keep their opponents at bay. This, for me , was a wonderful example of never giving up and importantly playing not only for the team but also for Pennoweth school.

I know we are all very proud of them as they should be proud of themselves.

Well done all of you.

Mr Tomlinson

Fun Run
The first week back after half term, Yr 3,4,5 and 6 took part in a fun run. Lots of children and staff members ran for 20 minutes around our school field. It wasn't just about growing in awareness of what charities do to raise money for worthy causes, but also for getting fit and keeping healthy. Even though it was very wet, we still decided to run and persevered. We all had fun; even the spectators who were watching and cheering on had a blast. At the very end of the fun run everyone who participated earned a fun run medal - it was a great experience and fun to do with friends. Some of the children who ran the most laps were chosen to take part in cross country against other competitors around Cornwall. They are running at Redruth Secondary School representing Pennoweth Primary School. Well done all involved!
On Friday 16th November,  7 children took part in a gymnastics workshop at Redruth School.  Everyone put in a lot of effort and improved massively during the day! They all learnt two routines throughout the day and finished off with performing individually in front of everyone! Well done!
Wow - all 29 children that take part in after school netball club played in a netball fixture against Treleigh school, held here at Pennoweth. All of the children behaved fantastically and encouraged both teams.It was a wonderful experience and we are looking foreard to the next match!
January Rugby Festival!
On Friday the 25th of Jaunary, Trewergie brought over three of their rugby teams to take part in a fun festival. Pennoweth had four teams and it was so wonderful to see so many budding rugby stars all competing together in a fun and respectful manner on a cold January Friday after school! You all competed brilliantly and the support from other adults and coaches was fantastic. 
Thank you to all who made it happen - it was a fantastic event!
Mr Williamson
On Friday the 25th of January we had a wonderful time after school playing rugby. Trewergie brought 3 teams over with them and Pennoweth had four teams. It was a fantastic turnout with approximately 50 children all playing rugby at the same time. There were three matches happening and a coaching session for those that are growing in confidence and rugby ability.
All the children played their socks off and it was a wonderful event to be apart of. It reminded me of a summer rugby festival as the turnout was so good by both children playing and people spectating (even though it was a cold January Friday afternoon!).
I was so proud of all involved because...
Even against very hard teams the children kept their heads up, were positive and persevered!
The children behaved wonderfully and were a credit to Pennoweth school.
I could see leaders emerging that were helping and supporting others around them.
All the children showed wonderful sportsmanship - shaking hands at the end and congratulating themselves and their opposition.
Well done all involved, you are fantastic and a credit to this school - I am very proud of you!!
Mr Williamson
(some pictures of the event below)
Years 4/5/6 Quadkids
On Wednesday, 3rd April, 8 children from years 4/5/6 took part in the Quad Kids training at Redruth school. They practised skills including throwing, jumping and running and received many helpful tips to help them succeed in their athletic performance. All the tried their very best and represented the school with pride. Awesome job!!