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This clip will show you how we teach children to read and write with Read Write Inc. Phonics.
This clip will help you and your child practise the different sounds together at home.

Autumn Term First Half
Each of the children are doing such an amazing job in settling into their new class, getting to know each other, making new friends and learning to negotiate independently using kind voices. They have really blown me away by how quickly they have been saying goodbye to mummies and daddies at the door every morning and we've had very few tears but instead lovely smiley faces. Well done!
The children are using their learning environments independently and it is wonderful to see them immersed in mark-making, making breakfast in the home corner, looking at books, exploring in our water or sand trays or working with our lavender play dough.
We have had our Wow Wall full with amazing learning, several children have been star girls or star boys, or had blue cards. Fabulous!
We have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk (our novel study)and the children have thought of actions to help to re-tell the story themselves. In addition, we have enjoyed reading, Pig in the Pond, The Magic Porridge Pot and Jack and Zog. The children have been excited to go to our school library as well as choose their own home learning book every day.
Pupil of the Week
Noah is our pupil of the week for trying very hard with his number learning. Fabulous!
We have had a super week of learning!
This week we have been exploring numbers 1 more and 1 less and some children have also been exploring number bonds to 10.
We have continued with our learning about Jack and the Beanstalk, and some of us have written our own versions of the story. Fabulous! We have also enjoyed reading Full Full of Love, and talking about people who visit us at home.
In our outside learning area, we have been busy making magic potions in our cauldron and exploring different materials, building up our vocabulary and deciding which were natural/manmade.
Have a look at our photos to see more of what we've been doing this week.
Week 6 28th October 2019
What a fantastic week of fun and active learning we've had this week, despite the weather!
A huge thank you to all of you for sending in your AMAZING home learning. The children have absolutely loved sharing their Autumn treasures and photos of half term.
We are also enjoying our Wow time at the end of each day, when the children share their Wow cards with the rest of us. It is fantastic to hear how they are getting on at home. Keep sending them in please, and if you need a few more, please let me know.
We have been talking about Up high and down below this week and the children have made some very thoughtful comments in our discussions. We have decided to focus our learning on Space this term and we have already been busy creating a Space Station in our classroom. Thank you for sending in the kitchen foil!
Some of the children have been excited to make their own rockets this week and Our Star of the Week, Bella put a lot of thought and care into hers. Well done Bella!
We have also been making the most of our apples this week by doing some apply bobbing in Outside Learning as well as making delicious apple crumble. The children thought it was 'scrumptious!'
4th November 2019
We've had a busy and exciting week in Reception/Yr 1!
We had lots of fun at Redruth library on Tuesday and we loved listening to 'Space' stories, singing and exploring the wonderful books there. Thank you those of you who could join us to walk up and back, it really makes a difference to have lots of parent helpers.
We have been developing our super 'space station' in our classroom this week and we have been making lists of things to take with us to space as well as acting out the story, 'Whatever Next.'
In Maths this week we have been learning about Shape, playing games to identify and describe different shapes and we have been drawing round shapes to make different pictures. Year 1 have also been learning about subtracting number within 10, using the part whole model and writing number sentences. Fantastic!
We had an absolutely brilliant day on Friday for our Reading Karate launch and can't wait to start building up our 25 reads to get our first wristband!
Our Star this week is Harrison for his brilliant focus during phonics this week. Keep it up Harrison!
Friday 13th December 2019
Wow, what a busy and exciting week we've had this week! We started with a wonderful visit to Redruth Baptist Church for a Christingle service. I was so proud of each of the children on the way there and back as well as during the service. They were all extremely well behaved and listened with great awe and interest.
A huge well done to all of the children for their fantastic performances in our 'Christmas with the Aliens' show. All their hard work really shone through. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents for coming to support them and for their wonderful costumes.
In between all of that, we have still been doing a lot of learning.
In English, we have been reading Oliver Jeffers' book, 'Lost and Found.' We have been thinking about what it would be like in the South Pole, and also how the little penguin was feeling. Several of the children then took that into the playground and looked out for children who looked like the penguin- sad and lonely, and invited them to play with them.
Mrs Morris brought in a suitcase full of things to possibly take to the South Pole. We explored all sorts of items, such as, goggles, sandals, a torch, hat, coat and decided which ones would be good to take and which wouldn't. We decided that the goggles could be in the 'maybe' pile! We then went on to write a list of items to take with us, and looked at pictures of penguins to draw and think about their features.
In Maths, Reception have continued to learn about addition and subtraction within 10, with different stories to act out, and then had a go at recording their number sentences. Year 1 children have been comparing objects and numbers, talking about greater than and smaller than, and ordering numbers to 20.
Wow, we have also had the Argos catalogues out to cut and make lists for Santa, as well as junk modelling robots and money boxes!
Our star this week is Mason for being an amazing learner this week. What a super week!
What a busy few weeks it's been!
Last week, the we had a great time making shopping lists of vegetables to buy for our Chinese vegetable stir fry. We enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year and exploring Chinese numbers! We then had a wonderful trip to our local fruit and vegetable shop, Thornes and we explored a variety of different fruits and vegetables. We then counted out our carrots, onions and courgettes, and then explored new vegetables, such as beetroot and ginger.
The following day, we washed and chopped our vegetables and cooked a delicious stir fry and noodles that we ate with chopsticks. What fun!
Emmie was a Star as she had a super week of learning and was a kind friend. Well done Emmie!
27th January 2020
This week, we have begun to read the wonderful 'Magic Paintbrush' by Julia Donaldson, and we have been learning actions to help us re-tell the story. We have learnt actions for sentence starters, such as, first, next, finally..
Thank you for a wonderful reading café this afternoon. We loved sharing stories together and having hot chocolate and biscuits!
Week 5: 3rd February 2020
What a brilliant week of learning we've had in Reception/Yr1 this week! We were very lucky to have Daya in this week to learn about Hinduism. Daya told us the story of Diwali and we had the chance to dress up in Indian costume and even learnt a dance! In the afternoon, we helped Daya to knead and roll out dough to make chapatti. Afterwards, we enjoyed eating them with a delicious potato curry. Yum!
We also continued to learn the fantastic story, 'The Magic Paintbrush' and wrote about our favourite parts of the story. Lots of us loved the part when Shen paints a dragon and it becomes real!
In Maths, we have been exploring number using a tens frame, comparing objects and deciding which were bigger/smaller.
Some of the children have been very interested in rockpools this week, then decided to make their own in our water tray and also in outdoor learning. We talked about what kinds of creatures we might find in a rockpool. If you are out and about, see if you can discover rockpools with your child and send us some photos!
Our Star this week is Leon for being incredibly kind to those around him, both children and adults! And for his brilliant attitude to his learning. Well done!
We are looking forward to another busy week before half term. More Supertato antics- we will be designing and making our own superheroes, freeing Brussels sprouts, making supertatos, creating repeating patterns with vegetables and completing a Superhero obstacle course!