Recption BLOG

Welcome to Reception's class blog!
We have been so busy!
The children have settled in to Reception so well and have been busy making friends and exploring all the different learning opportunities available to them.
Our topic this half term is 'All About Me' so children have been talking about their families, where they live and things they like to do outside of school. We have read stories linked to our topic, such as So Much; Full, Full, Full of Love; Cleversticks and Giraffes Can't Dance to help bring it to life.
Have a look at some of the things we have been up to....
Up Above and Down Below
This half term our new topic is Up Above and Down Below and we have started by learning about space.
This week we received a message from outer space! An alien had contacted us asking if she could come with us to visit Redruth library. She didn't have an Earth name so the children voted and christened her 'Ice Cream'.
Ice Cream said that she would meet us at the library but when we arrived there was no sign of her. The children had a great time at the library and enjoyed exploring the different books, listening to stories and singing a few songs. Even a huge downpour on the way home couldn't dampen their spirits.
When we got back to school we had a message from Ice Cream. Unfortunately she had crash landed on another planet and was stuck! The children worked hard to try and find out where she was and eventually narrowed it down to Mars.
Have a look at some of the children at work...