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As part of the Crofty Multi-Academy Trust, we implement the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus for RE (2020-25) which is our statutory document for the teaching of RE. 

What will my child experience through Religious Education at Pennoweth?

Religious Education provides our pupils with opportunities to explore what people believe and what difference this makes to how they live, so that they can gain the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to be able to handle questions raised by religion and belief, and to reflect on their own ideas and ways of living, and links to our whole school DNA. 


Pupils are provided with opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of some of the major world faiths by exploring the beliefs, values and traditions of: Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus, as well as non-religious worldviews. 


In accordance with the requirements of the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus, 60% of curriculum time each year is dedicated to studying Christians, and the remaining 40% studying Jews and Muslims in Key Stage One, and at least one from Hindus, Jews and Muslims in each year of Key Stage Two.  


R.E. is delivered through weekly timetabled lessons, integrated project work or discrete mini-projects, as well as through our programme of assemblies and collective worship.


Through the use of ICT, educational visits, handling artefacts and workshops led by followers of different faiths, pupil's enhance their understanding of our multicultural society and are encouraged to develop respect and sensitivity towards other people and their beliefs.

What knowledge, understanding and skills will my child gain through Religious Education at Pennoweth?

Religious Education at Pennoweth helps our pupils to develop mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs by recognising that RE starts with encounters with living faiths, and also the diversity within and between religions and other traditions.  Pupils consider the religious experiences, feelings and influences of the different faiths on their followers, and explore their own beliefs, sense of identity and belonging and questions of meaning. 


As part of Christianity, pupils are given the opportunity to develop and apply knowledge and understanding of the religious, spiritual and cultural character of Cornwall through Curriculum Kernewek.   

Can I withdraw my child from Religious Education lessons or collective worship?
Parents and carers have the legal right to withdraw their children from RE and collective worship on religious grounds.  Should you wish to discuss this further, please speak to your child's class teacher or inform the Headteacher or RE Lead in writing.
What does RE  look like at Pennoweth
What do our pupil's think about Religious Education at Pennoweth
Aira  (KS1)
'I loved sharing all about my faith with my friends and learning about Christianity'.

Jack (KS1)
'I enjoy learning about other people's faiths and how they are different from and similar to my own.'
Ethan (KS2)
'I like learning about Judaism because I like finding out about why Jews celebrate certain things. I liked learning about Yom Kippur.'
 Amelia (KS2)
I enjoy learning about the world such as Jewish festivals like Rosh Hashanah and Shabbat.' 
Useful Websites and Links

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