Resources Work & Guidance for Week Commencing 18th May

Good Morning all,
I have attached a letter and information regarding re-opening. Within the letter there is a link to a survey. Please can you complete this as soon as possible.
Many thanks
Home Learning
Our new Home Learning set up includes Literacy, Maths, Creative and Topic. Just remember to do as much as you would like.
Don't forget to let us know what you have been up to and continue to check in with us.
Oi Dog!
This week in Literacy we are looking at the story Oi Dog!
Listen to the story as read by Mr Calloway and then each day complete the short Writing activity.

Maths (Reception)
This week we are going to be learning about Counting On using Power Maths.
Monday - Thursday follow the slides (Word Document) and use the corresponding PDF instructions to help bring it to life and check if your child needs additional help or difficulty.
Friday - a range of Counting On activities
 Maths (nursery)
Please select one of these activities to try each day. 
For younger children, please don't worry about the number recognition just have fun counting the items. 
This week we are still thinking about Minibeasts.
Monday and Tuesday: What am I? Read the three clues and think what the minibeast might be (8 total. 4 a day)
Wednesday and Thursday: What can you see? Open the powerpoint and click once on each picture for the binoculars to move. What minibeast do you think you can see? Why?
Creative (Reception)
Monday and Tuesday - Make a minibeast out of construction blocks (Duplo, Lego, wooden blocks etc) What minibeast will you choose to create? When you have finished can you draw your design? Can you write instructions telling your mum or dad how to build it? What would you do to make it even better?
Wednesday and Thursday - Make a minibeast meal. Design and draw your own dinner for your chosen minibeast. What do you think it would like to eat?
Friday - Draw a picture of your favourite minibeast and label it. What features does your minibeast have? (legs, eye, wings, antennae, mandible, sting, head, abdomen, thorax etc) Write a sentence (or more if you can) about it.
Creative (Nursery)
using natural items like, grass, stones, mud, leaves can you make a picture of a minibeast? 
Can you make a minibeast meal? what would they like to eat, with help from a grown up can you talk about the recipe, and record the ingredients by drawing and writing?
Can you draw a picture of a minibeast family? Will it be like your family? Who will be the biggest in your minibeast family?