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Why do we love science at Pennoweth?


What will my child experience through science at Pennoweth?
What science knowledge will my child learn at Pennoweth?
What sort of scientific language will my child learn at Pennoweth?
What do Pennoweth's children think about science?
Jayden - KS1
'I loved learning about the moon and planets because I never knew they existed and that there are different sizes and colours.'
William - KS1
'I loved the minibeast hunt because my second favourite animal is a woodlouse and I learnt all about them.'
Zach - KS1
'I loved learning that people who study insects are called entomologists.  I learnt that insects have 6 legs and an exoskeleton.'
Walter - LKS2
'I liked the project 'Predator' as I really liked learning about ferocious animals because it's fascinating to see if the predator kills its prey or if the prey can outrun the predator.'
Brandon - LKS2
'I liked learning about rocks that are formed from volcanoes, which are igneous rocks. I also liked doing an experiment with toy cars to see which surface had the most friction.' 
Amy - UKS2
'In Science you get to do some really cool things. I really enjoy the investigations, like when we investigated natural selection, and learning about how other creatures live.'
What does science look like at Pennoweth? 
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Useful science websites and links
BBC Bitesize (Reception under 'Understanding the World')
BBC Bitesize (KS1)
BBC Bitesize (KS2) 
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