Pennoweth School - Sports

In our school we are committed to giving all our pupils consistent messages about all aspects of health to help them understand the impact of particular behaviours and encourage them to take responsibility for the choices they make. Pennoweth Primary School believes that Physical activity, experienced in a safe and supportive environment is vital to all pupils’ physical development and growth.

Whilst retaining its unique contribution to all pupils’ movement education, physical activity also has considerable potential to contribute to other areas of pupil well being. A broad and balanced physical activity program provides self-confidence, competitiveness, improved social skills, decision making skills, links with the community, a desire to improve, stamina and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. We, as a staff, endeavour to motivate all pupils through appropriately challenging learning experiences, within and alongside the National Programme of Study.

Pennoweth Primary School promotes regular physical activity within the class timetable, as well as at break and lunchtimes, from school and after school activities. We also provide a wide range of opportunities for children to take part in competition both in school during inter-house competitions and against other schools.