Sports News

1st May 2018

On Tuesday 22nd May, 9 children from Year 3 and 4 children that took part in a Mini Olympic at Poole school. There were 6 events, 400m, high jump, standing long jump, golf, an obstacle race and short distance. They showed great team work skills as they worked together with children from Treloweth school. It was a brilliant experience for the children and they all really enjoyed themselves. 
On Wednesday 23rd May, children from Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in the second part of the Quadkids competition at Carn Brea Leisure Centre. There were 4 activities, long jump, throwing, 400m and 100m.
Well done to all the children that have taken part in sporting events this week, they all showed perseverance and determination and were a great credit to the school.

On Tuesday 1st of May a selection of year 5’s went to Redruth School for Quadkids training.

There were two teams, Trewirgie and Pennoweth. Ines Sobierajska, Molly Barber, Autumn Rose-Judd and Daisy Carter  were the girls and the boys were Charlie Vandersluys,Charlie Palmer, Taylor Thomas and Jaydn Taylor. We all showed great perseverance, resilience and respect and represented our school admirably. There were 4 activities: long jump, throwing, short distance 100m and long distance 400m. After that, we took part in a relay race and the Trewirgie boys and the Pennoweth girls recieved a medal. It was a amazing experience and on the 23rd of May we will be going to Carn Brea Leisure Centre for a further competition.

By Charlie V and Molly B

On the 22nd of May we took our rugby team up to Redruth Rugby Club.