We have adopted Tootoot in our school as a way of making our pupils feel that little bit more comfortable when discussing bullying.
What is TOOTOOT?

Tootoot is the award-winning reporting platform and app for schools, colleges and universities. In short it has four key features.


Student reporting - children and young people can log into tootoot on a computer, tablet or mobile and report any worries or concerns they might be having directly to the teachers in your school, in a safe and anonymous way.


Incident recording - Our staff can use tootoot to record, track and monitor behavioural and safeguarding incidents as and when they occur, giving us the tools we need to collaborate with colleagues, save precious time and build detailed chronologies.


Parent reporting - much like the students, parents can use tootoot. Once invited tootoot gives the parent a vehicle in which to report concerns discreetly and confidentially to key staff at your school. Parent's can only report one-to-one, they can't read what their child or another parent reports.


Evidence & impacts - all this data is stored and processed automatically, giving senior leadership simple yet comprehensive reports and insights at the click of a button. From chronologies to weekly reports, tootoot is tailored to meet our needs, allowing us to make evidence based decisions in a fraction of the time.

Tootoot is a wonderful tool
Students can use tootoot to report anything ranging from issues of bullying and cyber bullying, to questions about homework or worries about a friend.
find your pupils login page here:
or download the APP from the google play store and apple appstore below: