Touch Rugby Finals at Redruth RFC

1st May 2017

Touch Rugby Finals at Redruth RFC
We qualified for the Peninsula Finals for the 3rd time in 4 years and turned up at Redruth RFC with realistic expectations knowing that the competition is always tough and our team perhaps less experienced with only 2 children playing regularly outside of school.
There were 28 teams that took part and we were all involved in a 'pool' of 4 teams and we were drawn against Five Islands (from IOS), Stithians and Bodriggey School from Hayle. Our first game was against Bodriggey and I couldn't believe that the team played so well and we came out eventual winners by 6 tries to 1. The second game we played equally well and beat a highly competitive team from IOS. I couldn't believe it! I have never seen a team play so well in this tournament and they played flowing, clever rugby and worked together as a team amazingly well. Things were looking good!
In our final game against Stithians, we needed to win to win the league, get through to the next round as winners and then face a team who had come second in their league. Stithians ran well and, for some reason, Pennoweth seemed to switch off and things they did so well in the first two games, just didn't happen. The team seemed to be daydreaming. We lost and therefore we managed to get through to the CUP COMPETITION as runners up.
We waited patiently, had some lunch, sat in the stand and then came the disappointing news that we were to play Trewirgie in the next round. They are a team we play regularly and they are a team that end up being County Champions year after year.
Something happened! There was something different about our team as they ran onto the main pitch to play. We didn't see much possession in the first few plays but our defence (which is usually our weakness) was brilliant and we quickly got a turnover after defending for 6 tackles. It was such a great start and then ........ Rhys spotted an opportunity for an interception. He timed his run to perfection, caught the ball in two hands way above his head and raced to the try line. Mr Adams was beside himself with joy, pride, amazement .... and lots of other superlatives and the Trewirgie coaching team were remarkably quiet!
It was the first time their team had experienced a turnover in the competition so far and certainly the first time a try had been scored against them all season. We held on a little time but just before half time they equalised and then over the course of the second half, we had two other tries scored against us. A brilliant performance and one to be very proud of.
The team were brilliant, conducted themselves maturely and were very sportsmanlike. The players new to the game performed very well indeed and we have a good nucleus of Year 4 and 5 players ready for next year and now experienced in the 'big game atmosphere'.