Trannack Cross Country

1st March 2018

This was the first time we had taken our mini bus full of runners to the Trannack Cross Country and I dare say we could have filled our mini bus twice because there are now so many children who have discovered that they enjoy cross country. Mr Williamson's and Mrs Gaskin’s cross country club has proved to be very popular and inspired so many to run and then at the beginning of the year Mrs Nicholson organised a fun run for all the children and this, once again, has shown the children that running can be great fun.

Our children have come such a long way because taking part in an event like this involves so many different elements. First of all they need to have the confidence and desire to ‘give it a go’ and that is risky because it might be tough! They need to be organised and collect a letter and then sell the idea to mum or dad. They need to return the slip and then get all the information they need from the teacher to know what to bring and where and when to meet. They need to get all their kit together and then get up early to meet the bus. At the event they need to be able to listen to instructions about what they need to wear and leave their clothes and what they might need at the track. Their behaviour and independence was great and it was lovely to see them take the whole event in their stride. There were hundreds of people there and the atmosphere is very special. The course is not easy and the fact that it had rained so much in the days leading up to the race, made the race itself a huge challenge. All of the children did so well and just to finish is a great achievement and I was so proud of them. At the end of the race they were given a goody bag and the atmosphere on the bus on the return journey was full of joy and fun and satisfaction. Well done everybody and well done to Ethan (who came 13th) and Jaylen (who came 19th).

I must say also a big thank you to Mrs Treleor and Mr King who helped support the runners.