Isles of Scilly Camp 2019

Isles of Scilly Camp!
10-14th June 2019
Monday 10th June 
After travelling to Penzance on a coach, we boarded the Scillonian 111 at 9am. We got to St Mary's at 12pm and we walked for about 45 minutes to reach our campsite and settled into our tents. After, we went to the beach; we all collected sea glass and shells.
Mia, Tiara and Zara
Tuesday 11th June
On Tuesday, we visited Tresco, Abbey Gardens. It was amazing because there was a beautiful monument, hand-crafted out of seashells by the lady who lives at the gardens our teachers split us up into four groups and we had to find a place in Abbey Gardens to eat our lunch as we were eating are lunch we got attacked by a golden pheasant what looked like a chicken wearing a golden helmet!
Cassie and Tia
Wednesday 12th June
We visited the 'Five Islands' School today. We either played netball, football or rugby then when we got back we went on a boat to watch the gigs and we supported Slippen. We were the starter boat! Slippen came 3rd place in the race. After that, we walked back to the campsite and went to sleep.
Mia,Tiara and Zara
Thursday 13th June
In the morning, we met with a lady from the Wildlife Trust and went and did our very own beach clean.
Friday 14th June
On our final day, we spent the morning shopping in St.Mary's town.